3 Şubat 2021

As The Toys Turn


He put the key into the deadbolt and gave it a turn, hearing the familiar click as the door unlocked. Adjusting the laptop bag hanging from his shoulder, he opened the door and quietly stepped through, the sound of his footsteps softly echoing through the dimly lit house. He walked through the living room and into the small home office, removing the laptop bag from his shoulder, laying it on the desk as he loosened his neck-tie and slipped off his shoes. A small sigh escapes his lips as he heads off to the kitchen for a drink of water, relieved that the day is finally over and the weekend lies ahead. The clock on the microwave reads 10:43. It’s been a long week. He is ready to sleep…

She handed the digital clipboard back to the delivery driver after signing for the package and closed the door, trying very hard to hide her excitement. With her husband working such long hours and having so little interest in her, she had no choice but to take matters into her own hands. She browsed the internet long and hard looking for the right toys to satisfy her many needs and desires. She had found, she thought, the perfect combination. Grabbing a pair of scissors to cut through the tape, she excitedly opened the box and began laying its contents out on the bed. Her nipples were already getting hard in anticipation. The recent lack of satisfaction had been taking its toll. While her husband was happy enough jerking off in the shower every morning and the occasional quickie when he arrived home in time, she had somewhat different needs.

She unwrapped everything, putting all the trash in the box after lining the toys up along the bed. Standing there looking at them, trying to decide which to use first, she unknowingly reached up to her breasts and began toying with her nipples through the material of her blouse and bra. After a moment she caught herself, noticed how her breathing had changed, and how she was beginning to feel a dampness between her legs that she had not felt in quite some time. Though she would have preferred to start really playing right then and there, she decided to take the box out and have a shower beforehand. She would have to get rid of the evidence of her purchase anyway, knowing that her husband was not overly fond of competition. If only he had been paying more attention as of late, perhaps she would not have had the need to resort to these measures.

Evidence removed to the cul-de-sac dumpster, she headed back inside, back to where her new toys awaited her. She gazed at the wide selection before her, once again fondling her breasts through her clothes and feeling the familiar surge in her pussy. She allowed her other hand to travel up the inside of her thigh to her crotch and press firmly against her jeans, pressuring against her slightly throbbing clit, the warmth of her excitement evident even through the material. She noticed the time on the alarm clock on the nightstand next to the bed… 7:00. Not knowing when her husband would be home she had no idea how long she had to play, but she knew she better decide quickly. Setting aside a butt plug and a waterproof vibrator, she opened the drawer of her night stand and hid away the rest of the toys. She knew her husband might find them there, but she was beginning not to care. She grabbed the toys she had decided on, quickly found batteries for the one that required them, and headed off to the shower.

Stripping off all her clothes and admiring herself nearly flawless body in the mirror, she reached up and pinched her aching nipples firmly, twisting them just a bit, making them hurt ever so slightly. One hand moved from her breast to her pussy, quickly giving her clit a rub and sliding along her slit, accumulating a bit of moisture before being plunged in to the knuckles. Her knees buckled slightly. She had underestimated how excited she really was. The steam had begun rising from the shower. She grabbed the butt plug from the counter and brought it to her mouth, sucking on it softly, letting her spit build up. Once it appeared to be sufficiently lubed she bent over slightly and reached between her legs. She watched in the full mirror as she placed the tip of the plug against her asshole and in one smooth motion slid it in almost all the way. She had to pause only briefly to allow her ass to stretch enough to accommodate the thickest part, and moments later the plug was firmly secured inside her. Her pussy was dripping.

Grabbing the vibrator she stepped awkwardly into the shower, not entirely used to the sensation of having a plug in her ass. The hot water pelting her body only added to the excitement. Letting it run down her back, she turned the vibe on low and pressed it against her clit, letting out a soft moan at the feeling of it. Her free hand was again playing with her breasts, cupping and squeezing them, twisting and tugging her nipples. She positioned the vibe at the entrance to her pussy and began pushing it inside, having a small orgasm as it went deeper and deeper. When she could push it in no further she pulled it out and casino şirketleri once again put the tip of it against her clit, moving it from side to side, producing as much stimulation as possible on her swollen nub.

