3 Şubat 2021

Any Chance We Could Ch. 37


This chapter is not meant to stand alone. Please begin at the first chapter to appreciate this tale.

Tuesday, October 30

“You’re okay with last night?” I asked both Veronica and Carol over coffee.

“I am,” said Veronica. “But you need to spend some one-on-one time with her as you agreed last night.”

“If Veronica’s good with it, I am as well,” said Carol. “By the way I brought over a bunch of clothes yesterday. I hope I wasn’t being presumptuous.”

“No, we did ask you to move in knowing that you’d need clothes,” I laughed. “But don’t bring too much until the renovations are completed or you’ll just have to store them in the third POD that was delivered yesterday afternoon.”

I left before either of our daughters or Cathleen came downstairs. I embraced Carol and kissed her deeply with my hands under her robe and on her bare ass. Veronica happily received the same treatment except I took a moment to kiss each nipple after we broke our kiss. Having two wives, two daughters, plus Mary Claire to play with makes me glad that I’m retiring tomorrow, I said to myself as I opened the door.

Fifteen minutes after arriving at the office Emerson and I met with the additional staff from Citigroup, three more guys and one additional woman. Margaret arrived with that ‘just fucked’ look about her while Jack at moments in the early part of the meeting seemed a bit distracted. From the way he looked at Margaret I doubted Margaret had been in his bed. We met for three hours with the five in the boardroom going over the portfolios and contracts of our major clients, as well as the latest staff assessments of everyone in a managerial position. Cheryl spent the same amount of time with Margaret and the newly arrived second EA, Joan something. The last half hour Cheryl spent gathering and boxing Grace’s personal belongings and copying business contact lists. Even without being asked, after securing IT access codes and burning the files to CDs, Cheryl thoughtfully deleted our personal contacts, files and emails from the computer system. Her attention to these details which Emerson and I’d overlooked reinforced for me that I wanted her to remain in my employ in some capacity.

At eleven-forty, Emerson and I toured the office, thanking our staff and saying goodbye. That was a lot harder to do than I’d expected. I noticed a few times that Emerson’s eyes were sparkling a bit as mine were as a few unshed tears were stifled.

I invited Cheryl and Emerson to join me for lunch, but Emerson begged off. Cheryl and I took our sandwiches to the pocket park across from the deli and had a nice conversation. She was as happy as I’d ever seen her. Max and Beth were now her young lovers and they were planning to fall into an every other night threesome as long as John was out of town.

As if it were a normal business matter an emotionless Cheryl related that the private investigator she’d hired in Boston had gathered some very damning evidence over the weekend and on Monday. He was sending her the pictures as well as other evidence indicating that John’s dalliance with the woman started well over two years before. When I asked why she didn’t seem to be upset she replied that she felt more happy and relieved than sad. Living in a loveless marriage had troubled her for several years but she had difficulty allowing it to die. She’d wanted to rescue it but whenever she raised the subject John dismissed her concern by saying that all was fine and that he loved her.

“Though the words ‘I love you’ were on his lips, his tone was more dismissive than anything,” she sighed. In a firm voice and with a chill in her eyes she continued, “I can’t shed any tears, they’d been used up months ago. Scott, when the time is right, I’m going to hit him hard with a reality check by demanding an uncontested divorce, the Kirkwood condo and the car. I want it done and him out of my life the first day possible. I’m rather happy to be able to plan a future without being concerned about him.” Lunch was too short, Cheryl had to get back and said that the movers would get and deliver our boxes this afternoon. She promised to make a final ‘sweep’ of both our offices before letting Jack and Michael get too settled.


At about nine-thirty Veronica asked Mary Claire if she wanted to go shopping with her and Cathleen. Mary Claire accepted, forgetting about her ten o’clock phone call.

As they were driving to Plaza Frontenac to shop Veronica told Cathleen to expect me to call her and ask her to meet me someplace so we could try to work out our feelings. “I’d probably expect a hotel. I think you’ll want to spend the night with him,” said Veronica.

“And you’re okay with this?” she asked Veronica.

“It was my idea. I like you Cathleen and I want to see more of you, but the elephant in the room has to be dealt with for all our sakes, especially Katrina’s. I have some suggestions on what you could wear, if you’re amenable. Or do you want me to butt out?”

