5 Şubat 2021

Bad Boy Road Trip Ch. 02


Please enjoy this new chapter of Bad Boy Road Trip. It is a work of fiction, intended for adult readers. All characters are adults, eighteen or older, and unusually horny.

A special thanks to ramjet86, a volunteer editor/proofreader, who helped me get this published. If you would like to assist with proofreading/editing, please contact me at My Profile. Thanks.

-Taylor VanCannon

Chirping birds woke Jake from a deep slumber. A light breeze sent shafts of sunlight shimmering through slits in the mini-blinds, painting the inside of the RV with golden ripples. He rolled up on his side and watched the gentle rise and fall of Daisy’s magnificent breasts. Her long blond hair fanned out over the pillow. One arm lay askew, over the top of her head and the other lay flat over her tummy, almost touching the top edge of her neatly manicured pubic hair. A ray of light danced across her mound, lighting up her landing strip like a golden runway.

She stirred, stretching her legs and pointing her toes. Her hand pressed into her mound and tiny smile crossed her lips. Her fingers curled under, gently digging into her crotch. Her eyes blinked open, aware that she was being watched.

Jake smiled, and leaned in to kiss her.

She turned her head slightly, brushing her cheek against the coarse stubble of his unshaved face.

He scowled.

“Sorry… I’ve got morning mouth.” She licked her dry lips to make the point.

He grinned, and move down to her ample breast, nibbling on her soft perky nipple.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, pressing a finger into her moist slit.

He lifted his head. “You started without me.”

She giggled and brushed his scruffy hair to one side. “I did… but I’ll let you finish.”

He licked his way down her firm body, taking his time. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her continue to rub herself. He nudged her hand aside to nibble his way into the soft folds of her pussy. He licked his way up and down, waiting for a reaction.

“Right there,” she cooed, maneuvering his head over just the right spot. His fluttering tongue sent a shudder through her body.

He raised his head and glanced back at her. “This is just the thing for morning mouth.”

She laughed and nudged him onto his back so she could straddled his face. His tongue instantly returned to her clit, eliciting another soft moan. She lowered her head and licked his big cock, starting at the head and going all the way to his balls. She took her time, teasing and sucking each globe, one at a time. She lifted his cock with her tongue and snaked it into her throat. She held her breath and took him deep while he pummeled her clit with the tip his tongue.

He pulled her cheeks apart and stared up into her ass crack, enthralled by her tight pink rosebud. He dug his finger into her crack, teasing her asshole open.

Unable to concentrate on the big cock in her throat, she straightened her arms and arched her back, giving him a better angle on her clit. Her moans turned to grunts and left her gasping for breath as she hurtled head long into a massive orgasm. She cried out, her body rigid with pleasure.

He eased up with his tongue and tenderly licked the length of her glistening pink gash. He finally tore his eyes away from her gorgeous ass and rolled her off his face. He reached for her hand and pulled her towards him, until he could feel her hot breath on his lips. “Still worried about morning mouth?”

She licked his lips, savoring the musky taste of her pussy. She licked again, this time slurping up her juices from his chin. She straddled his cock on all fours, and then worked her hips until she found the head and slid herself onto it. “You be the judge.” She pressed her lips down on his and forced her tongue between his parted lips.

His tongue tangled with hers in an intricate game of cat and mouse.

She put her hips in motion and twerked his big cock, rapidly increasing her pace.

He pulled back from her lips. “I want to watch.”

“Mmmm,” she cooed. “Sounds… nasty.”

He grinned as she sat upright and brought her legs up, like she was a jockey, about to mount a stallion. He gingerly parted her knees, opening her up to his gaze. Her sculptured pussy lips appeared to gobble up his hard cock.

She leaned back and gripped his ankles for support, and then lifted her ass until just the head remained hidden. “Like this?”

He nodded, locking his hands behind his head to maintain a clear view of her glistening slit.

She wanted to give as good as she got, so she pumped him hard, sliding his big cock in and out of her pussy. She gazed into his eyes, waiting for the telltale sign of an impending orgasm.

He licked his lips as he began to pant.

Her hamstrings burned with exertion. She reached deep, and pumped even harder.

He gripped the back of her calves and used his hips to pump against her onslaught.

She held on for dear life, her legs on fire. Breathlessly, she said, “Hurry.”

He responded with a fury of his own and pounded her from below.

Her legs gave way, so he relied on his hands to support casino oyna her ass. Unable to move her hips, she just held on and prayed he got there soon.

