2 Şubat 2021

All Work and No Play


A work experience:

One of the most vivid memories is one when I was still going to college (about 21yrs old) and working full time at a computer company which produced satellite decoders. The company was broken down into two distinct departments, including separate buildings for each. I was the production manager which meant I oversaw the misc. parts as they traveled from inventory through to the final assembly. My boss (Marsha) was a very attractive, and very driven divorced woman who I guess to be about 30yrs old. She was brunette with brown eyes, and was about 5’10” tall. Her figure was very striking, with long legs that reached up to one of the best asses I have ever seen (being and ass man, this was nearing perfection).

We were working on a project for the Weather Channel to build about 100 decoders in a very short period of time. I had worked hard on other projects we had engaged in, and she asked me to be the production manager on this one. She said that she didn’t trust many other people at the company to produce these decoders without production errors, and said she couldn’t afford to have the customer get even a single bad device. So she offered to pay a few of us triple time if we would work 12-14 hours days until the task was completed. This meant that she and I would be spending many hours alone in one end of the building while the rest of the staff assembled the decoders at the other end.

After several days of working late into the night, and often being the last ones to leave, we began to build a friendship. Our long hours together also began to wear down our defenses and our topics of discussion became more and more “adult”. One night (about 11:00 p.m.) she came into my office (which was inside the parts area, and had a window which looked out into the parts room and was opposite the window in her office on the other side of the room where she could look into the same room), and ask me if I had ever seen an X-rated movie. She went on to explain that she had come to see me as a very close friend, and felt comfortable enough with me to confide that it had been some time since she attended such a feature, and thought it might be fun to share with a friend she could trust not to gossip around the office. I told her I had never had the pleasure to experience an adult movie before and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was beginning to get turned about the prospects of what might happen after the movie, as I listened to her describe them as “grunt and grope” flicks. As my hormones started to surge, and I began to feel more and more awkward. I guess she could sense this, and began to apologize for bringing the subject up. Seeing the moment slipping away, I finally came right out and told her that I was not afraid of going to the movie with her, but was concerned that after seeing those casino şirketleri actors in heat on the screen, I was concerned that I couldn’t help but make a move on her. She seemed surprised by my frankness, but quickly said she would just have to take that chance.

We took her custom white Toyota extended cab pickup and she drove us to the one local adult theater in town. On the way, she stopped at a liquor store and bought a bottle of vodka, then pulled into a 7-11 and bought two large Big-gulps. The theater was about 40 minutes from work, so we started to mix our drinks and consume them in the car. (I remember we didn’t talk to much on the way). When we arrived at the theater, we found a big sign on the door that said due to local pressures and pending law suits, the owners had elected to shut the establishment down. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was to see this, and right at the point I was ready to say something stupid like “I guess this must me a sign that this wasn’t meant to be”, she said “I have some movies back at my townhouse. Do you have time to go with me there?” I think I can still feel the impact from my jaw hitting the pavement. I mumbled something to the affirmative, and we headed back to work to pick-up my car (she said something about it not being a good idea for me to spend the night at her place, and I should really follow her home in my car).

When we got to her place, she showed me where the TV and VCR was, and asked me to pick out a movie from about ten tapes in plain blue boxes, then she quickly went upstairs. I choose one titled something like “A woman’s touch”, and sat down in a chair with the remote in my hand. She was gone for sometime, and I began to think she had changed her mind, but didn’t know how to tell me. So, I thought I would go upstairs and tell her that I needed to leave for some stupid reason. I headed upstairs and moved slowly toward the only room with a light on (I guess I was thinking that if I wasn’t going to be able live out a fantasy tonight, I might at least try to see if I could catch a glimpse of her undressing since the door was ajar about 2 inches). When I got to her door, I was met with the image of her lying on her back in bed with only a sweatshirt on, and nothing covering the lower half of her naked body. As I stood there, she slowly moved her hand across her belly, and began to massage her crotch. I stood there in disbelief as I watch her bring her self to orgasm. It must have taken about 5-minutes, although it seemed like only seconds. I just stood there frozen, and I remember being amazed how beautiful she looked as she began to near her climax — legs shaking and toes pointed. When she finished, I quickly moved back done stairs and yelled up from the bottom that I was sorry, but I had to go, and maybe we could do it again sometime. I stood casino firmaları there for about 30 seconds, and after no response, I yelled again that I had to leave. After again getting no answer to my announcement, I grabbed the bottle with the rest of the Vodka in it, and finished it off as I drove home. I remember getting home and masturbating while the thoughts of her lying there on that bed were still burned into my mind. I had a couple of fantastic orgasms. I can remember how my penis felt like it was going to explode with the first orgasm, and how the first two shots of cum shot over my head and hit the wall behind me, and the third landed on my neck. After I finished for the second time, I can remember like it was yesterday, lying there on my bed with warm semen on my chest in a sort of afterglow…then it hit me!! I regretted not letting her know I was there in the doorway. I regretted not offering to help her pleasure herself. I was full of regrets. But most of all, I regretted that I didn’t stick around to see what might have happened if I stayed. I couldn’t believe I just left! Still to this day, I don’t know why I did. Perhaps I was afraid she heard me…I don’t know.

