2 Şubat 2021

Atonement! Q


(Be sure to go back for chapters A-P of this series of events of a college journalism major whose relationship with a cop has turned afoul, for which she has offered to do anything to atone. He’s decided to take her up on it with an emphasis on the ANYTHING, but her atonement has taken on a life if it’s own. By now she’s losing track of the number of anonymous strangers she has serviced and has done things on both sides of the gender lines with abandon.)


Those sitting and watching met the sigh of “Dave” and “Tom’s” return with company. They were leading three young women from the bachelorette party down the hall; the middle one of them being led by the other two because of a black cloth blindfold around her whole head. The two not blindfolded took in this scene for a solid minute until girly began a mantra of moans and, “Oh, God, we’re gonna cum, never had one… could fill me up… gonna cum, fill me up… ram that home… split me apart… uhh, fill me up… come on, cum, uhhh.” And she was right, they came at one time. His cock chocked as far up in her grasping pussy as he could get it. Her body responded to his throbbing ejaculation as if her pussy could gasp for air. Their combined pulsing squeezed semen hot and thick out of her pussy.

This was only part of what the two newcomers beheld was this firm fucking that girly had taken from the back end while laying down along the hotel suite’s large bed. Immediately in front of girly was a woman clad in black leather and silver chains, an outfit really only suitable for a stripper. Girly, done concentrating on attaining climax from the sound fucking behind her, returned to lapping sloppily at this woman’s whole vagina. About the room were other men in various states of undress, and one other woman, nudely sitting on one man’s lap. It was clear that there had been a whole lot of fucking going on.

Still dutiful to “Lady Barbara’s” pussy, girly held open the stripper’s labia and began tickling while working towards holding open the inner hole. The last waves of her most recent orgasm were moving on and Jeff, still inside for a moment was just beginning to lose his erection. With a cock his size even a little relaxing was noticeable.

“No way,” said one of the blindfolded bride’s escorts, “I’m outta here!” That bridesmaid, a prim and proper looking blond in a pink three-button polo over khakis turned and left. “Let’s go,” she called over her shoulder. “Rachael, Tiffany!” She called back and after a moment, “Ugh!” and the outer door was heard closing.

“Tiffany, ha ha, I’m one of those,” came a weak and tired voice from the vicinity of Barbara’s pussy, up went girly’s free hand. Several chuckles were heard.

The real Tiffany led the blindfolded bride, Rachael, to sit on the closest corner of the bed. The latter moved carefully and wore the O-mouthed expression of surprise. Light brown haired Rachael, with dark new denims and a high pica cotton polo of sky blue, looked similarly preppy to the girl who’d just left, while Tiffany, a mellow brown-skinned girly wore a tank-top over a nice set of 34 C or D breasts. Tiffany’s black slacks still spoke of tasteful style, though her frizzed hair a’la spooky spice said there was something exciting there, too. “Tiffany, what is this?” Rachael asked as if she hadn’t just heard the loud extolling of a loud cumming woman. “I want to see.” She said smiling naughtily and up went a hand almost making it to the blindfold. Tiffany intercepted it, but held Rachael’s hand in the up position.

“Try this here.” Tiffany said as she gestured ‘come here’ with one finger to man four, Dan as he was called here. As he arrived she guided his bare ass to direct him to dock his penis into Rachael’s waiting hand. At first the bride was taken aback by the slight and almost limp member placed into her fingers. Then, however, her hands both closed on it with moderate touches and she felt its first stirrings of interest.

With an audible slurp Jeff finally extracted himself from the cummy sleeve he had occupied for a few moments after ejaculating. Tiffany had a great view of this scene and stood agape at the sight of his monumental member and at the gapped pussy of our ill-used heroine, who had returned to licking up the stripper.

Meg and Harry’s friend, the bartender, Joe (right Sam) approached the stripper from the edge of the bed to her right and she took his barely alert member in one hand to stroke it lazily while still enjoying being eaten out.

Rachael took on a new expression; tongue in cheek of a bawdy grin, as she slowly coaxed the now alert shaft in her hands. Dave presently approached Tiffany and stood before her. She looked up from where she was seated while he undid his belt. She visibly thought about for but a second, then with a shrug lowered her tank top to reveal warmly brown full breasts. She pushed Dave back a step and slid off the bed to her knees on the floor as his limp, but filling dick presented itself through the ‘V’ of his open pants. Before it got any further she’d casino şirketleri gripped it at the base with an upheld hand and engulfed it entirely with her mouth.

