19 Şubat 2021

Ashlee Finds a New Life


I took you home after work one day. Jokingly I asked if you wanted to hang out. To my surprise, you said yes. We went to your house first, you got some clothes and shower stuff and came back out. You were quiet most of the way back to my house, like something was weighing on your mind. We got back to my place and you went into my bathroom and ran the shower. All possibilities ran through your head as the water poured down on to you. ‘What am I doing?’ You thought to yourself. As you finished your shower, you looked at your clothes and it was then that you made up your mind. You dried off, took one last look in the mirror, and walked out of the bathroom.

I was looking at my records so I didn’t notice you when you walked out of the bathroom. You were feeling shy, kinda stupid, but bold nonetheless. You walked up behind me and said my name. I turned around, and I saw you, all of you. You were beautiful. You saw me smile and before I had the chance to ask why, you sat down on the coffee table and opened your legs. Without hesitation I slid over to you and buried my casino şirketleri face in your freshly cleaned pussy. Wrapping my hands around your hips and back I pulled you closer as you steadied yourself on the table. I licked your pussy and flicked your clit with my tongue. You said ‘I can’t believe we’re actually doing this.’ I stopped to reply and you pushed my head back to your pussy and told me I wasn’t done yet. I went back to your pussy and started to slide a finger in and out, slowly. You started to moan with pleasure as I continued on. Within a few minutes you had climaxed and were catching your breath, smiling at me.

I took your hand and helped you up off the table. I stood behind you and started to kiss your neck as I wrapped my arms around you. Playfully you tried to get to get away but I reached for you and caught you. We kissed and then you tried again. I lost my balance when I tried to reach for again and as I tried to catch myself, I fell onto the couch as I just barely caught your arm. I pulled you towards me and over my lap and gave your ass a few quick casino firmaları smacks. I told you to behave yourself and you just said, make me. One more hard smack to your ass and then I pushed you to the floor on your knees. You tried to stand but I held you down and told you to stay. I stood up and took off my jeans and boxers. You tried to crawl away but I gripped your hair and pulled you towards my waiting cock.

You refused to open your smiling mouth, you wanted to see what I would do. Suddenly, I smacked your face. The excitement and the shock from the smack made your jaw drop and when it did, I forced my dick in your mouth. I held your head in my hands as I fucked your mouth. You were still on your knees as I leaned you back and you had to put your hands around my legs to steady yourself. Tears were forming in your eyes as I plunged my cock deeper down your throat. With my hands still on your head I was nearing my end. I pulled you back up and sat on the edge of the couch. Forcing you to move faster on my rigid cock, I started to cum. I pulled your head off my dick güvenilir casino as I came on your face and chest.

I led you to the bathroom to clean up and as you were washing your face, I bent you over. I took my dick and rammed it in your pussy hard enough to make you shout in pain. Slowly I pulled out, and then rammed it in again. ‘Fuck’ you yelled. And I did it again, and again. I started to quicken my pace as I lifted one of your legs off the floor and onto the counter. You started to protest, saying it hurt. I pulled at your hair, forcing your face up, and made you look in the mirror. You took a look at me then realized that you were being fucked from behind as cum was still dripping off your face. Feeling your pussy tingle upon this realization, that you were truly a cum soaked whore, you pushed your ass and pussy back onto my cock and began to rock back and forth. I started to fuck you harder and faster. As you orgasmed on my hard dick, I started to cum in your pussy. After I was finished, I took your hand, and ran it over your cum dripping pussy, catching my cum in your hand and on your fingers. I forced your hand into your mouth, making you swallow the cum from your hands. I left you in the bathroom to clean yourself up. You came out a few minutes later, again, with no clothes…

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