“No, I want your suggestions. casino şirketleri If you hadn’t offered I’d have asked,” smiled Cathleen touching Veronica’s arm with her finger tips, then moving it up to touch her cheek with the back of her hand.

“When he picks you up be wearing nicely fitted slacks, black leather pants tightly hugging your hips and ass would be nice, and a red satin button-front blouse with a frilly scooped collar. Have the buttons open to your mid bust line so that a necklace with some type of charm or medallion resting near the top of your cleavage will keep drawing his eyes. Red peep toe pumps or red slides’d be a nice touch. Wear a shelf bra, and stockings with a garter belt and a red g-string under the pants. The stockings should be a light gray so with the peep toes or slides it’ll be obvious that you have hose on,” smiled Veronica.

“To dinner wear a little black dress, a little shorter than you normally feel comfortable wearing and nicely fitted over your gorgeous ass. The key is to have it as short as possible, shorter than you feel completely comfortable with so that you’ll be conscious that your legs are on display for all and that if you’re not careful you’ll be giving some men … and women a little flashing show. Believe me, the few times I’ve done it, I’ve felt extremely hot and sexy. Again wear a red g-string and if the skirt’s as short as I hope it to be, wear suspender hose, they’re like a combination of panty hose and stockings. I’ll show you a pair on the web, or if my order has some included when it arrives tomorrow, I’ll give you a pair. Strappy high heel sandals, black, and I know just the store for them. If you like I’ll suggest the Ameristar Hotel in St Charles to him,” she smiled as she continued.

“Let him seduce you, or you seduce him if that’s your fancy, tease and play around as often as you both choose, but through it all communicate, communicate, communicate. Scott’s very good at that with me and our daughters, but there are things you both need to talk out. Cathleen, listen not only with your ears but also with your heart to hear what lies below the surface. Scott is still harboring some deep pain. I can’t stress too much how important it is for you to listen for his pain and the anger he has buried in his soul over what happened. He may also have some displaced guilt, feeling that he did something to cause all this. Keep this in mind, that he feels the pain after all this time is a reflection of the love he had, and to a significant extent still has for the wife of his youth. It’s important that he too hear your anguish as well as the love you still have for him.”

As Veronica paused to turn into the parking lot, with a quavering voice Cathleen said, “I didn’t realize that he’s still hurting. I knew he’d be angry at first but I had no idea that he’d still be hurting. What happened was my fault. It was I who sinned against him. Scott did nothing to feel guilty about.” Her right hand wiped a tear from both eyes.

With the vehicle parked, Veronica turned and reached over to squeeze left Cathleen’s hand as she continued, “The soul of the man we both love needs to hear what you just said. I’ll tell this to Scott too. Be it in the afterglow of a good orgasm or just over a glass of wine, listen well but also allow the love you have for each other to again be expressed through all you say and do together. After dinner, dance, enjoy each other then spend the evening as you desire. Wake up next to each other, communicate some more, listen to each other, understand what the other is saying, wanting, needing. Fuck him hard, fuck him soft, fuck him lustfully, fuck him playfully, fuck each other as the mood fits. Fuck again and again as often as you both like, come back here early Sunday afternoon, and feel free to stay if either of you have unresolved differences. If all goes as well as I hope, by late Saturday night there’ll be little if any unresolved issues so that when you return here Sunday you both’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

“And before you ask, I’m not worried about losing him to you or anyone else. I want you to love each other and be comfortable with each other. I know that he’s my man and he knows that I’m his queen,” finished Veronica out of breath.

Mary Claire had been listening without commenting from the back seat realized again how much she really loved Veronica and why. If only her parents could have been as open, self-giving and totally committed to loving their spouse as Veronica. I will love them and stay with them as long as I have breath. I feel complete serving and loving them. I’m theirs in heart, soul, mind and body, she reminded herself.

I got home about one, Katrina hadn’t left yet and I saw her in the kitchen poking around in the refrigerator. She was bent over with her short denim skirt stretched tightly across her ass showing most of her gorgeous legs. I walked behind her, held her hips and pushed my erection against her ass. “Ooh, you must be glad to see me, those certainly aren’t batteries,” she giggled.

She casino firmaları straightened up and started to turn but I put my arms around her further and held her back against me. “Find anything?” I asked.

“Other than the cock against my ass, no,” she laughed. “What would you like as if I already didn’t know?”