Lady Barbara sat up from her pillow perch to kneel towards Joe and then crouch down to take his member in her mouth. As girly rolled over on her back to delicately soothe her roughed-up vagina she beheld the collection of new woman attending to freshly awakening cocks. With her cool soda bottle she caressed her raw labia and thighs until she realized that some of the moistness stuck to her hands, and that must be sperm; the aggregate jizz loads of three strange men. She took another sip and checked the bottle cap to see if she’d won anything. Then she turned her attention to watching the three women about the bed orally administering to men. Meg, too, had been watching from the sidelines while absently grinding on her husband’s thigh upon which she was primly perched.

Presently Meg shivered, then she rose up and took her husband’s fingers to lead him to Rachael’s proximity. She stood on tip toes to whisper into Harry’s ear and then began a mission to enhance the bride-to-be’s evening the way, perhaps, she had already enhanced our girly’s — with her own personal touch. Meg hated things being half-way.

Meg gently pressed Dan’s shoulder to back him from Rachael who, still blindfolded, looked momentarily puzzled about where the penis in her mouth had gone. She had not long to wonder as, by leaning in, Meg was able to fill a gap for both of them. She leaned until her right breast grazed Rachael’s lips and gently seeking hand. With one hand she captured the bride’s head and with the other she kept Rachael’s hand close, but moved it to her left breast. Rachael at first had tried to back up, but she was held fast to the offered boob. “You know what to do, don’t you?” whispered Meg as she kept leaning forward. Meg’s lips now reached Dan’s penis where she delicately blew and then slowly traced a line from base to head with her tongue. “I’ve got something you need to see,” teased Meg to Rachael, then she licked Dan’s member the other way just as slowly. Rachael, holding the end of Meg’s tit in her mouth, timidly tapped the nipple with the tip of her tongue. “You need to see what it’s like to fuck a married man.” Now Meg started coaxing Dan in a direction by his penis to move him further from the bed. She also gave him three quick circles around the head with her tongue; Keep that happy and the man will go anywhere. “What do you think? Want to feel what a married man is like?” Each time she said it she emphasized the word man. She loosened her grip on Rachael’s head just a bit.

“Um,” a shy smile with a single giggle, “I don’t know.”

After mouthing Dan’s whole member for a second she added, “Well how about my married man?”

“Um, he he, I don’t know. Really?”

Meg kept Rachael’s hand working her breast as she nodded to her husband. “Yes, really. I say it’s Okay.” She straightened and took Dan’s penis in her hand and gave it a good squeeze. With her head she motioned to girly’s relaxing form and Dan nodded, too.

Rachael still seemed hesitant and again asked, “Are you sure?” Not knowing that Harry was already stepping into the place vacated by Dan.

“Well, how about if you kiss me while he fucks you? Then it will be like he’s with me — at least I’ll see it that way.” Now Meg used Rachael’s hand, from her own left breast, to steer her to stand up before herself, sidelong to the bed. Rachael’s other hand quested cautiously and found rest upon Rachael’s right breast. Harry, now behind Rachael, placed his hands firmly upon her hips and held them in place while Meg stepped back and led Rachael to lean in for a tender single kiss on the lips. Now Rachael was bent forward slightly and Harry transferred his hands to the front of Rachael’s jeans and located a button to undo. Meg placed both Rachael’s hands upon the bed thinking, ‘oh yeah, she’ll need her balance in a minute,’ then sat down across one of her own legs to place her face before the blindfolded bride’s. Gently and just with moist lips she kissed Rachael until the slow zipper sound brought such a smile and slight laugh to the faces of both women.

As if ignoring Harry’s steady unwrapping of her presents Rachael commented, “Um, I’d never kissed a girl before.”

“Baby, you still haven’t. I think we can all agree here — I’m all woman,” Meg put in a firmer kiss at the same moment Harry hiked the denims, tightened across Rachael’s bent hips, down with a side-to-side motion. Meg also reached up to cup Rachael’s breasts through blouse and bra, “And in a minute you’ll know what it feels like to be the kind of woman I mean.” She squeezed those tits a bit and planted another firm peck.

Harry had brought the jeans down to just below Rachael’s knees, where they bound up, and he spent a minute caressing her pleasant ass in wide circular motions through her fresh dark blue cotton panties.

“So do you like kissing me, bride-to-be?”

