7 Şubat 2021

Ary’s initiation


Chapter 1

The sludge encrusted harpies circles Ary slowly.
Lassa left brownish marks on the floor.

“Do you wish to change…”
Lassa said, in her echoing voice

“I do”
replied Ary

“Do you have the bowls of cum from a male, female, horse and yourself?”

“I do”

“Do you have the bowls of shit from a male, female, horse and yourself?”

“i do”

“Do you have the ounce of blood.”

“I do”

“Take these four feathers. they are the final ingredient”
“Take the three bowls of shit and pour them into the big bowl.”

Ary does as bidden

“Take the three bowls of cum and pour them in next”

Ary does as bidden

“Take the four feathers, and grind them into your blood.”

Ary does as bidden

“Now dump the feather mixture into the big bowl.”

Ary performs the honors.
The sludge in the bowl turns mirrory silver.

“Take the mixture and lather your whole body with it, filling your pussy and ass with an indecent amount”

Ary does as bidden.

the track marks now cover a ring and Lassa moves onwards, her wings drooling.

The mixture flares white, then returns to its original brown color.

the changes begin to occur.

A huge horse cock grows out of Ary’s genetial area and two large balls follow.

small amounts of time pass.

Two more tits grow from beneath her originals and all four start drooling milk.

more time passes, Lassa watching and Ary casino şirketleri panting in pleasure and lust.

Two wings pop from her back, and her cock and pussy start drooling.

Her skin turns a light shade of brown, and then hairs of the same color grow out as horse fur.

time passes.

A horse tail grows out of her tailbone and a mane expands out of her neck.

more time passes.

her body shifts to a horse like shape.
claws grow from her hands and feet.

“You are now fully harpie. You may choose between horse, horsehuman, harpie, and human forms.”
“You are female in human and horse form.”
“You will have two breasts only in horse form.”
Lassa said

Ary snarls with lust and flys into the sky, towards the Eryi and the home shi shall build.

chapter 2

Ary’s nest was complete.
The rough bowl made by her claws, is partially filled with a light brown sludge of her cum and her offering of shit.
The little drainpipe to the moat was back pressured and shi needed to find a victim fast.

Now for the next step.

Ary took off again.

Shi flew over some distant buildings and hid on the rooftop of a fast-food restaurant.
Shi saw many people go by.

A Performer wearing obscene amounts of makeup.
A Scientist wearing thick glasses.
And finally, a teen girl, slim and 16, by looks got out of her car.
Nobody was looking.
Nobody was there.

Ary saw her chance.
Shi swooped down and grabbed casino firmaları the girl’s breasts with her rear claws.
The sharp ends tore at her flesh and she started bleeding.
Harpie sludge fell onto the girl and ran slowly off, leaving large marks.
The girl screamed.

Ary thought quickly, and went with hir instinct.

Shi shoved one of her four tits into the girls mouth, letting the lactating milk flow down her throat.
It felt wonderful, but it wasn’t what Ary had come for.
They were now over the moat.

Ary flew high, so as to discourage Adnix or Marc from taking her offering.

Ary landed in her nest.
Screams came from Silvesses nest, across the bowl.
they cut at the victim, causing her to flinch constantly.

“Accept my offering”
Said Ary, impaling the girl with one thrust up to the top of her womb.
The girl wailed.
Ary looked annoyed, then a totally evil look came upon her face.

Shi leaned forward, toppling them both into the pool of juices.
The girl stopped screaming immediately, the sex pheromones taking hold.

She started grinding her pussy into the cock, and Ary obliged by thrusting in and out.
First more slowly, then faster and faster until all that could be heard was the constant squelching of the victim girls pussy.

They both came at the same time.

Ary whickered, and then lunged her cock so hard into the girl that it bruised her womb.
The girl moaned, overwhelmed by her toppling güvenilir casino orgasm.

Streamers of hot cum flowed into the girls womb, starting an expansion so fast that the girl started looking distended.
The girl fainted, and Ary pulled hir cock out, watching the cum leak out.
Shi knew that the girl was now pregnant.

That was what shi wanted.

With disregard to her victims state, shi slammed her rock-hard cock into the girls ass.
The girl let out a piercing, echoing scream, and fainted.
Ary didn’t care.
Shi pissed on the girl, marking her as property.

Shi filled the girl to bursting through the girls two rear holes.
Then shi slept with the girl on top of hir, and hir cock in Mary’s pussy, and Mary’s shit pounded into the harpie sludge.

Shi woke and searched for more victims.
A week and two other victims, both friends of Mary who had be searching for her, and Mary began to give birth.

She shook and writhed, and a brown egg slid out of her and into the warm slime.
It was still connected to Mary, and would remain so for another 4 days.
During that time, Mary and her friends were fed cum and milk from Ary.

When the egg broke, and the green tentacle freed from Mary, Ary fed the newborn harpie from her tits.
Then shi turned violent.
Hir eyes went all hungry, and black flames roared within.
Mary was numb to all this, light headed with pheromones.
Shi grabbed Mary, and ripped her apart with hir claws, gorging on her.
Shi threw the organs down the waste tunnel.
The other two victims watched passively, still in their sexual trances aroused by the growing offspring within them.

Time for a male victim.

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