5 Şubat 2021

Bad Girlfriend


I have written about my girlfriend Kendra before. I am a lucky man to have her. She is in her 40’s and beautiful with a great body and outgoing personality. She loves me for who I am and with all of my flaws. I suppose a major flaw on my list of many would be the strange sexual fetishes I have. Granted, she also likes some of them including bondage and the variety of strange places and methods to make love. But the first time I told her I wanted to see her with another man, her immediate and understandable response was, “No Way.”

Of course, that was just the tip of the iceberg and as time went by, I let out a few details at a time describing how I wanted that set up and the outcome I wanted. Also over time, as she began to believe in my love for her and understand my need for this, she not only agreed but actually started getting excited to try it.

We do not live together and I give her as much space as possible. She can depend on the fact I never come over to her apartment unannounced and I even text before I call. I never want to smother her or control her life. She is comfortable knowing she can lead her life without a nosy or clingy boyfriend. She is busy with two jobs including one as a bartender at a busy rock-and-roll club four nights a week.

There at the bar, she dresses for the maximum amount of male attention and feels it gets her better tips. Between her sexy heels, revealing tanks and teasing halters, I believe she is right. There are nights that her outfits barely contain those beautiful breasts. Not that it matters because she is not shy about flashing them when she wants to get the attention of a hot guy. Many guys go there more to see her than the bands that play. She and I joke that the song “Bad Girlfriend” was written for her with the first line in the song proclaiming she is a “dick magnet.” Kendra is hot and she knows it. And she uses it to her advantage. She truly is a dick magnet.

I love going out with her and being seen as that guy with the hot lady. Heads turn when we walk into a room and all eyes are on her. I am that lucky guy with the hot lady. For multiple reasons, we can only get together once a week or twice at best. The rest of the time, she is free to do as she pleases and knows I will not find out. I never ask and she is free to tell me as much or as little as she likes. I have told her to keep her eyes open for a man that she likes that can join us for my threesome fetish. She has my permission to take a man home for a “test drive,” as we call it, to see if he is compatible with our needs and if she likes him enough to spend a little time with us.

Occasionally she will take a guy home. Most times, I never know. Even with my open invitation, I guess she doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. It’s kind of like when she tells me about the gnarly guys or unattractive guys that ask her out and she laughs it off because they are harmless and no threat to me but doesn’t like to tell me about the hot guys who try to work her. It’s all good though. When you have the hottest and wildest girlfriend in town, that’s the price you pay. If you don’t like that, then find a homely girl to call your own and guys won’t chase her.

Well last Saturday night, she called me from the bar to say she had a surprise for me and I should plan to spend all of Sunday and Sunday night with her. She did not give me any more information and wouldn’t answer any of my questions. In fact she was very short saying she was too busy to talk any longer but to be at her apartment at noon the next day. She had a few guy friends from out of town that stop in to her bar from time to time and she said they were there at the bar when she called. That usually means a late night for her and I don’t expect to see her.

I stayed home Saturday night to catch up on some legal writing and to be honest, I didn’t want to party all night in anticipation of whatever surprise I had waiting. On Sunday at noon on the dot, I parked my car in her lot and tried the knob on her front door. It was open as she said it would be. She was very specific about the time. It was not to be more than a minute before or a minute later than noon. I didn’t know why she was so specific about the time. As soon as I slipped in the door and quietly closed it, I could hear a minor commotion coming from the back where her bedroom is. I quietly slipped down the hall as directed and found the bedroom door pulled nearly closed with maybe a 4 inch gap to peek in.

One of the details I did not mention earlier about my fetish is, not only do I want to see her with another man, but I want to walk into the room while they are having sex. I guess it is like a roll play of catching her in the act, something a normal man would not like. In addition, I told her I wanted to see her with two men but she always resisted that and saying she would feel like a whore. I always laughed at that response and wondered why it is ok to fuck one other guy but two makes her a whore. Anyway, I respected her limits and never expected more.