“Yeah,” casino firmaları She answered almost breathlessly after the last kiss lingered a moment. Meg took to coaxing up Rachael’s top and got it just up and over the satiny cups of her bra at the same moment Harry lowered the blue undies right to Rachael’s knees. Straightening again Harry let his cock touch Rachael for the first time resting it upright along the new exposed crack of her rear. She felt the motion of Rachael’s face and could tell that her eyes had popped wide open; she must now feel what’s coming her way. She immediately joined their mouths in a strong deep French kiss and hoisted her bra up over two milky white breasts. The actions up to Harry, Rachael and Meg’s joinder had taken quite an interminable while to the participants, but to the rest of the room little new motion had occurred; Lady Barbara still nodded to Joe’s erection, as did Tiffany to Dave’s, though at a slower, more leisurely pace. Dan, though, had approached girly and stooped close beside her place on the bed to kiss her and hold her abundant right breast. Inside she appreciated the slow approach since it afforded her another moment to relax. She grasped his cock in a lazy, but firm stroke that kept him firm, but patient. This as Harry prepared to enter Rachael.

Harry held his wide member in his hand up to Rachael’s opening. He clasped himself tight, and she felt his head pulsing larger. Then slowly he parte her pussy lips and very nearly filled them from he clitoris to her inner opening. Knowing what was next from Rachael’s tensing, Meg sped their French kiss into a penetrating motion of its own and firmly squeezed her hanging mammaries. Though encountering a larger, more engorged head than it had ever before, Rachael’s pussy willingly stretched to admit his first thrust with a barely reluctant pop. Her throat tried to emit a low lusty grunt of “huh” but she was muffled still by Meg’s continued firm kisses.

Harry’s first penetrating motion had carried him in to half his length before he had spread Rachael’s lubricating moisture too thin. There had been, after all, so little foreplay. He began short strokes to lure out some more pussy juice, and he felt her pussy to be tight, but elastic enough to admit him with no pain or fear of harming her. Soon his short strokes were rewarded and he could pursue greater depths. He set up a steady course of thrusts to Rachael’s receptive press back against his hips. As offered Meg kept her kisses in time to her husband’s fucking and let the bride-to-be’s swinging breasts stroke her open palms.

Diagonally across the king-sized bed Dan began to climb on and hovered over the girly whose legs opened to receive him. Dan had to pause to further appreciate her big breasts with firm suckles of her nipples. He sucked first at one, inhaling strongly through his mouth to get as much of her luscious flesh into his mouth as possible, then released it and moved to do the same to the other. This he did a couple of times on each side until he decided it was time to commence fucking her in earnest. Dan settled on top of her and both moved their hands down to his penis to guide it into her wet hot folds. No matter that she had tried to cool off with the soda bottle, it could not abate her friction-burning, eager heat. As their fingers met and semi-entwined they made eye contact and both almost smiled, until they were interrupted.

Joe quickly detached himself from the stripper’s supple lips to rush to girly’s head. Dan was pushed aside a little and Joe barely got to her in time to plant his cumload onto her forehead at the hairline. He had been trying to reach her hair, but had to settle for a thick rope of cum landing at her head where it slowly oozed back into her hair. Like a slug, though, it left a trail — actually three as his three larges deposits sought slightly different routes to soak in. Dan still held his cock to her opening and he pressed in while she used a finger to wipe her damp brow. There was little they had to do to prepare for this fucking, so he immediately began deep, firm strokes, each ending with a soft clap of their pelvises meeting. Not knowing where tissues might be she licked her fingers clean of Joe’s cum, and Dan hunched way over to return to sucking her breasts while they fucked.

The stripper, Lady Barbara, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and looked behind her. “Hey, Mr. Groom,” she said pointing to the fiancé when she saw him, “You really want it?” she briskly asked.

“Oh, yes…”

Before he could say more she asked, “Enough to do it in the ass?” and with her characteristic swivel of the wrist, she turned her pointing finger from him to her own rear where she sat on her own heels.


“Alright,” she again prevented him from saying more, “Get over here before I change my mind.” And she raised her rear into the air a bit. Bob veritably scrambled across much bed, between Meg’s bare back and girly’s raised knee, to arrive facing the proffered backdoor. Someone, Meg, güvenilir casino pressed into his palm the tube of lubricant, cap already flipped up. The stripper’s black clad rear thrust up twice before him while he applied a few drops from his finger to his penis. Then he reached for Lady Barbara’s show panty’s waist band and pulled until they bunched. Without undoing her garters he could only pull her underwear down to so far. Still he had a generous view of her whole lower end before unceremoniously perching his penis at her anus and pressing it slickly inside. He had only been mostly erect, and upon pressing his member buckled a couple of times but managed to get inside and remain.

