12 Şubat 2021

An Unexpected Reunion


As always a huge thank you to my editor Cheer_Smartie526. This story is longer than usual, I hope you enjoy it.


The line of brake lights on the road ahead of him seemed to stretch into infinity. Paul conceded to fate that he would not make his planned destination tonight and began maneuvering toward the next exit. He wasn’t sure if it was construction, an accident or just a huge party he wasn’t invited to, but something had brought traffic to a near standstill. He finally inched his way to the off ramp and on to the frontage road, then pulled into the first parking lot he could find. He pulled out his tablet, the screen flickered to life. One of the social media apps asked him if he would like to check in to the restaurant he had parked at. He tapped yes, then posted a question about where a decent hotel was, just in case any of his friends were familiar with the area. As the clock ticked over to midnight a reminder popped, it was Valentine’s Day.

A few miles away in a quiet apartment, Sharon was splitting her attention between a late night movie, her laptop and the tempting vibrator on her nightstand. Because it was technically Valentine’s day she had picked the red one. She scanned the news feed, browsing through what her friends were doing; the updates were few and far between. None of them caught her interest until she saw a post from a long lost college friend.

“Tired of fighting traffic, looking for a hotel. What is going on here, are there no available rooms?”

The post was from Paul; he had been a good friend in college, but they had lost touch over the years. She clicked over to his page. Reading through his posts it appeared he was on a road trip, and way behind schedule. Obviously he was not aware the highway he had chosen was undergoing emergency repairs after a bridge was declared unsafe after being hit by a large truck. She continued to explore his page. Even though they were friends the page seemed like it was restricted. Only the basic information was listed, and even that was vague. It showed the state he lived in, but not the city. It showed what field he worked in, but not his employer. Under relationship status it just said ‘complicated’. She scanned through his photo albums. She recalled he was a prolific photographer, and some of the pictures of her in college were posted. There were newer pictures of him as well. She mentally noted that he had aged well, and still appeared to be in good shape. His all American features were simply a weathered version of what she remembered from college. Another post from him popped up, another complaint about how there were no decent hotels with rooms available. She began to reply to his post, and then paused.

In her opinion she has not aged as well as Paul had; for starters she had gained a bit of weight since college, despite following what she considered a reasonable diet and workout plan. She blamed genetics, the same genes that blessed her with large breasts also cursed her with large everything else. Her doctor had said she needed to lose about twenty pounds to be at her ideal weight, but she had not made much progress. She wondered what Paul would say if he saw her now. She decided to find out, and typed out a private message to Paul.

“My place isn’t too far away; you are welcome to stay here,” she wrote.

The options had come down to staying in a crappy hotel or parking at a nice hotel and sleeping in his car. Neither choice sounded very good. The tablet chirped and he saw that a new message had arrived; it was from Sharon, someone he had not seen in almost twenty years. She was offering him a place to stay. Her status showed she was online so he started a chat session

P: Hey stranger, it’s been a while. S: Too long P: You really don’t mind? S: Not at all, hope you like cats, I have about 30 P: Really?

He frowned. It wasn’t that he hated cats, but the idea of sleeping in what sounded like an animal shelter was not appealing. He pulled up her profile, curious what she looked like as a crazy cat lady. The tablet chimed again as she replied.

S: JK, I have one, and I don’t mind. P: How have you been? S: Good, and you? P: Great until I hit this traffic, I’m up way past my bedtime and getting hungry and cranky. Enough whining, looking forward to chatting with you IRL. S: Where are you now? P: Parking lot of some 24 hour waffle place just off the highway. S: I know where you are, it’s only about ten minutes from my place. I think the food there is good. P: I am kind of hungry, you think it is good? S: I am not sure I have ever eaten there sober. I can meet you there in about fifteen minutes if you want to grab something to eat. P: Sounds good, I will get us a table. S: On my way.

