13 Şubat 2021



There were three new messages in the email inbox. She scanned past the first two and opened the last one.

“I am confirmed for the flight arriving at 3:40 pm on Thursday. I will be staying at the Hyatt and I have arranged for a car to pick you up as planned at 6:00. I can’t wait,” it read.

Her heart was beating rapidly as she reread the message. Could she really do this? Her stomach was doing summersaults as she realized how far she had come now. They met on line in a silly little site. She thought it harmless fun, but over a brief period they had become friends, and now they were planning to meet.

Her mind was racing. Thoughts battled each other.

“How can I do this? I don’t need this confusion in my life. What if my family should find out. I don’t even really know him. What if he is a weirdo.” But for every negative thought, a flicker of excitment was there too. “What will I wear? How soon should I let him kiss me. I wonder how his hands feel. Is he a good kisser? Can I wait another week for this?”

Her face was flushed as she imagined the first moment when they meet… the first time he takes her hand,…the first kiss….and then that moment that they make love and they hold each other. Her nervousness has evolved from one of anxiety to one of excitement.

She felt that warm feeling building in her stomach, so she let her fantasies build. She loved that erotic feeling as she became excited and felt that first wetness growing and spreading.

Yes, she would meet him. She had no choice now.

After their chance meeting online, he had seduced her with trivial little stories, hoping to impress her with words that would tell her that he was a romantic, even if he was limited to sending messages out, without any interaction or even the knowledge that they were read.

He toiled at this happy work, seeking the right words…the right image..wanting to titilate and excite and capture her imagination…to draw her into his fantasies and let her see their common interests. And most of all, he wanted that contact with her, no matter how tentative and vague.

But she responded with compliments and that drove him on to attempt, in his crude way, to tell her in his stories how he would touch and kiss and please her. He never expected more that that simple acceptance and the wishful desire to excite her and have her touching herself as she read his words and knew his thoughts.

And they came to know each other better and exchanged messages daily, and spent hours online talking about everything and nothing. And they shared themselves on camera with each other. It was a heady experience, that thrilled both and drew them further along. And now their long distance relationship had reached the point that they were comfortable enough to meet.

They were both married and constantly told each other that their friendship wasn’t for love. And they didn’t want it to be, but they weren’t looking for just a good time either. They really wanted to meet and enjoy each other. To enjoy looking into eyes, touching hands, hearing laughter, knowing the scents, feeling the warmth from a smile, and the taste of a kiss.

And although they didn’t say so, they also knew that they wanted that delicious, rich and overpowering feeling as his hand touched her thigh…that nervous moment when his hand slips under her panties and hers into his zipper…that anxious time when their mouths open and exchange their breaths and that exquisite moment when her secret womanness is parted and his hardness enters and pushes deep inside.

She tried to focus and get her mind off of what might happen, and concentrate on the day. She threw herself into her chores and time passed quickly. The week was soon gone and their meeting was tomorrow.

She went over her list of safeguards and excuses. She gathered her clothes and tried them on again. She checked off her alibis and made sure everything was covered during the hours she would be unavailable.

She slept fitfully and was glad when it was time to get up, even though she didn’t feel she had slept enough. She started her daily routine and by noon was finished and had time to relax for a couple of hours.

About 4 pm, she dressed and got ready to drive to the mall across town; far enough away, she hoped, from any chance encounters with friends or acquaintences. After checking things twice, she drove to the location where she was being picked up by his car.

She backed her car into an upper level stall and went to the restaurant to wait. At exactly 6 pm, she saw a long black limosine pull up out front and the driver came to the door. She jumped up and quickly met him. She confirmed that the car was for her and the driver opened the door for her.

She climbed into the spacious area and as she did, she saw he was there waiting for her. He smiled and took her hands and kissed her cheek as the driver closed the door. She sat beside him as the driver pulled away.

“I am so happy to see you tonight.” He squeezed her hands as he spoke. “I couldn’t wait, bahis firmaları so I decided to surprise you and come with the car.”

“I am so glad you did”, she replied.