“Hey,” Lady Barbara commented brightly, “That’s a nice little dick you got there.” Though he was firming up and growing a little inside as copulation began. “Yeah that’s a good size for this.”

He thought of how his full erect member would soon be deep in her rear quarters and at first smirked how that ‘would show her’, but admitted to himself, ‘yeah, that won’t be that much more noticeable than this…’ Such thinking prevented him from attaining his full size, but didn’t prevent him from pumping Lady Barbara’s ass, all the same.

While the future groom pumped, his lack of stiffness made his penis not so much slide in and out as it filled and unfilled his own skin. This did little for the stripper so she reached back with her left hand and used two fingers to push her clitoris to the left and to the right. Slowly at first, but she sped up to jiggling and rubbing her pussy to match so-called Bob’s strokes.

So this was the scene our hero took in as he returned to observe. The action was accentuated by Tiffany’s “Mmmphh” as the blowjob she was giving to Dave, though slow and deliberate, yielded its climax. He responded to her gentle, warm and moist mouth with a modest load of cum and, from there being so much sex at the offering, there was not much ejaculatory explosion. Still Tiffany was taken aback by the taste suddenly appearing in her mouth, hence the sound. She had a sensation not unlike awakening from a dream to find that one woman was soaking in cum, a stripper was taking it in the ass from a soon to be married man, her close friend was taking a large dick while kissing a naked woman on the night before she wed, and she’d just sucked a strange man to a salty climax in her mouth. How surreal. “Rachael, what are you doing?” she exclaimed, “Rachael?”

“I, I, I,” Rachael tried to answer while being consumed by the sound fucking she was taking and being held up by Meg’s attempts to kiss her and feel her chest, “I think I’m going to cum, cum, cum.” Her repetition came as a call, trying to draw out her pleasure prize. Harry was quite pleased that he fit inside Rachael each stroke and yet felt a tightness that didn’t hurt either of them. This brought great sensation to his full length and he was going to make the most of it with strokes that even revealed some of his head before plunging back in to the pelvic slapping hilt. A few dozen more of these and Rachael broke from Meg’s wild kisses to lower her head, close her eyes and bury her chin in the blouse piled up atop her chest. “Urr, I am,” she declared, “I am … going… to … cum, uh, uh,” and she released all tension with a long “Ooohhh.” Then she looked up surprised and repeated, “Oooohhh, Oooh! Oh, my God.” Meg smiled as Rachael continued these sounds, coos and surprised expressions.

“You’re orgasming, “Meg said sounding happy for her.

“Wha? But I’ve cum before,” she said.

“Yes, but this was different, bigger, right?”

“Uh, Uh, Uh huh.” She finally got out.


“Uh, huh — want again.” Rachael added while the motion of Harry’s member continued to push at her warmly pleased pussy.

“Okay, well I think we can do that.” Meg offered looking to her husband who shook his head ‘no’. “But we have to decided this; do you want my man’s cum or do you want him to go on her?” Meg pointed to girly and Dan; the latter fucking away wantonly while the former mouthed ‘fuck’ repeatedly emphasizing the F with her teeth. Her raised knees butterflied to his motions while his mouth stayed suckling her left breast.

Urgently Rachael replied, “I don’t… know. I want to cum like that again, but I don’t want …”

“OK.” Meg cut her off. “You.” She pointed to man number eight of the evening, called John. Meg pulled at her husband’s arm and hurried when she heard the first moan signaling the arrival of his orgasm. No time to waste. Meg knelt on the floor and pulled him to her own mouth. She strained her tiring jaw to open wide enough to receive his head, but late; his first shot of jizm got her chin.

“I don’t want to stop.” Rachael said almost with a whine, but just in time John arrived with the dick. He brought the head, shaft supported in his hand, to the opening of Rachael’s parted folds. Though just mostly erect, he pressed in without further pause. Rachael’s pussy, still a bit gapped by Harry’s large member, offered no resistance. Still, John firmed up in two strokes and the encounter with her moisture. Quickly he filled the space he needed to and responded to her saying, “Oh, Go!” by thrusting with abandon into her aloft presented hole.

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