When the chat ended Paul clicked on Sharon’s profile. Not surprisingly there was a picture of her cat in the middle of the page. She had changed some since college, but still had the same lively blue eyes. As he scanned through her photo albums he noticed that most of the pictures casino şirketleri of her were close cropped head shots, the rest were group photos that had been take from so far away that he could not pick her out. There was one picture of her that included her shoulders and just a hint of her big tits. Satisfied that he would be able to recognize her when she arrived, he put the tablet away and walked into the restaurant.

As she hurriedly dressed, Sharon thought about the relationship she had with Paul during college. They had been friends, but the benefits had all been platonic. He had always been there for her when she needed anything, and she was attracted to him, but it seemed like they were never both single at the same time. When she was looking he would have a steady girlfriend and vice versa. He had slept over at her apartment a few times, but always on the couch. The status on his profile of ‘complicated’ intrigued her and she wondered if that also meant ‘looking’. She decided on a pair of jeans and a shirt that showed a bit of cleavage. It wasn’t the most flattering outfit, but anything dressier would have seemed out of place for her destination.

Despite the posted policy of not seating incomplete parties, the hostess took Paul to a booth. The restaurant was not very crowded. The patrons appeared to mostly be late night shift workers. There was one group that looked like they had just come from a dance club, but they were clearly the exception, not the norm. Each time the door opened he looked up, hoping to see Sharon walk in. The first few were false alarms and he resumed looking over the menu after confirming it was not his long lost friend that had arrived.

As she drove through the parking lot she tried to guess which car belonged to Paul. There were several choices; sedans, sports cars, trucks and a one jeep. She parked her car and began to walk towards the parking lot. She felt unexpectedly nervous and excited about seeing him again. As she approached the door she noticed the establishment’s half hearted observance of Valentine’s Day, a hand written sign offering heart shaped strawberry pancakes. She wasn’t in a relationship and didn’t have any plans to celebrate the event, but suddenly she wondered if Paul’s arrival on this day was fate trying to tell her something. She stepped through the door and approached the hostess’s stand.

“Hi, I’m supposed to meet someone here,” Sharon said.

“Probably that guy in the booth, he said to expect you,” the hostess replied.

Sharon looked in the direction the hostess was pointing. Paul was standing up and waving to her. He appearance was almost unchanged from when knew him in college; he was even wearing jeans and a short sleeved button down shirt, his standard outfit.

“Thanks,” she called over her shoulder as she walked briskly across the room.

It was certainly Sharon, but not exactly the Sharon he knew in college. She had never been petite, but now she was even less so. She still had pleasingly large breasts, but the rest of her body appeared to be catching up. She wasn’t obese, but he guessed she probably had received a lecture about BMI from her doctor once or twice. The change in her appearance did not stop him from smiling as she approached. She greeted him with an enthusiastic hug and they took their seats.

“It’s great to see you,” Sharon gushed.

“You as well, and thanks again for rescuing me. What’s going on? The traffic is crazy and there are no decent hotel rooms,” he asked.

“Uh-huh,” she replied. One thing that had slipped her mind was the sound of his voice. It was deep and had just a hint of a southern accent, and hearing it made her knees weak and her nipples hard.

“But I shouldn’t be too upset; it got me a dinner date with you.”

Shaking her head, she grinned and picked up where she left off, “The traffic is due to some construction and the hotels are full because there are a few big events this weekend. There’s a race at the NASCAR track and the college has a big football game. Kind of perfect storm,” she explained.

“So tell me what you have been doing since the last time I saw you,” he said.

Sharon launched into a brief explanation of the various jobs and other adventures she had experienced over the last twenty years. Talking to Paul was easy, it always had been and she found herself going into more detail than she had anticipated. She had not planned on mentioning any of her romantic relationships, but was halfway through the details of her second long term boyfriend before she realized what she was saying.

“So, now you know all about me. What have you been up to?” she asked, eager to hear his voice again.

“Oh, not much. I do contract work in project management. Lots of travel, so not much time for anything else,” he replied, and then launched into a few stories of his assignments. He had worked all over the country and overseas a few times. One of the jobs had been in a combat zone, but he said the most casino firmaları violence he saw was a stray artillery shell hitting an empty building a block from his office.