“Since leaving this morning I’ve been thinking what a wonderful, sexy woman you’ve become. How much I love you. How much I enjoy being with you, holding you and kissing you. And how much I love to taste that wonderful pussy of yours,” I said as my hand ran down her skirt and lifted the front so I could palm her youthful pussy.

“Is that anyway for a father to talk to and touch his daughter,” she asked pushing back against me. “You’re sounding like how man would talk to a woman he wants to mate… not that I’m complaining in the least, mind you. So how about a pussy snack?”

I moaned quietly as I felt her become very wet within seconds. She was as eager as I. I moved my other hand under her tank top and pinched her hardened nipple through her bra. “I’d love one,” I murmured into her ear through her hair.

“I’d like a hot semen snack myself,” she cooed reaching behind her and wrapping her hand around my erection. I hardened even more when she whispered between a pair of kisses, “I want my snack to discover what it’s lovingly fated to find, but having you come in my mouth will satisfy me for now.”

Excitedly I turned her around and feverishly kissed her with urgency and a desire to couple with her. As this wasn’t the time or the place for such an event I lifted her to sit on the counter. I reached under her skirt and forcefully pulled her thong down and off. Her scent once again intoxicated me.

“Ooh, right here, right now,” she exclaimed gleefully. “It’s a good thing the drapes are closed since there’re guys outside.”

“Hmm, then in the den,” I said as I lifted her and with her legs around my waist I carried her towards the couch. With her arms still around my neck I kicked the door closed and checked that the drapes were completely pulled. My heart was racing as I adjusted one partially open drape as my imagination pictured her impaled like this as I walked through the house for all to see. Arriving at the couch she dropped from my arms, unzipped, slid out of her skirt and sat back with her thighs slightly parted.

I knelt in front of her and ran both hands lightly up her legs and parted her thighs further as I got closer to my ‘snack’. Her pussy looked firm and tight. Her scent was heady and she’d scooted to the edge of the cushion. Lustfully I began lapping her slit after spreading it open with my thumbs to expose her glistening pink entryway. She was purring as her fingers began moving through my hair as my tongue flicked her clit back and forth. I realized again how much I’d been fantasizing about being the first man to come inside her succulent pussy. I licked her down to her asshole and lightly rimmed it. “Mmmm, that feels really, really good. Will you tongue fuck me and stick a finger in my ass?”

“Love to,” I said as I once again began rimming her vagina which was already soaking wet.

“Can you reach the drawer in the coffee table? There’s some K-Y in there,” she gasped.

I reached behind me not taking my mouth off her pussy and came up with the tube. “Slide forward a bit more sweetie and put your legs on my shoulders.” I squeezed a bit on her taut asshole and some on my finger as I began sucking on her clit. I gently rubbed it around and gently entered her up to my first knuckle.

“Umm, I like it. Go slow but put your whole finger in,” she softly said.

I pulled my finger out for a moment to apply more K-Y and gently began stroking in and out going a bit deeper each time allowing her body to adjust. When my finger was all the way in she began writhing a bit and said, “Bite my clit, thumb in my cunt.”

Her grasp of my head tightened and I felt her begin to shake and push against my fingers and heard her moaning and sighing, “God that’s good, that’s good, put another finger in my ass.”

I pulled out for a moment to lube my index finger as well as my middle finger. Gently and ever so slowing I reinserted both into her asshole. As they were half way in I started to move them around and slowly stroked them in and out. “Put your thumb back in my pussy,” she groaned. Moments later as she began gasping and swiveling her hips, she tightened her legs. “Oh God, oh God, oh good, ohhh gaawwd” she began chanting and then after her hips shuddered she suddenly became still.

I started to lean back, but she held my head and said, “Nooo, not yet, not yet.”

I stayed in her and began kissing the inside of her thighs and up her mound to her stomach. As I looked up there were tears flowing down her cheeks. “Are you okay?” I asked.

“Better than okay, Dad, that was the best. Very intense, very much the best,”

At that moment Veronica who had been standing in the opened the doorway for more than a few minutes with Mary Claire said, güvenilir casino “Just retired and already eating pussy in the middle of the day. What a life we’re gonna to have.” Then she grinned, “We’re going to have to be fighting off this letch morning, afternoon and night.”

“Hi Mom. Dad was just having a snack. Come sit next to me.”