To my surprise, as I peeked into the bedroom, I could see a very large nude man sitting on the pillows at the head of the bed. Kendra was nude, on her back. He had her arms casino şirketleri above her head and pinned under the weight of his shins as he roughly fondled her heaving breasts. He was seated at her head, looking down at her with his hard cock resting on her face. She was panting like she was out of breath and as I pushed the door slightly more open, I saw why. Her legs were spread wide and her knees pulled way back as a second man was fucking her even harder than I do. The two men were facing each other, both receiving great pleasure from my woman. Of course my own cock stiffened immediately as I witnessed this for the first time with Kendra.

As I got over the initial shock and pure sexual excitement of finding her as I had dreamed of numerous times, I started scanning for the details. Both men were obviously bikers with bulging muscles and numerous tattoos. Kendra likes the bad boys and is fascinated by motorcycle club members and other gangster types, pretend or real. The men truly had her pinned and for I split second, I had a fear that this was not planned and she was in trouble. However, as I shifted my eyes to her face, I saw that cute little smile she has when I fuck her hard. I knew then that this was all part of her plan so I could relax and enjoy the show. She planned to be in this position at noon as I arrived. I could just see the cock sliding in and out of her pussy and he pumped hard enough to jar her body with each thrust. I smiled to myself knowing how much she enjoys a hard fuck. She obviously chose well for her first try at this.

Kendra is one woman who can achieve orgasms from fucking in the right position. She was all consumed with the cock in her pussy as he kept pounding away. She could not attend to the one hanging in her face. I was lucky enough to arrive just in time to see her climax and squirm under the weight of the two men. Even with over 400 pounds of horny men on top of her, I could see her bucking with each wave of her orgasm. She was enjoying her orgasm and the forceful attention of two men. At first I thought she would suffer through this situation just to please me. She loves me that much. But at that point, I realized, she was receiving as much pleasure as me. As her climax subsided and she began to relax, the guy fucking her slowed a bit to catch his own breath. He slowed from the rapid pace of hard thrusts required to bring to climax to a steady, slower pace of longer strokes, each time running the full length of his cock deep inside her. I cannot explain why that sight turns me on but I was harder than I have ever been watching this stranger bury his cock deep into the woman I love.

As she caught her breath, the guy at her head leaned forward and guided the tip of that big cock into her mouth. Kendra did not hesitate. She didn’t give it a second thought. She welcomed him into her warm mouth with that devilish smile. As the two men faced each other with one fucking her in a long slow rhythmic pattern, the other began slow thrusts of his cock deeper and deeper into her waiting mouth. His big balls bounced off her nose each time he thrust deeper in her mouth. I had never really imagined I would see my woman in this position but here we were. It was real. There was no turning back for either of us.

I pushed the door open further and both men spotted me at the same time. I was not sure what they would do but I was surprised that they both just turned their heads back down at Kendra and continued fucking her wet pussy and warm, inviting mouth as if I weren’t there. Obviously they were not concerned by my presence so she must have filled them in on the whole plan. It was right about then that Kendra noticed me and I could detect a bit of a smile, even with that cock in her mouth. She knew she did it. She finally did it. She set up my fantasy perfectly and I walked in at just the right time. It was as if I came in from a hard day at the office and found Kendra in the throes of passion with not just one lover, but two. It was more than I imagined. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen.

I then pushed the door completely open and stepped into the room. I realized there were two more guys there, against the back wall. They were standing with their pants down around their ankles watching the orgy with my woman and jacking off like crazy. These assholes brought the whole construction crew. That was way more than I ever asked for and was surprised even further. Those two never even looked my way. Their eyes were glued on Kendra’s pussy and mouth as the two cocks disappeared inside her with each movement. I have to admit, my eyes were glued on the same sight. Even if I wanted to join, there was nothing I could do but watch these guys control her and take their pleasure with her. I finally realized my fetish was more about seeing men get off on my woman more than her receiving pleasure from them. But really, she was having a great time. This may have been one of the best fucks she had ever had and she loved sucking cock. I knew she was in ecstasy. She had it all at that moment. I realized I was being challenged and would have to find a way step up my game in the future. It is a learning experience seeing another man fuck your woman casino firmaları and seeing him do things that she enjoys that you have never tried.

