16 Şubat 2021

A Writer’s Love Ch. 02


I hooked up with a woman named Stella after she had read some of my erotic stories. She ended up moving in with me and we became live-in lovers. The first few months went fine then Stella changed. She got tired of sex and she would end up watching TV all hours of the night.

I became frustrated so I began to write more stories to take my mind off of my situation. I soon received a reply from one of my readers. “Your stories get me so worked up. I wish you were my lover.” It was signed ‘Emma.’

I ended up writing back to Emma telling her to tell me more about herself and that we should get together sometime. I didn’t hear back for some weeks and then I got an e-mail from Emma.

“Hi, I am 27, five foot seven inches tall, one hundred twenty-give pounds, and I am a thirty six B cup.”

I replied that we should get together some weekend and Emma wrote me should could meet me any time I wanted. Luckily I made business trips from time to time. I told Stella I would be away that weekend for business. Stella just nodded her head and said I should have a good time.

Emma ended up being about two hours away from me so I found a motel near her and I made reservations. I drove to the motel that Friday afternoon and Emma was waiting for me. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Emma was just as she described herself and she had long brown hair and a cute face as well. We went to our room and got settled in.

Once we were in the room I took Emma into my arms and we kissed. She said she was nervous about meeting. She didn’t really know who I was, but she had to take the chance and see me. We went to the bed and I started to strip down. Emma watched me and then she removed her clothes. My mouth started to water after I saw Emma naked. Emma got onto the bed and got onto her back. I parted her thighs and lowered my face to her mound.

My tongue went right to her opening and I used my tongue to lap up and down her slit. God, did that get Emma all worked up. Her pussy tasted all earthy and my dick started to get rock hard. I finally pulled away and positioned my cock. I slid the fat part of my cock across her slit. Emma’s body started to shake as she felt my member hitting her folds and then her clit.

I couldn’t wait another second. I positioned the head of my cock into place and I began to enter Emma. Her pussy felt like a tight glove. I slowly slid more and more of my dick into her wet quim. Once I casino şirketleri was in all the way I held my cock in place.

“Oh my God Jack, your cock feels so huge,” Emma told me.

I began to stroke my dick into Emma’s pussy. I went slow at first, lifting Emma’s legs up and pushing them to her chest. I thought Emma might cum right then, she was so worked up. I started to speed up feeding Emma my entire length. My cock is really thick and I stirred my dick around inside Emma.

“Oh my God, Oh my God!” that was all Emma could get out.

My ball sacs were hitting her ass cheeks as I gave Emma every hard inch of my rod. Emma’s pussy had me in a hard grip. I knew I had to make her mine, that was all there was to it. I fed her my cock, stroking her harder each time I slid into her. I looked down and saw her hard mounds staring me in the face. I lowered my mouth and took each nipple into my mouth. This really set Emma off. She pushed her chest into my face as I gave her ever inch of my cock.

Emma started to have small orgasms. I could feel her pussy clenching my dick. It was like a small hand squeezing my erection. I fucked Emma hard and deep until she exploded. She pushed her mound up to meet my cock and she had one giant orgasm.

“Hold your cock in me Jack,” Emma begged.

I stopped and let Emma milk me with her pussy muscles. When she stopped squeezing my dick I started up once more. I wanted to release my load just as Emma orgasmed. It took a few more minutes and then I felt a pinch in my nut sacs. I could feel my cum rising up and I erupted inside Emma.

Emma went crazy as she felt me shoot my hot seed into her body. Her body shook and I knew she was cumming along with me. I had a big load stored up and I gave Emma every hot wad of cum I had. Emma took all my cum from me. Her muscles milked me dry and we eventually slowed down to catch our breaths.

“I knew it would be just like you wrote in all your stories. You are a fantastic lover Jack.”

That made me feel so good hearing that from Emma. I could pictured Stella back home watching the tube and eating from a bag of potato chips. I didn’t miss her in the least. I finally got soft and pulled out of Emma’s pussy. My cum started to leak out and down Emma’s ass cheeks. I got onto my back and Emma went into the bathroom to get cleaned up. When she got back we kissed and Emma told me all her thoughts.