The next day, I thought it might be awkward walking into the building and passing her office on the way to mine. I wouldn’t know what to say. I figured that if one of us was going to have to talk first, it would be her. With this in mind, I arrived at work about 6:45a.m. only to see her truck parked out front. I walked inside the building and passed her office, only to find it to be vacant. I quickly went to my office in the parts area and found on my desk a blue video cassette box that I recognized from being the one I had selected the night before with a note on it which read something like, “Sorry I fell asleep upstairs last night when you where so nice to join me for a movie. Probably for the best. Here is the movie you picked out last night. Just return it when you finished”. I looked out my office window which faced here office and could now see her sitting at her desk reading the paper and drinking a cup of coffee. I walked over to her office and stuck my head in the door to thank her for the movie, and tell her I was OK with how last night turned out. She hardly looked up from her paper. She told me I should feel free to borrow any of the other tapes she had, but in the future, maybe it would be best if I viewed them with some of the “guys”.

I went back to my office, and tried to work, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her in her office. As I watched her reading her paper, I could only think of how she looked glistening with sweat as her hips arched up to meet her hand just a few hours before. While I sat there, I began to get an erection. I instinctually reached down and rubbed it through my pants as I stared at her and güvenilir casino replayed last night over and over in my mind. I surveyed the situation and decided that the wall at the base of the window in my office was high enough that she couldn’t tell what I was doing with myself from about the top of my desk down (it wasn’t really much of a desk, but more of a table with a filing cabinet on one side. I thought it was pretty cool, but how cool could it be — I didn’t even have carpeting, but the same concrete floor that was in the parts room). I slowly removed my throbbing penis and couldn’t believe what I was about to do. But as I slowly began rubing myself, I realized the fact that I might get caught wasn’t enough to stop me now…and anyway, it would only add to the excitement. The sensations were almost taking my breath away and I didn’t want it to come to an end. But in almost no time, I could feel myself reaching the point of no return and I began to shoot my load on the concrete floor. I could see over my desk as the first shot landed just in eye-sight on the otherside (in all my masturbatory sessions, and I had engaged in quite a few up to that point, I couldn’t remember having my cum shot as far as it had during my mind-blowing orgasm the night before, and the one I was having at that moment).

After I finished I quickly put myself back together, and stood up to get something to wipe off the floor, when Marsha stepped into the doorway of my office. I will never forget how embarrassed I was as she looked at me, then looked at the floor under my desk and said “I forgot what I was going to ask you. Why don’t you come over to my office when you have a minute”. In a stupor, I quickly grabbed my jacket from the hanger behind my door, and wiped up the floor with it. I tried to convince myself that maybe she didn’t know what it was — but who was I kidding! I looked through my window and could see her again at her desk so I walked over to her doorway telling myself that if she said anything I would tell her how I had innocently seen her as well. She asked me to come in and shut the door. I thought this could be really good…or really bad. Just then she smiled and said she knew I saw her last night, and didn’t know how she could ever face me again. Then I go and do something like this…. She said that as much as the opportunity was there to explore this situation more fully, we needed to wait until after this project was over because she could see how we both might be too distracted, and she had put her heart and soul into these decoders.

I quit working for this company about 2 months later over a dispute between myself and the owner over pay. And although Marsha and I never did get “together”, I used that experience a number of times over the years as masturbatory fodder. Although, I kick myself sometimes for not looking her up after I left, I did end up with her tape. It turned out to be an all girl movie with a lot of group sex. I often wondered what that meant. But you know us guys…this only turned me on that much more.

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