I continued watching as the man fucking her continued his steady pace and Kendra kept her knees back for the deepest penetration. I know she likes to be fucked that way. After about 10 more minutes, I saw her chest heaving again and heard her panting faster and louder. In less than a minute, she was bucking hard again from a second orgasm. I love to watch her cum like that but damn, this guy was working her good. After she did cum, I saw his pace quicken and saw the strain on his face. With something between a roar and a grunt, he finally thrust deeply inside her and held it there as he released a load deep in her dripping pussy. He was like the lion king at that moment with his mate pinned to the ground and helpless to fight of his strength passion. As he came down from his own climax, he stayed on her for a long time catching his breath while still working his cock slowly inside her swollen pussy. As he finally rolled off to her side, I finally got to see her wet, gaping pussy, still pulsating and glistening with her juices and a small stream of cum dripping out.

Without missing a beat, the man who had been fucking her mouth moved to position himself between her knees and shoved that big cock into her pussy before she could object. He was bigger than I thought she could handle but everything happened before she could say a word to him. Somewhere in all of that movement, I heard her speak to me. It was the first time during the half hour or so since she noticed me that she did not have a cock in her mouth. All I could hear was, “Hi Honey. Is this what you wanted?” I did not respond. I just watched her face as she smiled that cute smile and turned to look up at the big man fucking her. He was rough but she managed to take every inch. And he gave her every inch, repeatedly. As he pounder her, the first guy, who laid at her side began fondling her breasts, caressing her face and kissing her. There seemed to be a warm familiarity between them but I know Kendra has always been a passionate lover. Obviously, this guy was too. But she was still fucking and focused mainly on the big man. He brought her to yet a third orgasm quickly and with another grown, he thrust deep inside her and gave her a second big load of cum.

When he rolled off her, the two guys that were watching both stepped up to her side and almost simultaneously, one shot a stream of cum across her sexy white breasts while other shot his stream across her face and partially into her mouth as she still panted from her fucking. I nearly went off in my own pants as I watched Kendra surrounded by men, as she accepted their cum in every way imaginable. I love my woman and I know she loves me. I would never say or do anything hurtful. But just this once, I had to use that word. I wanted her to be a “whore” that moment. I wanted her to be my whore and their whore for just the day. Tomorrow she will be back on the pedestal I created and I will worship her as the lady she is. But on Sunday, she was my whore, plain and simple. And I loved her more for it. I was already plotting in my mind how to do this again.

In all the commotion and cum, I didn’t realize the first guy was hard again and he positioned himself in a 69 position and forced his cock into Kendra’s mouth. Of course he did not lick her pussy. He was just up on his hands and knees with his cock down her throat. He wanted his cock sucked and we all knew she was not getting up from her position so rather than trying to get her on her knees, he simply fucked her mouth just as he had fucked her pussy. I assumed that not knowing if any of them would ever be invited back, they all wanted the maximum pleasure that day and he needed a blowjob and a fuck. Mercifully, he only had to fuck her mouth for about 10 minutes before cumming another large stream of semen into her hot mouth. He was finally satisfied and collapsed next to her. She smiled over at me but did not say a word as she swallowed his cum. In all our time, I had never cum in her mouth. I wanted other men to be there first, so I had something to work for. I wanted her to please other men that way, making me work harder for that reward. I had a plan to achieve it but wasn’t there yet.

For the next few minutes, Kendra laid on the bed, nude and spent. As the guys gathered up their socks and shirts and wallets and phones, she did not even attempt to cover up. She had cum on her face, in her hair, on her tits, and dripping out of her pussy. She couldn’t even manage to put her legs together. Each guy continued to survey her nude form, laying helpless and spent on the bed. I have to admit, it was a sight I will never forget either. As I chased them all out the door and finally locked it, I came back to the bedroom to gaze upon Kendra’s smoking hot nude body and that devilish smile on her face. This was our first opportunity to talk and she invited me into her bed. I did not even undress. I laid beside her and held her tight as we discussed the day. My cock was so hard and so full of cum that it actually hurt. I wanted her so bad at that moment but I knew, she güvenilir casino could not survive yet another cock attack….and that is what I would have done. It seemed we both enjoyed it for our parts. As much as we like to fuck, she said she has never done anything remotely close to that before. I believed her. She told me how much she enjoyed sucking and fucking at the same time. She told me that she loved the multiple orgasms they gave her. And she smiled broadly as she described how that huge cock felt inside her. (To be clear, he was big but not so abnormally big to create pain. He was her “perfect” big). As we talked and as my cock got even harder than I thought possible, she drifted off into a nap.