She felt the need for more. Twisting the control on the vibe to high, she plunged it back into her pussy. Her legs buckling once again with the nearly overwhelming pleasure, she decided having a seat on the built in bench was a good idea. She was quite happy to find that by sitting on the edge and wiggling she could add to the sensation the plug was creating in her ass. She continued doing this while working the vibe in and out of her pussy, occasionally pressing it firmly against her clit while her other hand worked her nipples. Soon she was having orgasms almost non-stop. Her pussy was pulsing rapidly, her entire body was flushed, and she was feeling quite exhausted, but not completely satisfied. It didn’t matter though, as her basic needs took over. She fell asleep in the shower, water pulsing down on her, plug in her ass, vibrator barely inside her.

The thud of the vibrator falling to the floor of the shower woke her abruptly, and not a moment too soon. The water was beginning to turn cold. Her nipples were still hard, but this time from impending chill. She quickly picked up the toy and gave it a rinse before setting it on the shower rack. She reached back between her legs and removed the plug from her ass, also washing it in the water of the shower before setting it down. She washed as quickly as she could as the water continued to get colder.

She finished rinsing off and turned off the shower, stepping out with a bit of a shiver as she grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her waist, and another to dry the rest of her body and wrap her hair. She stepped into the bedroom and looked at the clock… 8:10. She had been in the shower far longer than she thought. Remembering the toys in the shower, she stepped back into the bathroom and grabbed them off the rack, drying them off on her towel before opening the drawer of her nightstand to put them away. Though she had finally had a decent orgasm, the sight of some of the remaining toys kindled the fire still burning inside her. She began getting wet again, nipples hardening from excitement as she thought about what she was going to do.

She had always been into bondage, at least a little bit. Her husband had never played along. She had tried explaining that she didn’t want to tie him up at all, but she wouldn’t mind being tied up and fucked hard. He still wouldn’t go for it. She decided now was the time. She was tired of waiting, and she had the means to accomplish at least half her goal without her husband. She quickly finished drying her body and toweled away as much moisture from her hair as she could before discarding the towels to the floor.

She reached into the drawer and pulled out the nylon webbing and wide padded cuffs, tossing the cuffs onto the bed. Unrolling the webbing, she walked to the foot of the bed and began sliding it under the mattress, working towards the head of the bed. Soon the webbing was in place. All four corners were ready to have the cuffs attached. When that was done, she returned to the drawer and tried to decide what the weapon of choice would be. Her wetness was already beginning to show.

Having already prepped her ass with a plug in the shower, she decided she would try a slightly larger one, which also had a vibrating feature. She wanted to have the best time possible, so she was leaving nothing to chance. For her pussy she selected the vibrator from the shower. She had found it to be a very nice fit and the vibration was quite strong as well. She selected two more toys before getting started… a vibrating wand with adjustable thigh straps to keep it in place against the clit, and nipple clamps.

She plugged in the wand to the outlet by the nightstand and ran the cord over to the bed. She climbed on and tossed the pillows off, knowing they would only get in the way. Grabbing the left leg cuff, she put it around her ankle and gave the strap a pull to secure it in place. She did the same with the right. Her legs were now spread wide, forcing her pussy open slightly, her wetness already glistening and beginning to run down towards her ass. Before securing her first hand, she grabbed the plug and pushed it all the way into her pussy, turning on the vibe feature as she did so. When she pulled it out it was coated with her juices, which proved to help greatly in getting it secured in her ass. The vibration it sent through her was nice, but by no means overwhelming yet.

Next she grabbed the regular vibrator and turned it on to its medium speed. She held it against her clit momentarily while she pinched her nipples and moaned. Her pussy was dripping more as the vibe stimulated her clit and gave her a small orgasm. She once again positioned the vibe at the opening of her pussy and pushed it inside, gushing with pleasure as she did so. The vibe had a tendency to work its way out as it vibrated, casino firmaları but this problem would soon be solved.