“I hope you enjoy the evening. I have some special plans for you”, he said, and kissed her tenderly.

She smiled. “Something special planned”, she thought, “probably the same thing I have planned.” They both had planned many different senarios for this meeting, but they all had a common element. She crossed her legs as she wondered which one would be playing out soon.

He couldn’t help himself as his eyes drank in her long legs. He had seen her on cam, but that did no justice to her. She was tall and slender, but not skinny. Her legs were toned and she was very fit. He quickly looked up from her legs to her eyes, but he had already been caught. She smiled at his slight embarrassment.

“Do you like my legs?” she asked.

“Like them…hell, I love them” he blurted out.

When he heard himself make this juvenile response, he chuckled.

“What I meant to say was, yes very much. You have the most beautiful legs.”

She smiled at his discomfort and slowly uncrossed her legs allowing her skirt to ride up slightly. She stretched her legs out in front of him, inviting his further approval. His heart was racing now and he realized he had lost any control he had of the situation. She was taking over the tone of the evening. But he didn’t mind….Up to a point.

So he gazed at her legs, so long and lithe. Calves muscular yet very feminine. His eyes moved up to her knees and then to her lower thighs. Amazing, was the word that filled his mind. She turned slightly allowing him to see a few inches more up her skirt.

The mystery and sheer sensuality that filled the air was so rich. He felt like a kid sneaking a peek at the teacher’s legs as he looked at her and tried to remember to breathe.

He didn’t want to lose any dignity he had left, so he lifted his eyes and looked at her as he said “I am so happy we finally met.”

“Me too” she responded. “It felt strange seeing you after so many times we have talked and cammed together, and you look like you did on cam, but yet very different.”

“It’s because I have clothes on”, he laughed.

She almost choked at his remark and she laughed hard and finally was able to say “well, maybe we need to fix that.”

He didn’t respond, but she knew he heard her and was probably saving that response for another time, when it would be more useful and leading.

They laughed and talked together as they rode across the city. It felt so good. They were comfortable and had a sense of being friends forever. It was so easy to talk and listen.

Soon he held her hand as they spoke and then she leaned against him, and before long, she looked up at his eyes and he leaned down and kissed her tenderly.

That first kiss was almost magical. Every kiss in sappy stories is “magical”, but this one truly was. It was soft and comfortable and friendly, yet it burned with an underlying passion and it gave each a sense of giving from the other. Yes, it was magical, and they were both lost in it for a moment.

Time was insignificant as they held each other tighter, prolonging that kiss that could never be repeated. Their first kiss.

As they moved back, they were silent and they stared into each other’s eyes, and looked deep into their souls. He held both of her hands. They faced each other now, turned in the seat. He brushed the back of his hand across her cheek and then touched her lips, tracing them across her mouth, and then leaned again to her and kissed her, but this time, they embraced with more passion and their mouths were open and they gave each other their breath and wetness and their tongues played together and danced in their mouths.

Her breasts were pressed against his chest. Her arms around his neck, and his hands held her head. They broke away again, but before they could move, they joined again and kissed harder and more passionately. Full of need and desire. No comfortable or soft or friendly kisses now. Passionate and needy and eager and lustful and daring and possessive and giving and so exciting.

His hands slipped away from her head and swept down her neck and across her chest and he filled them with her breasts. Her breasts were full and round, and he could feel her nipples hard under her clothes, seeking to be freed and brought into the play.

His thumbs rubbed across them and teased and hardened them as they kissed. She squirmed in the seat as his thumbs and fingers tweaked and pulled her nipples. His hands cupped her breasts and measured and felt them and molded her full flesh to his hands and filled them.

They were on fire. Their mouths hungrily ate each others and they ground their faces hard together. His hands fondled and played with her breasts, and she began to rub the bulge that was jumping in his slacks.

His cock was hard and throbbed with urgent need as they played on and on. Her hands felt his shaft and kaçak iddaa squeezed and gripped it through his slacks. She stopped long enough to unzip them and reach inside.