He closed his eyes, and grimaced as his arm muscles cramped up. He sucked in one last breath, and dug deep. Stroke… stroke… stroke… “Aaaragh.”

She felt his release inside her and dropped down the length of his shaft when his arms gave out. Unable to move, she squeezed her muscles, literally milking his cock for what remained of his pulsing orgasm.

Their chests heaved as they both gasped for breath. They stared into each others eyes as they slowly regained control of themselves.

“That was fabulous,” Jake said, massaging the knots in her hamstrings.

She grinned. “You know what comes next, don’t you?”

He fluttered his tongue and then licked his dry lips. “Bring it on.”

She gently lifted herself off his cock and pinched her pussy lips together to keep from dribbling. She scooted forward and straddled his face, hovering over his mouth as she released her hand. A gob of cum dripped from her pussy and into his waiting mouth. “Now you can show me nasty,” she said, and then pressed her gooey pussy lips onto his waiting mouth.

He slurped loudly, digging his tongue deep up inside her.


Daisy stepped out of the RV, showered and refreshed, wearing a matching pink halter and shorts. The aroma of coffee brought a smile to her face.

Jake poured her a cup of freshly brewed campfire coffee.

“Mmmm,” she said, tasting the brew. His cutoff jeans were wet. “Did you go for a swim?”

“Had to,” he said, “no way we could both fit in that shower… and you beat me to it.”

“Sorry,” she said, “girl’s prerogative.” She took a seat next to him and warmed her feet by the campfire.

“So,” he asked, “what can you tell me about your Aunt Belle?”

She pouted and flicked his shoulder. “Am I being kicked to the curb already?”

He smiled. “Hey… we had a good run, but now I need to get back on the road.”

He was right, besides, she didn’t have another fuck left in her right now. It might take hours to work the knots out of her legs. “What do you want to know?”

“She’s single, right?”

“Yep, and never married. In fact, for the longest time I thought she batted for the other team.”

He gave her a curious look. “What about that story of Dwayne fucking her in the backseat of the caddie?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Mom thinks that might have been her first guy, you know, not counting when she was younger.”


“Yeah, she and Mom did a little hell-raising in high-school. That’s were I got the impression Aunt Belle goes both ways.”

“Sweet… and the ladies in her book club, what about them?”

“No idea… but it looks like you’re about to find out. Can I warm up your coffee?”

“Sure,” he said, holding out his cup.

She stood directly in front of him and bent down at the waist to reach for the coffee pot on the edge of the campfire. She paused, and then wiggled her ass.

“No fair,” he said, staring at her ass. The loose fitting shorts showed off a little too much of her charms. He started to reach for her ass when she abruptly stood and topped off his coffee.

“Sorry,” she said, teasing him, “I know you have to get back on the road.” She glanced down at the growing bulge in his pants. She batted her eyes. “Did I do that?”

He undid his cutoffs and freed his big cock. It arced forward, pointing directly towards her crotch. He grinned and locked his eyes on hers, and then poured half his coffee onto the dusty ground. “Can you top me up again?”

“Absolutely!” She turned and hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her shorts. She bent forward and peeled them off in the process. She didn’t bother reaching for the coffee.

He grabbed her bare ass and pulled her towards him, carefully aiming for his intended target.

She gasped when the head of his cock pressed up against her asshole. Concerned about his intentions, she asked,” Jake?”

“Relax,” he said, “I’m a professional… I know what I’m doing.”

She giggled, nervously. It wasn’t painful… yet, but there was no way she was taking a dry cock up her ass.

“You’re doing fine,” he said, pulling her back even harder.

The force of his cock stretched her open a tiny bit. She looked over her shoulder. “Get me wet first… I can’t take it like this.”

“Does it feel good?”

She pondered the question. The pressure on her asshole was arousing her. She squeezed her breasts and tweaked her hard nipples. She nodded and reached for her crotch.

“Wait,” Jack said, batting her hand away. “It’s too early.”

Disappointed, she asked, “Too early for what?”

“Push back,” he commanded, leaving little room for negotiation.

She braced her hands on both knees and shifted her weight back, increasing the pressure on her asshole, sending a shiver of pleasure up her spine. “Okay… but be careful,” she pleaded.

Her crinkled asshole was like sandpaper on the sensitive head of his cock, sending little jolts of pleasure slot oyna up his shaft with each twitch of her ass. His breathing quickened.

Surprised to hear him panting, she asked, “Are you going to cum?”