The straps for the wand went on in such a fashion that it would be held in place by the corded end, creating a nice amount of pressure against her clit with the vibrating end, and in the process keeping the vibrator buried in her pussy. With all three vibrating gadgets in place and turned on, it was almost all she could do to get her right hand into the cuff and tug the cinch strap with her left. The cinch strap for the left was longer than the rest, designed so one could put the strap in your right hand before putting your left into the cuff. She did exactly this before giving the final strap a tug and securing herself in place. Now she would simply have to endure the multiple orgasms that were sure to come.

*** Chapter Two ***

She pulled hard at her restraints, arching her back as much as she could under the circumstances. This was the third wave of orgasms to begin racking her body, and each had been more powerful than the last. Although she was having a wonderful time, she was slightly upset. While her ass and pussy were getting plenty of stimulation, she had, in her haste, neglected to actually put the nipple clamps on. She could see them on the nightstand, but she could not get to them. This was causing her great frustration, as her nipples were stiff and aching, standing straight out as swollen as they had ever been, begging for attention they could not receive. The best she could do was to try and shift her weight from side to side, causing her tits to wiggle. With sufficient force, she found she could cause the wand to shift from one side of her swollen throbbing clit to the other.

The wetness her pussy had been producing was now almost literally dripping from her. The sound of the vibrating toys had transformed from a dry mechanical buzz to a wet, almost sloshing joy, muffled only by the moans of exquisite pleasure escaping her lips. Round five was beginning. The vibrations from the anal plug blended perfectly with the vibrations from the toy in her vagina. She wished the vibrator was a bit bigger. While it was a nice size and quite powerful, it didn’t fill her up quite like her husbands cock. She reminded herself however, that it had been months since her husband had given her a proper fucking or multiple orgasms, and in that regard the vibrator was performing rather well. If the size of the wet spot beneath her was any indication, her toys were performing their duty quite well indeed.

The wand kept a constant vibrating pressure on her clit, even as she writhed to shift it from side to size. If only she hadn’t forgotten to attach the nipple clamps! She was wishing more and more all the time she hadn’t forgotten those. The ache in the swollen nubs on top of her breasts was nearly unbearable for her. She had tried to lick them, but she was not endowed with huge breasts, nor a particularly long tongue. Without a helping hand, the effort was made in vain. She could at least take comfort in the almost constant state of orgasm and dripping joy the vibrating toys kept her in.

It had been nearly an hour and a half since she had strapped herself in and switched to autopilot. In that time she had lost count of how many times she had cum. Indeed, it would be impossible now to even estimate. Her entire body was on overload. She had been coming in and out of consciousness during the last few minutes. The arching and wiggling and writhing she had been doing had caused the pleasure from her pussy to be spread across the entirety of her crotch. It coated her swollen aching pussy lips. The base of the butt plug was covered as well. Had it not been flowing so copiously, the wand and vibrator would have churned her slickness nearly to a froth. The comforter beneath her ass had taken the brunt of it. The spot was so large it almost looked as if she had wet herself. The aroma filling the room agreed she had not. As she came to, she noticed the aching in her nipples less, and the aching in her ass and pussy more. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could take it. In reality, she didn’t have a choice. Another orgasmic peak, more moaning, more dripping, more unconsciousness.

He finished his glass of water and set it quietly in the sink, turning towards the hallway. He walked softly, expecting his wife to be asleep. It was a routine that had become all too familiar over the last several months. He would be stuck working long hours, get dinner on the go, and hopefully be home in time to give his wife a kiss goodnight. He was quite surprised to see light coming from beneath the bedroom door. It wasn’t like her to wait up. He was even more surprised at what he heard as he got closer. He could not make out the sound of the wand or the vibrating toys firmly secured in his wife’s ass and pussy, but he did recognize the unmistakable sound of her soft orgasmic moans. As he neared closer still, he began to hear the buzzing, and detected a subtle whimper in her voice. He was beginning to güvenilir casino feel confused and aroused at the same time.