His cock jumped into her hand and she held it there pulsing and throbbing. Hot meat filled her hands, like some live animal ready to pounce. She pulled it out and stroked the shaft with both hands. She gripped the cock head and squeezed it as she slid her other hand up and down the shaft. She stopped kissing so she could look at this beast she held. His cock stood up for her approval and begged for more attention.

She couldn’t resist and bent down and in one movement, sucked his cock deep into her throat. Her lips stretched over his flesh and her lips closed around it tightly. She filled her hands with his balls as she held his cock in her mouth, feeling it jump and throb against her tongue and throat.

She slowly raised up and when his cock was out she slowly licked up and down the shaft and then sucked the head and stroked him even harder.

He relaxed and sat back as she now moved between his legs and knelt down so she could suck this cock to her satisfaction. He watched as her beautiful face moved over him and her sweet lips pulled his cock back inside. She looked up at him, with that angel/whore look and she made slurping noises for effect as she sucked him.

He was gone now. Nothing else existed for him. And she sucked him and licked and kissed him.

But he wanted her and couldn’t wait any longer, so he pulled her up and kissed her lips again and pushed her down on the seat and he moved to the floor before her.

His hands touched her legs and together they slowly moved up, up under her skirt and then they touched her silky panties. The first kiss may be magical, but the first touch under a ladies skirt is mystical for men.

All of their senses are focused there. Breathing stops. All thoughts evaporate. There is no sound. The tactile sensors in the hands are enhanced and as they move up the legs, they can feel every little goosebump, every crease, every scar, every bump along the way.

The feel of every fraction of an inch of the leg is savored and the memory is stored away. And it is in slow motion. It takes a lifetime to travel that short distance from the knee to the panty.

But when the hand first touches that silky fabric, all of the bells go off and time speeds up and the goal changes. A sense of urgency takes over as the protection offered by the panty is overcome.

And this was happening now as his hands moved under her skirt so slowly, in an effort to make this last forever. And he touched her panties and his hands continued, moving between her legs, pressing against her. She parted her legs more and his hands rubbed her mound and felt her wetness, which now was soaking her crotch.

He pulled back and lifted her skirt above her panties and pulled her down in the seat. Her legs were spread and he was between them. He leaned down and began to kiss her pussy through the fabric. Kissing and sucking her juices through and flicking his tongue against and between her slit which was apparent under the wet clothing.

His hand gripped the leg strap of the thong on each side and he slid it off. She lifted her ass to allow it off, and she lay back with her beautiful pussy open and glistening in the night lights.

His fingers traced along the flaps and lips of her labis and then opened her up a little. He leaned down and softly kissed her lips and sucked tenderly. His tongue snaked out and slipped as deep into her as it could reach, flicking and lapping and probing.

He drank out her juices and begged for more by continuing to kiss and suck and lap at her. His lips found her clit and pulled it up out of its sheath and teased and licked and sucked it until it stood erect, swollen and throbbing.

He feasted on her delicious pussy like he was starved. She lay back gave herself over to his worship and felt wave after wave of orgasmic climaxes wash over her. Her legs were trembling when he finally sat back up and kissed her.

They straightened their clothes, knowing they would be arriving at the hotel soon. What an introduction. What a ride. What an evening ahead.

Soon they arrived at the hotel. He had already checked in, so they went directly to his room. He had stocked the wetbar with wine and champagne. He also had fruit and snacks and flowers sent up.

When he closed the door, she walked around the room, looking at everything and smelling the flowers and sampling some of the hors d’oeuvres. He drew the drapes and turned on some light jazz. He went to her and led her to a chair where she sat across from him.

“I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be with you now”, he said.” I have dreamed of this day many times, and now that it is here, I feel like I am in one of my dreams.”

“Yes, I know. I have thought about this so many times, and I wasn’t sure we would ever meet. Even if our time ended now, it would be worth it just to know you are real and more than I thought.”

He kaçak bahis smiled at her words, for that was exactly how he felt too.