“I’ve dialed it back a bit this year, nothing overseas and I only travel about once a month,” he concluded.

Biting her lip, Sharon resisted the temptation to ask him to elaborate on this complicated relationship status, recalling the advice someone had given her long ago, ‘If you don’t want to know the answer, don’t ask the question’. She wasn’t sure if it was the lack of a man in her life, the fact that Paul was someone she had wanted to sleep with but never had, or the fact that it was Valentine’s Day, but she did not want him sleeping on her couch this time.

“So is this trip for business or pleasure?” she asked.

“Mostly pleasure,” he replied, “I’m visiting some clients, mostly to make this trip a tax deduction, but I’m pretty much sightseeing.”

“See anything interesting yet?” she asked, her mind already wondering if she was a site he wanted to see.

“A few things,” he replied, “but I’m just getting started.”

The waitress arrived, Paul ordered the daily special; heart shaped pancakes with bacon. Sharon followed his example.

“Can I ask you a personal question?” Sharon inquired, and then bit her lips nervously.


“Why do you think we never hooked up in college?”

The frankness of her question caught him by surprise. There were a lot of possible answers, but he wanted to find one that mattered.

“I’m not sure, the first thing that comes to mind is I didn’t think I was your type,” he said. There was more to it than that, but it seemed like a good answer.

“What’s my type or what was it in college?” she asked, wondering how he came to that conclusion. In college her type had been good looking, smart enough to carry on a conversation for a few minutes, and willing to get naked. She was certain he met those criteria.

“I don’t know, you seemed to have a thing for bad boys and it seemed like most of the guys you dated were type A personalities,” he replied.

“I can’t help it if those were the kinds of guys that asked me out, they were not always my first choice. You know the saying ‘beggars can’t be choosers…”

“I don’t think you ever had to beg for a guy.”

“You might be surprised,” she replied. There had been several men she had lusted after that didn’t give her the time of day.

“So if I had asked you out you would have said yes?”

“Probably, I mean you were cute, and nice.”

“I just figured I was in the friend zone, and there’s no escape from that.”

“That must have been a decision you made without consulting me.”

The waitress arrived with their food and their conversation paused. As he watched her eat Paul felt a pang of regret. He wondered what it would have been like to bang Sharon. None of the women he had been with had big tits. It wasn’t that he had a preference for medium or small breasted women. He had dated a few women that had big boobs, but there was always something about them that kept him from dating long enough to enjoy their bounty. He wondered if Sharon would still be interested with everything that had changed since college. He recalled her profile listed her relationship status as single. Complicated was an understatement for his. Perhaps his belief that someday he would find his soulmate was based on fantasy, but he never felt the connection he was looking for.

Even though she was not hungry she ordered food. She nibbled at her entrée, trying to look seductive as she licked the syrup off her fork. She imagined Paul pouring warm maple syrup over her swollen nipple and then licking up every drop. As she wrapped her lips around her fork she wondered if Paul knew she was thinking about sucking his cock. There was one image of him that she never wanted to forget. They were at a lake swimming and he had hoisted himself out of the water and on to a flat rock. His wet swimsuit clung to his cock so tightly she could tell he wasn’t circumcised. The sun had dried the fabric quickly, but that image was locked away in her memory. If she thought of it when she masturbated it always made her come quickly.

“You must be tired, we can go whenever you are ready,” Sharon said, moving to give him a slightly better view of her cleavage.

“It’s been a long day, but I’m getting a bit of a second wind,” he said, then waved to the waitress. After she set the check on the table he covered it with a few bills and stood up. Sharon did the math in her head, he was a generous tipper.

“You can just follow me back to my place,” she said as they both stood up.

As they approached her car she turned to him, “You could just ride with me and we can come back for your car.”

“I’d rather bring it, I’d probably forget my toothbrush or something,” he replied.