He opened the door slowly, and only far enough to peek through at the bed. What he saw nearly made his jaw hit the floor. There she was, complete spread eagle on the bed, hands and feet bound at all four corners, with a large toy attached firmly in place and vibrating vigorously on her clit. Her nipples jutted straight up, her face and chest were flushed. He could see the moisture glistening not only between her legs but everywhere. It was clear she was having a good time, even if it might have been a little more than she really wanted. His cock began to swell the moment he saw her. His breathing slowed and his excitement grew. He had always fantasized about being a voyeur of sorts, but had never actually done it. This seemed to be his golden opportunity, though he disliked the fact that his wife was being pleasured by a machine and not his own dick.

He carefully unclasped and removed his belt, certain that his wife would hear as the metal bits clanked together. One can only be so careful when aroused to the point that he was. Truth be told the world could have ended around her and she would have been none the wiser. He let the belt slip through his hand on its way to the floor, dropping it after the metal part had hit the carpet, never once taking his eyes off his wife. By now she was nearing unconsciousness again, the state in which she would remain for a few minutes, all the while her chest heaving as she breathed deeply, her body trying its best to recover from the continuous assault. The husband watched as his wife twitched all over in orgasm and aftershock. His hands fumbled at the button of his pants, and again at the zipper. He did manage to take his boxer-briefs and pants down in one motion, though he nearly tripped headfirst through the door as he stepped out of them.

Still watching his wife, the man took his cock in hand and began slowly stroking it from base to tip. His eyes remained focused on the beautiful scene his wife was making. As he stood there watching, stroking his hard cock, he began to wonder… how on earth had she managed to be bound the way she was? Had someone else been here to do this to her? His curiosity drove him to push the door open further. He could see more of the room now, but no sign of anyone except his wife. He noticed the end of the vibrator protruding ever so slightly from his wife’s slick vagina, but could not see the base of the plug that was buried in her ass. His excitement was growing again, his strokes increasing in speed. His wife began to stir and he quickly pulled the door back a bit, catching the longer lead on the strap of the left cuff out of the corner of his eye. She had done this to herself!

She began moaning again, only louder than before. Her hips gyrated as much as they could what with being splayed out the way she was. Her movements caused a squishing sound from both the toys moving and the puddle still growing under her ass. He could barely contain himself. As her obvious pleasure grew, he stroked faster and harder. It soon became apparent that her orgasm would occur much faster than his own. Her body shuddered, her moaning turned more to whimpers again, and the wet buzzing became the only sound audible over the heavy breathing. He wondered now how long she had been like this, and how powerful the toys he could see must have been. He had never seen her cum so hard or so fast. The whole thing must have taken less than a minute.

He wanted to get a closer look at things, but didn’t want to startle his wife. He stood there stroking his cock, pondering what he would do. Then it finally hit him. If she had tied herself up this way, which it appeared she had, she must have known she would be caught eventually. She must have wanted it to happen that way. Who was he not to oblige her?

Cock in hand, he pushed the door open gently and stepped into the room. His wife still unconscious on the bed, still twitching from the never ending stimulation. Her clit was swollen and hard like he had never seen. And wet! He was amazed at the size of the spot beneath her ass and the slickness covering her body. Wanting to be sure he was right that she had tied herself up, he took a closer look at the cuff of her left hand. Sure enough, the lead was just long enough to reach to her right hand. It was while inspecting the cuff that he noticed the nipple clamps on the nightstand.

He gazed long and hard at her nipples, unknowingly letting a smile spread across his face. He knew how she loved having her nipples pinched and bitten. He knew she was probably kicking herself earlier for not putting the nipple clamps on. Or perhaps she had left them off on purpose… as a ploy to get him to play along. Well, whatever it was, he took the bait. His reservations were overcome and he was too damned horny not to go along with it now. He quietly grabbed the nipple clamps and tested their bite. He squeezed one open and put his finger inside. He could not fully release the clamp before it hurt too badly for him to tolerate… It would be perfect on his wife’s nipples though. Squeezing one open again and positioning it over his wife’s stiff nipple, he released…

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