“I thought we would have dinner sent up, if that’s alright with you. I wouldn’t want to chance you running into anyone you know, or worse yet someone seeing you and you not knowing they did. I believe in caution.”

“That’s fine”, she said, “and that will give us more time together.”

She stood up and went to him, then sat on his lap and put her arms around his neck.

“You were so exciting in the car”, he said.

“We haven’t even started”, she replied as she kissed his lips.

They kissed deeply and without haste, making their kisses last forever. His arms held her and she leaned against him as they kissed. Soon she could feel him becoming aroused, and that made her more excited. He was getting harder as she sat on him, and she cold feel his cock pulsing under her legs and ass.

She stood up and took his hands and led him to the bed, where they lay down side by side. Neither spoke as they undressed each other. They weren’t rushed, and took their time, touching and feeling each others bodies as the clothing was dropped on the floor.

When she was dressed only in her thong and bra and he in his briefs, he rolled her onto her back and began to kiss her passionately again.

She parted her legs and he draped a leg between hers. His mouth was on hers, his hands around her neck and touching her breasts, and one leg pressed against her crotch. She soon began to move against his leg and he pressed back against her. He moved between her legs so that his cock was positioned against her pussy. They ground against each other, their underwear separating their flesh.

He raised up so he could play with her breasts. He pulled her bra down so that her nipples peeked over the cups. They were red and her areola dark pink. Her nipple buds stood out and begged to be kissed and sucked. His lips pulled them up into his mouth and he sucked hard and flicked them with his tongue.

His hands cupped her breasts and flicked her free nipple as he sucked the other one. The bra now became an impediment, so he reached behind her and unhooked it and she pulled it away and dropped it. Her beautiful full breasts now lay exposed on her chest.

They were firm enough so that they didn’t spill over her chest onto her sides. They were round and perfect, he thought, especially since she wasn’t a teenager anymore.

His lips and mouth and hands worked on her breasts and she lay back and cooed and sighed from the pleasant sensations shooting down from her breasts to her stomach. She felt that warm fluid feeling that she loved, but hadn’t felt much lately.

The thrill of his touch and attention was strong and she felt her body getting hotter and her breasts more sensitive with every suck and flick and lick.

Their lower bodies were busy as well, and independant of their will and attention. His cock strained hard against the frail fabric, seeking to escape and fill her pussy…So close, yet impossible to enter yet. She was wet.

The crotch of her thong was soaked and her juices leaked down her legs. The tiny patch of silky thong barely covered her slit, and her lips were swelling and parting from the force of his hard cock pushing against them and forcing them apart.

And they kissed and he fondled her breasts and pleased her. They humped against each other. His cock had now managed to push her soft fabric between her lips and that caused her lips to slip outside the thong. What a wonderful image his cock must see, with her pussy opening and consuming her panty and his cock pushing it in.

They stopped their play for a moment, and he pulled her thong and his briefs off, and lay back between her legs. She instinctively pulled her legs back and opened her pussy to him. His cock pushed between her lips, stopping when the head was inside.

He lay still then. They looked into each others eyes and kissed as he continued entering her.

His cock was hot and hard as it filled her. She felt the throbbing deep inside. She focused her mind on it, relishing that blissful movement of his member against her soft tissue. She squeezed his cock, massaging and caressing it inside. They stayed still, as their sex embraced and played together. They didn’t need to thrash around to make love.

Lying together like this is the most sensual way to make love. Their kisses, eye contact, touches and feels, and penetration all are direct and are given deliberately to each other, and that makes it all so much more tender and rich and delicious. Every movement is intentional and designed to give the other pleasure and so it shows the care and passion that caused it.

So they made love. There would be time for frenzied animallike fucking later.

And they lay as one, slowly moving against and in each other, touching, kissing, feeling, exploring, massaging, loving and knowing each other.

Minutes slipped by in their tender grip. And even as they gently loved, they reached plateaus of pleasure, partly from the stimulation of their bodies, but mostly from the bonding of their minds and hearts and souls, and they began to move more quickly, now driven by their needs.

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