4 Şubat 2021

Advising Audrey


My name is Grant Stevens, and together with my partner Bill Montgomery we run a successful law firm in town.

Bill’s daughter Audrey just finished up her pre-law education, and now she has told him she is unsure of a law career going forward. This has crushed Bill, because he wanted her to join our firm someday.

Bill arranged a small neighborhood cocktail party to celebrate his new pool, and I agreed to find a minute then to talk to Audrey alone about her future.

It was a cool evening though, and all the guests went indoors to socialize in Bill’s screened gazebo. I, however, went in search of Audrey as I had promised to do.

My recollections of Audrey were of a cute young kid darting through lawn sprinklers with my children. What I discovered in the shadows of the patio was something else entirely.

“Hi, Mr. Stevens.” a voice cooed in the darkness.

As I adjusted my eyes, I came upon a cock-stiffening sight.Audrey was sitting on a chaise lounge, her posture relaxed and legs splayed open. She was wearing a short terrycloth robe and tiny bikini panties. Her bikini top was provocatively hanging over the arm of the chair, and fine gold chains glinted softly from her neck, wrists, and ankles in the moonlight.

“M-my how you’ve- uh- matured.” I stammered lamely.

“Yeah, I’m twenty now.” she replied evenly as she played with her long brown hair and eyed me up and down. Her tits swayed as she propped herself up on her elbows and wiggled her finger to call me over closer.

I was wearing a casual sports shirt and loose fitting shorts, but the breathing room in my crotch was disappearing fast as my prick ached and pulsed to erection.

“Stand behind me and untangle my necklace.” Audrey bossed, and I looked back at the gazebo as the voices carried to us on the wind.

“Don’t worry. No one can see my spot from casino şirketleri the house.” she shared conspiratorially.”That’s why I always sit here.”

“Uh-Audrey, your Dad is very disappointed in you.” I managed, as my fingers trembled toying with her necklace. From where I stood, I had a clear view of the evening’s shadows playing on her naked tits inside the loosely sash-ed robe.

“You don’t seem to disappointed right now.” she teased, and deliberately leaned her head back into my erection.

“Audrey–my wife is inside the gazebo.” I pleaded quietly, but now I was stroking her long hair and rubbing her shoulders.

“Then go back inside!” she snapped, and started to pull out of my caress.

“N-no-please–” I whimpered ashamedly, and I pulled her directly back against my throbbing cock and ground my shorts-covered member in her hair.

“I thought so.” she said smugly with a thin smile on her face. Audrey gazed straight ahead at the inky darkness of the pool.

“Take out your dirty cock and wrap my hair around it.” Audrey said in a low, even tone.

“Gladly.” I wheezed as the sweet release of the cool night air hit my turgid member, quickly replaced by a silky handful of Audrey’s warm, brown hair.

All thoughts of counseling Audrey were gone now. If Bill caught us out here, the Practice would be dissolved and my reputation ruined. To say nothing of my wife, always so trusting and loving of me.

I was totally in this minx’s power now, and yet I didn’t know what her ultimate game was. I jacked Audrey’s hair up and down my hot shaft until it was matted with pungent pre-cum.

“You see, I don’t need law school. I found out in college I can make men my slaves. I’ll never work again, unless you count humping the ball snot out of some rich old pervert like you.” Audrey intoned, but the rapid rise and fall casino firmaları of her chest told the tale that she was getting off on this too.

Audrey untied her robe and pulled out her incredibly tan, firm tits. “I suppose you want to see these.” she mocked as she squeezed her nipples.

That did it. My cock erupted into her hair, and spurts climbed over her now naked shoulder and splattered on her tits. Audrey’s cheek and neck were dripping old man cum, and I groaned deliriously and tried to push the head into the corner of her mouth.

“Hey! Pervert, not so fast! A gentleman always warns a girl before he squirts!” Audrey got up and strode to the pool. She leaned over and splashed water all over her upper body to rinse the cum off.

Audrey stood up and glared at me. “Sit right there! Don’t move!” she intoned, and she walked rapidly back towards the house.

Oh,Fuck me! I thought to myself as I sat worriedly into the chaise lounge. Was she going to tell her Dad, my partner? Would my wife be coming out any minute with steak knives in both hands, looking for blood?

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only ten minutes, Audrey returned wearing a pink sun dress and had her hair piled up on top of her head. She looked sexy as hell as she straddled the chair and stared at my once-again hardening prick inside my shorts.

“O.k., buster, now it’s my turn to get off.” she hissed. Audrey surprised me by bypassing my lap and scooting up on my chest until her female sex was even with my nose.

“Eat my hot cunt until I cum.” she hissed, lifting her dress to reveal nothing but a bald, moist, gaping slit.

“Unnngggh.” I groaned, as I rubbed the bridge of my nose on her pubic bone. I lapped at her leaky lips and sucked noisily on her hooded clit.

“Tha-thas-thas it..” Audrey slurred, and she grabbed the güvenilir casino back of my head and ground my face obscenely in her puss.

“I’m gonna squirt cunt juice in your unfaithful mouth.” Audrey whinnied, and her hips slammed against my face as she erupted in orgasm.

“Eat!My!Cunt!” she enunciated through gritted teeth as she spasmed all over my face.

I clutched her ass tightly and smeared her sex all over my sopping wet features.

Audrey raised up on wobbly legs and stared wild-eyed at my lap. She pulled the pink sun dress over her head and tossed it disdainfully at my head.

“Clean up your face while I ride this fucking cock.” she ordered, and with a tug my throbbing prick was once again freed from my shorts.

Audrey sat down hard on my cock, and it immediately sank deep into her coed cervix with an audible wet slurp.

“Uhh-Jesus you’re big.” she said as she rode me wildly. Audrey mopped my face with her dress and began to talk like a controlling slut again.

“If you like this pussy–and I know you do–I’ll give you three months to divorce that cow of a wife of yours and move me into your mansion.”

Incredibly, as I groaned and cried beneath her, I began to contemplate how to make this hot cunt my wife.

“Uhh–Audrey–I’ll do anything you say–just keep giving me this pussy.” I moaned shamefully as I worshiped her naked, tan body fucking me in the moonlight.

The chaise lounge creaked and rocked with our exertions. The sounds of the party in the distance still mixed with the curse words of our sweaty lovemaking, but I no longer cared about being caught.

“Let’s-cum together!” we said in unison, and I reached out and roughly yanked on Audrey’s fat nipples as thick, stringy ropes of hot choad rocketed up into her twenty year old pussy.

“Fu-fuck meeee!” Audrey stammered as she slammed her ass up and down on my spurting hot prick.

Audrey slowly got up with a smirk, my cum dripping obscenely down her tanned thighs.

“Remember- three months to lose that cow!” she intoned, and I weakly shook my head in agreement.

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