I covered her and went to the kitchen for a sandwich. I let her rest for about two hours. She is not much of a sleeper like that but I knew she had a tough day. As the sun was setting, I crept back into the bedroom and slowly removed her covers. I sat for a long time watching her sleep and looking at her nude body stretched out on the bed. She is most beautiful when she sleeps. And more so today because of her sticky, messy situation. She was still on her back with her legs partially spread. I could see her pussy was still swollen and wet with her own cum as well as theirs. Then she started to moan a bit and her legs parted even further. Her hips started to gyrate just slightly as that smile returned to her face in her sleep. Holy shit I realized. She was dreaming about being fucked. I wondered if she was dreaming about them or me. I was jealous thinking another man could enter Kendra’s dreams but I caused it. I had to live with….and find a way draw her back to me, even her subconscious.

I climbed on to the bed and positioned myself between her legs. I started licking that warm moist slit and it opened up almost on contact. She was a mess but I had to lick her pussy (another very strong fetish of mine). I probed deeply with my tongue, alternated with an occasional brush across her clit. All the while her moaning and gyrating continued at the same pace. She was full of cum but I didn’t care. Her pussy tastes better to me that a rib-eye steak and I could lick it as well today as any other day. At some point, I looked up to see she was awake and smiling at me. She never said a word. I don’t know at which point she transitioned from her dream fuck to her waking to my deep, intense licking but her movements remained steady. But I could easily have missed that change as I get so wrapped up in eating her pussy that I don’t even notice what is going on around me. Funny, she did not object to what I was doing. I continued licking her moist, pulsating pussy until I got her to one more orgasm for the day. I love the feel of her supple, creamy thighs tightening around my head as she cums. I know her clit is so sensitive after an orgasm that she can’t stand touching for a while just after. So of course, I always have to give it one more teasing lick to tickle her at that point.

By then, I was able to undress and crawl up to her. Her eyes watched every movement until I dropped my jeans and my hard, pulsing cock sprang out. I can get as hard as the next guy on a moments notice but that day, I felt it was more swollen, harder, and even bigger than it had been since I was a youngster. I love the smile on her face when she sees my cock. She truly looks like that kid in the candy store with a whole dollar to spend. For the next two hours, we made love. I slowly and gently climbed on her, supporting my upper body on my elbows. I wanted to fuck her long and slow and uncharacteristically gentler than I had ever done. I did not pound. I did not bang. I made love to her more passionately than ever before. She had been through a lot that day and I wanted to end her day with a loving experience. We felt each others’ bodies, kissed deeply and simply hugged the evening away as I gently fucked her to more orgasms that were mild and subdued. I never went so slow in my life and took my time. When I finally came in her loving pussy, we both collapsed in the bed and slept through the night with her in my arms. We never got a chance to talk.

We woke in the morning in the same position. My arms were wrapped around her and she had a gently, peaceful look on her face. But I had to smile as I surveyed her from head to toe, noticing dried cum in her hair, all over her face, on her tits, and smeared across her belly and thighs. She was going to need a long hot bath. As she awoke, we were finally able to talk. I told her how amazing that was and thanked her for setting it up for me. She laughed and said she had more fun than me. I asked how she managed to put it together and how she met the guys. She told me that the one guy comes to town a lot for work and they fuck whenever he is here. She was familiar and safe with him and was finally able to convince him to do this for me. In fact, she said, he came home with her Saturday night from the bar and they fucked all night and again in the morning before the other guys arrived and ultimately, before I arrived. That explained the nap on Sunday afternoon. Lol. Anyway, she said that was the last time for him. He was finishing his project here and would not be returning for work. If they ever connected again, it would have to be outside the work trips he had been taking here. I was actually glad to hear that but at the same time, I wondered if and how we might ever set up that activity again.

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