He groaned.

She pushed back, just a little, increasing the pressure on his cock.

His body tensed.

She bit down on her lower lip, fearful he was about to enter her bone dry ass.

He cried out as cum burbled from the head of his cock, instantly lubricating her tightly stretched asshole.

She felt her asshole give way, opening to accommodate his big cock. She gasped and pushed back hard, taking him deep… all the way in.

He pulled her back into his lap and squeezed her tits, roughly pinching her rock hard nipples. His pulsing cock filled her ass with cum. “Now,” he commanded, “use your fingers.”

She was so fucking hot that she barely touched herself before an orgasm blossomed deep in her loins.

She finally relaxed as his cock softened inside her. She turned her head back and grinned. “That was unexpected.”

“Mmmm,” he whispered into her ear, nibbling the lobe. “It’s something I just thought up.”

She kissed him, grateful for the experience. “I’d like to see you try that on Aunt Belle.”


Ever since he passed the big roadside billboard, Jake could not get the image of a tasty Banh Mi sandwich out of his mind. He took the Pecos exit, just as the advertisers had hoped, and followed the signs to Kim-lee’s Vietnamese Banh Mi Palace.

He instantly regretted his decision when he pulled into the seedy strip mall. It was lunchtime and he could count the number of cars on one hand. Not a good sign. He parked the big RV in an empty area of the lot and walked towards the restaurant.

A small middle aged Asian women stepped out of a dilapidated storefront. “Meester… you need haircut?”

He could barely understand her thick accent and broken English. Was it a question, or a command? The sign over the door read: Phuc’s Salon there was no question that his shaggy mop was long overdue for a trim. “Naw,” he said, blowing her off, “I just want something to eat.”

“Meester… you need haircut… come in… come in… you eat here.”

She looked determined, and had a slight smirk as though she knew he was no match for her persistence; she desperately wanted the business. He looked into the empty salon, and then towards the restaurant, two doors down.

“Good food… we get for you.” She turned and yelled something unintelligible back into the salon. Vietnamese?

A striking young woman came out. She had a classic china-doll figure with long black hair hanging straight down her back. After a brief exchange with the older woman, she turned to him and spoke in flawless English, “Sorry about my mom, she can be a little demanding at times. My name is Mai, we are a full service salon, and my Aunt, Kim-lee owns the restaurant. I would be happy to order you lunch while Mom cuts your hair.”

How could he turn that down, especially coming from a gorgeous young woman? “Thanks… Mai.”

“You’re welcome. My mom’s name is Phung.”

He chuckled. “Who is…” He thought better of trying to pronounce the name painted over the door, and instead pointed to it.

She pronounced her grandfathers name, and smiled politely. It was the butt of many jokes, and she’d heard them all before. “My grandfather emigrated from Vietnam and opened this salon… after the war.”

Phung’s face lit up at the prospect of a customer. “Come, come… special price for you… deluxe service.” She took him by the hand and led him into the small salon. There were four empty stations. Two young women emerged from a curtained doorway in back. She brought him to a stop along a mirrored wall, covered with full size posters of movie stars. She swept her arm over the selection. “You pick.”

Confused, he looked to Mai for help.

Mai said, “Don’t worry, my mom is very good.” She led him over to full sized poster of Brad Pitt and positioned him so he could see his reflection, right next to the famous movie star. Phung snatched off his hat and mirrored aviators. Mai smiled and said, “I suggest this one.”

Jake chuckled. Pitt was definitely handsome, clean shaven with closely cropped dark hair. He wore a crisply pressed white shirt with several buttons open. The sleeves were neatly rolled, showing off his tanned forearms. His tan slacks hung casually, with a razor sharp crease. A far cry from his crumpled cowboy duds and ragged mop. He nodded to Mai, “She can make me look like that?”

Even Mai was skeptical, but said, “My mom’s a miracle worker.” She switched to their native language for an animated exchange with her Mom, and then reverted to English. “My father is a tailor… and has a small clothing store… if you want the clothes in the picture.”

“I don’t have that much time,” Jake protested.

Phung said, “He very fast… two hour… max. You look just like Brad Pitt.”

Jake was still skeptical.

“I think she’s right,” Mai said, brushing imaginary dust off his shoulders, “and it will be a big improvement.”

Jake canlı casino siteleri checked his watch and shrugged his shoulders, “Why not?” Plenty of time before he had to be in Van Horn.

