7 Şubat 2021

Adventures in San diego – con’t

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Adventures in San Diego – con’t

After our episode on the shuttle the day before, we decided to make another run on another route. We were quite disappointed when nothing happened so we took the same route we had taken the day before. This time there was a different driver and brake man but the same thing happened in that there were very few women boarding the shuttle all along the route. When we got to the end of the line, my wife again went inside the little shack on the pretence of having to use the washroom and I noticed she was followed by the driver this time. The brake man stayed outside with me and explained how they turned the shuttle around and how long it took.
After a few more minutes, I wandered over to the shack and looked inside. Sure enough, there was my wife, totally nude on the table again with her legs up over the driver’s shoulders as he pumped his hard cock in and out of her cunt. I could almost hear the squishing sounds of them fucking as I watched through the window. As I continued to watch, I felt the brake man come over and look inside too. I heard him gasp softly as he saw the driver ploughing in and out of my wife’s soaking cunt.
As the two of us stood watching my wife getting fucked, I looked down and saw that the brake man was getting güvenilir bahis an erection as his pants were starting to tent in front of him. I knew what my cock was doing and soon the two of were fully erect while watching the fucking couple inside the shack.
I mumbled something about wanting to fuck my wife too and the brake man looked at me with a grin on his face. He just nodded and reached for my cock. Rubbing it lightly through my pants, I turned to give him more access and he really started to caress me with his two hands. He cupped my balls and ran his hands all over my cock until finally reaching up and undoing my zipper and pants, pulling them apart as he released my hard cock.
Now he really went to work on me and ran his hands between my legs, up and down my length and in and out of my crack, stopping to push his finger against my hole which made me groan softly. He then looked at me and as I opened my eyes, he told me he would rather fuck me then my wife but he wouldn’t mind doing us both. I grinned and motioned that we should go inside and join the others. He nodded and led me inside, closing the door softly.

We heard the two others as they continued to fuck and I took my clothes off and laid down beside my wife with my legs apart, ready to receive türkçe bahis the brake man’s hard cock. He moved between my legs and I raised them up over his shoulders as he entered me. I groaned a little at the feeling his hard cock was giving me while he waited before pushing further up into my canal. Finally, he was balls deep inside me, his crotch hair rubbing against the back of my thighs before starting to slowly move in and out of me.
With every thrust, I raised my ass hole to him and he soon was ploughing me hard, our thighs slapping together every time he thrust up into me. God, what a feeling I was having sharing his hard cock with him and he surprised me again a few minutes later as he continued to fuck me, he leaned forward and I found his raspy tongue deep inside my mouth, exploring the insides of me in another way. I reached up and held him against me as I returned his passionate kisses then reached around him to grab his cheeks and pull him into me as far as he could until he started spewing his hot liquid come deep inside my ass. He groaned around my mouth when he came and while still tongue fucking my mouth, he emptied himself until his softened cock slid out of me with a slight pop and lots of come too.
He stood up and that when I looked over at my wife. She was watching güvenilir bahis siteleri us while the driver was pulling on his still hard cock, eyeing my ass as he did. I looked at him and gave him a nod which told him he could fuck me if he wanted to and he did indeed want to. He moved between my legs and pushed his hard cock right up to the end of my canal in one thrust before starting to pound away at me, our thighs slapping together loudly with every thrust.
Again I looked over at my wife and she had the brake man’s cock buried in her mouth, sucking on it, trying to get it hard again. It didn’t take long until he was fully erect as he thrust his cock inside her cunt with a quick movement that made her grunt loudly. He then turned her over and got up on the table. I wasn’t sure the table would hold the three of us but it did as he lined his cock up with her ass and pushed it in, making her cry out.
He straddled her hips and started to fuck her with long thrusts in her ass while the driver was continuing to fuck me. I could hear my wife breathing loudly as the brake man fucked her ass and I knew she was a little uncomfortable but she seemed to be enjoying it too. The two men continued to fuck us until they both came inside us, leaving a load of hot come deep inside the two of us.
We finally got dressed and the driver took us back to our hotel. We were going to be in San Diego for another day and we were both looking forward to it.

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