Her car was a late model mustang; Paul peered in as she settled into the driver’s seat. When she pulled güvenilir casino on her seat belt to buckle the shoulder strap slipped between her breasts, pulling the fabric of her shirt tight and revealing her swollen nipples. He quickly looked away as he felt his cock begin to swell.

“Don’t lose me,” he said, then turned and walked to his car, the image of her plump tits and hard nipples still on his mind.

There was no doubt he would be driving distracted. He started his car and pulled up behind her. Shaking his head he tried not to think about what were probably missed opportunities so many years ago. He had always considered her out of his league and now knew he was wrong. It felt like his cock was scolding him for not taking the chance and trying to sleep with her. He tried to rationalize what he had done. Maybe it would have affected their friendship, something he had valued in college, even though they went separate ways after graduation.

An aching sensation between his legs made him wonder if there was chance to be friends with benefits, or even more. Sharon’s appearance had changed over the years, but she was the same person, and he was still attracted to her. Paul began to rationalize again, noting that he had never been with someone that looked like her. By accident or design none of the women he had slept with were large breasted. This might be his chance to plug that hole in his sexual resume. An old, crude joke popped into his head, ‘how is fucking a fat chick like riding a moped? Both are fun until one of your friends sees you doing it’. Sharon gained weight since college, but it did not make her any less attractive. She was hardly a candidate for the ‘People of Wal-Mart’ web page.

When the light turned yellow Sharon began to slow down, even though she could easily have made it before it turned red. She did not want to lose Paul in traffic. She had to admit he had aged well; his appearance had changed little since college, save a few flecks of grey hair and a few wrinkles in his skin. Even her college self would have found the present day Paul attractive enough to go home with, or take home. She wondered what it would take to lure him away from sleeping on the couch. The relationship status on his profile said complicated. Maybe he was married, maybe he was gay, or maybe he was a player with a different woman for each night of the week. The light turned green and she began to drive again, checking her mirror to make certain Paul was still behind her.

The two cars shut down at almost the same time in the driveway of Sharon’s house. She hoisted herself out of the car, it had been a short drive, but she had already imagined having sex with Paul several different ways.

“Don’t forget your toothbrush,” she quipped as she watched him pull a small bag out of his car.

“I’ve got it,” he replied, then turned to follow her. He held the bag in front of his body, trying to mask the bulge in his pants from the erection that would simply not go away.

The heat between her legs continued to increase as she approached the door of her house. She wasn’t sure what to do once they were inside. One option was to continue flirting and hope he understood what she wanted, but that plan had not worked in college. An outright proposition was too much; she just could not be that bold. She unlocked the door and walked inside. She heard him drop his bag by the door and decided to make her move. She picked his bag up and carried it into her bedroom. She was not going to spend the Valentine’s day alone.

In stunned silence Paul watched Sharon disappear into the bedroom with his luggage. She certainly was not being subtle about what she wanted. The erection that he had finally talked into submission was back with a vengeance, straining against the button fly of his jeans. He was not a virgin, but Sharon would be his first friend with benefits. She also had the biggest tits of any woman he had even made out with; he looked down at his hands, wondering how much of her breast he could hold on to. Despite the urgency he felt in his cock he managed a casual walk into her room.

The pounding of her heart was almost deafening as she waited to see if Paul followed her. She set his bag down, but could not bring herself to turn around. What if she was wrong, what if he just wanted a place to spend the night, what if he wasn’t interested in what she was offering him? Maybe she should have just let him sleep on the couch and used her vibrator to get off.

Suddenly a sense of panic erupted inside her, she realized she had left her sex toy on the night stand. What if he saw it? She felt her face getting redder and redder. Before she was able think about putting it away she felt Paul’s hands on her shoulders. Her wish had come true, but for how long?

The room was dark, but there was enough light to see where she was standing. He placed his hands on her shoulders, his thumbs rested at the base of her neck. She felt soft. He leaned forward; her hair smelled clean and slightly fruity. She remained motionless as he tightened his grip and began to massage her neck.

“We should have done this years ago,” she whispered, not sure if she was talking to herself or Paul.

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