“I knew you were with Stella casino firmaları from the story you wrote, but I knew I had to contact you. I have been fantasizing about this moment for so long and you didn’t disappoint me.”

I had to smile at that. Emma was one hot lover. I knew I couldn’t let her get away.

“Do you think you could go again?” She asked me.

I reached down and stroked my cock for a few minutes. I managed to get my cock hard once more and then Emma mounted me. She got across my midsection and then she lowered herself down onto my mushroom. Emma slide right in and we made love one more time. I had a good view of Emma’s naked body. Her nipples were still hard so I reached up and rubbed the palms of my hands across her tits.

Emma was bouncing up and down my dick as I was feeling those tits of her. I really missed having a lover like Emma. I was going to make sure she had as many orgasms as she could take. Emma did orgasm again and again. she worked her tight pussy up and down my rod and I told her she I was going to mark her with my cock. No one could have her from now on, just me.

This seemed to send Emma right over the edge. I watched as her body shook as I thrusted deep into her pussy. I didn’t have any cum left so I made sure she was totally satisfied from my cock being buried inside her belly. We fucked for awhile longer and then Emma threw her head back and let out a scream. I had pushed her right to edge. When she finally calmed down she fell on top of me and I held her in my arms.

“Thank you Jack, you made me feel like a woman for a change.”

I pulled out and we got cleaned up from all our lovemaking. We decided to get some dinner and Emma told me her story. All the men she had been with were only interested in themselves. She rarely had an orgasm and she had been frustrated. When she read my stories she knew she had found the right guy. If only she could meet me and find out. Well, here we were and had made love twice already.

The rest of the weekend was more more lovemaking. I took Emma in every position I could think of and Emma took care of my needs as well. Emma could suck a mean cock I found out. She managed to take me right down to the root in her mouth. She would squeeze my sacs until I blew my load down her throat. Emma swallowed every drop of my sticky load. There was no pulling off and spitting me out.

The end of our stay came too soon as far güvenilir casino as I was concerned. Emma said she hoped we could meet up again and maybe we could become permanent lovers. She said she didn’t want to be the cause of a split up with Stella, but she had to have me. I told her my relationship with Stella hadn’t been working out too well. I wanted to be with her if that is what she wanted.

It was a long drive back home. When I got to my place there was Stella watching TV once more. My decision got really easy after seeing her there on the couch. I told Stella it wasn’t working out between us. She gave me a look like she was totally shocked. I said I wanted her to move out by the week’s end. Then Stella got angry and asked me if I found someone else. I told her no, that she had changed from the person I first met and I wanted to move on.

Stella stormed into the bedroom. I could hear her getting her suitcases out and packing her clothes. When she came back out she unloaded on me.

“I don’t want to be where I am not wanted. I will get the rest of my things in the next few days.”

Stella went out the door. I had no idea where she was going and I really didn’t care. It was over between us and nothing was going to patch things up. Besides, I had Emma now I was was going to do things differently. Emma and I met the next few weekends. I had to make sure I didn’t make the same mistake as I had done with Stella. Emma was still as passionate in bed as the first time we met.

We fucked the whole weekend long and Emma made me feel like a man once more. I gave her my cock as often as I could get it up. Emma seemed like she could get enough of me. She really did love riding my cock, that was her favorite position. I gave Emma endless wads of my hot cum. I did find out that Emma was on the pill. I had fucked her bare all those times and I wasn’t ready for any babies coming my way.

After a month of our meeting on the weekends, Emma asked where our relationship was going. I asked her if she would move in with me. I was sure this would work out better this time around. Emma told me she had fallen in love with me and she couldn’t imagine not having me as her lover and friend.

It took some time, but Emma is with me at my house. The sex is fantastic and Emma has managed to find a job and get settled into our new lifestyle. As of Stella? I have no idea where she is and I didn’t really care. She did come back and clear out all of her belongings and she left her key. It may sound cruel, but Stella had changed and I couldn’t take her any longer. I now am having Emma in bed nightly. No more endless staring at the tube, just hot sex with my new lover.

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