Phung whipped a tape out of her smock and started measuring his upper body, calling out measurements to Mai in her native language. Things went smoothly until Phung squatted to measure his inseam, first one leg, and then the other.

Jake watched as she pondered the bulge down his right inseam.

She measured the circumference of each thigh, and then whispered something to Mai.

Mai’s eyes grew wide and she blushed.

Phung giggled, and switched to English, “Just give numbers to father, he know what to do.”

“Okay,” Mai said, “what size shoe?”

“I’m nine wide,” Jake said, astonished at the prospect of a complete makeover. He was hustled back into the chair, reclined almost flat, and lathered up for a shave. He felt a tug on his boots and glanced down. “Hold on…”

Mai said, “Meet my cousins, Trinh and Cam. They’ll take care of your feet.”

He started to protest, but Phung pulled his head back against the headrest and flashed the shiny straight razor in front of his eyes. The boots were history and he caught a whiff of the scented Jasmine water they used to wash his feet. He tried to relax, but was anxious about the demanding woman wielding the razor.

Phung expertly finished his shave and sat him upright, ready for a haircut. The Banh Mi was delivered, along with a cold beer. He wolfed down the flavorful sandwich while Phung trimmed his unruly mop. When he finished eating, the girls got to work on his hands.

Finished, Jake checked his watch, surprised to see it had only taken about forty-five minutes. He stood and examined the results in the mirror, next to Brad Pitt. Not bad…

Phung, speaking in Vietnamese, said something to Mai that got them all chattering at the same time. Jake stood back and watched the drama unfold as they shouted over each other, gesturing wildly.

Phung shut them up with a swipe of her hand and turned to Jake. “Sorry… didn’t mean to confuse… you get massage now.”

“Massage?” Jake asked, surprised by the suggestion.

“Yes, yes,” Phung said, insistently, “included in deluxe package.”

He turned to Mai, questioning her with his eyes.

Mai smiled. “It’s the family business… for special customers.”

“Family business?”

Mai said, “My grandfather started a full service salon in Saigon. Back then, you did whatever was necessary to survive. Grandfather did the grooming, and his daughters kept the GI’s happy with massages. That’s where Phung got her start in the business.”

“And now?”

“Same business, we just traded the GI’s for cowboys and truck drivers.”

“So… what kind of massages?”

It was Mai’s turn to be incredulous. “The kind with a happy ending…” She pumped her fist several times for emphasis.

Jake grinned, but was still not convinced. “What were you arguing about?”

“Trinh and Cam were upset that Phung gave me the assignment… to provide your massage… they wanted to do it.”

Jake glanced over to the girls. They both took that as an invitation to scurry over to his side and cling to his arms. “Whoa,” he said, “what did Phung decide?”

Trinh volunteered, “You get to pick.”

He put his arms around both girls. “Sweet, can I pick them both?”

“Yes, yes,” the girls said in unison, jumping up and down.

Phung frowned. “That extra!”

Jake smiled. “Perfect, then I’ll take all three… just add it to my bill.”

A skeptical Mai led Jake and the chattering girls to the back room.

Jake looked back before going through the door. Phung was stretched out in the chair he had just vacated, and her natural frown had turned into a warm smile.

“First, we start with a shower massage,” Mai said, leading him to a small dressing area.

Jake stuck his head inside the shower. “Nice,” he said, “and it’s big.”

Trinh knelt and took a close look at the charging bull on his large bronze belt buckle. She couldn’t resist giving the bulge in his pants leg a quick squeeze before unbuckling his belt and pulling his pants down. Like Daisy before her, she was shocked to see the head of his cock hanging below the hem of his boxers.

Mai and Cam peeled off his shirt and dropped to their knees to check out Trinh’s discovery.

Jake was accustomed to the reaction, but it was the first time he’d seen it from three girls at once. They started chattering the moment he slid his boxers down and let them drop to the floor. When Cam reached for his cock, he wagged his finger, waving her off. “It’s my turn to watch.” He tapped Mai under her chin, bringing her up to her feet, leaving no doubt who he wanted to see first.

Mai tossed her long black hair over her shoulder and unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her lacy black bra. She wiggled out of her tight jeans and then dropped the blouse on the floor. She stood erect, her black lacy garments barely hiding her feminine charms. She unhooked her bra and slid her hands up under the cups, letting it drop to the floor as she squeezed her tiny hard nipples. Next came the panties, revealing an unruly tuft of straight black pubic hair. Her olive skin was flawless and showed no tan lines.

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