Mary Claire was dangling a grey thong from her finger with a big grin on her face as I withdrew my two fingers. “Can I assume that these are yours? They were on the kitchen counter.”

“Yeah, we started in there but I worried a bit about the workmen outside so Dad carried me in here,” laughed Katrina.

Katrina lowered her legs. I stood to kiss Veronica who was now seated on Katrina’s left. Veronica gave Katrina a short kiss and lightly ran her right hand between Katrina’s thighs, I kissed Mary Claire as I walked past her on the way to the bathroom. When I walked back in I patted Mary Claire on the ass and asked “Been shopping?”

I gave the hand towel I’d carried back from the bathroom to Katrina, as I sat on the other side of my daughter.

“Did Dad have two fingers in your ass?” asked Mary Claire.

“Felt like four, but yes,” smiled Katrina. “Felt really good too. Now I know why Ashley and Cathleen seem to like it so much.”

“We got dresses for Mary Claire and Cathleen for the wedding and I picked out a few things for Cathleen with a promise of more shopping on Friday. Mary Claire also got a sheer red teddy that you’re going to love,” she said looking at me with a smile. “Both girls have asked about shaving but they wanna be sure you’re okay with it,” Veronica added.

“I’m seriously considering it too,” smiled Veronica. “Hazel says that she’s incredibly sensitive since they shaved her pussy and Emerson likes it. If I can get Emerson to eat me in the dark maybe he’ll think it’s Hazel and won’t get in trouble. … But since it’s not fucking maybe it’ll be okay with Hazel anyway,” Veronica said as she continued to laugh.

“Sure, Ashley’s too? What about Carol? On one condition, well maybe two.” I smiled.

“Okay, what are they?” quickly piped up Mary Claire.

“I get to help shave each of you and that if either the shaver or the shavee doesn’t like it you’ll let it grow back. If we all like it, I might just be able to afford laser treatments for all of you.”

“Well, I have one condition too,” stated Mary Claire. “Dad has to shave all his pubic hair as well as his balls and we get to help.”

“Fair enough, wanna start now?” I asked.

“Katrina, aren’t you going to be late for class?”

“Oops. Just a bit. If she asks I’ll tell the prof that something came up and I got a bit delayed, but yeah, I need to run. Is Alyssa still coming later?”

“As far as I know. I haven’t heard otherwise. If you see Dave out there, ask him to come in I wanna ask him something,” Veronica said.

“Like how long his cock is,” I laughed.

“No silly. About the master suite, if he could add a bedroom instead of the large sitting room. Remember what Evie said?” Veronica asserted with a smile and a punch to my bicep. “Besides his ‘package’ looks to be about the same size as yours as far as I can tell through his jeans.”

“And God knows you’ve spent a good deal of time looking, haven’t you?” I said laughing.

Katrina had wiped herself dry and put on the thong that Mary Claire pitched to her, slipped her skirt back on, kissed each of us goodbye and grabbed her computer backpack from the living room before leaving. After fifteen minutes Dave hadn’t come to the door so we assumed that Katrina hadn’t seen him and being in a hurry hadn’t spent any time looking.

“Handsome, will you go out and talk to Dave about the bedroom situation,” asked Veronica. “And then will you call Cathleen. She should be home shortly.”

“I know what you want about the bedroom, but why Cathleen? … Ooh, I remember, I’ll bet you already mentioned it to her, didn’t you?” I asked.

“I did. So you can’t squirm your way out of it. And before you say we have something happening, we don’t have anything going on Saturday, and just the club on Friday,” she coyly said.

I found Dave in the back talking to the backhoe operator and looking at some foundation trenches he’d just finished for the office area. Two guys were building footing forms atop the gravel garage floor footing base and another two looked to be working on plumbing lines for the office and the four room apartment on the back of the office. His grin widened as I explained to him the bedroom modifications. When I’d finished he said it’d be easy to modify the plans and still keep a good part of the sitting area. He promised he’d come up with something, probably by Thursday.

He then laughed with a roar, clapped me on the shoulder, “That huge bed getting full? What a problem to have. You may well have to order an even larger bed.”

I went inside and told Veronica what he’d said and when he’d have something for us to look at. I thought, but didn’t share with Veronica, that he knew more than he was letting on. He wasn’t surprised by the request. He was too cool about it and too quick with his assurance. It was as if he’d already planned it out and Thursday’s deadline wouldn’t be an issue.

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