7 Şubat 2021

A Wolf goes hunting – Part 2


Chapter 2

Cammy woke up slowly, sore between her thighs from the intense pounding she took and with a deep ache in her shoulder from His teeth. The graphic events of the night before came rushing back to her as she lay safely in his powerful arms, he really wasn’t kidding when he said the fuck of her young life. Here though, quietly laying with his strong arms protectively, perhaps possessively wrapped around her, she felt protected, safe for the first time in a long time. Sighing contentedly as she listened to him breathe, his heat keeping her thin body warm she suddenly wonders what his name is, realizing they never did exchange pleasantries the night before. Carefully so as not to wake him, she slowly rolls in his arms so she can look at him, his strong jaw covered with several days of stubble on his cheeks and throat, his thick mustache and goatee, dark but shot through with grey, a nice, slightly rounded nose with a bump on it from being broken before, his dark shaggy hair also shot through with grey, his full lips, slightly parted and exposing his fangs. God! Those fangs! When they entered her flesh, they took her already powerful orgasm to such new heights it was incredible…just reliving it now was making her so wet she wanted to feel his magnificent cock inside her again.

She moved her small hand down to his groin and easily found his beautiful cock and gently closed her fist around it, engulfing as much of it as she could. She couldn’t even touch her fingers together around it. No wonder her pussy was sore, he stretched her vaginal channel a lot! He was so much more than the boys she’s had up until now with their small cocks and no power or stamina, only lasting long enough to get themselves off and not worrying about her needs.

Once she started stroking him, he groaned softly and rolled to his back making her manipulations of his shaft much easier. She watched amazed as his cock got harder and longer, until it reached a glorious 9 ½ inches. She moaned quietly as it throbbed and twitched in her grip, her juices beginning to flow in preparation of her bahis firmaları impaling herself on his massive tool. Slowly as to not wake him, she moved her face to his crotch then softly kissed the impressive cock in her hand before running her split tongue up each side of the engorged shaft, eliciting another groan from his sleeping lips. She kept up her actions on his cock, stroking and licking it from the top of his balls to the tip of his man meat until it no longer tasted like her pussy and it was shiney from a thick coating of her saliva, then she easily straddled him and moved his tip to her yearning opening.

Taking a deep breath, she slowly began to lower herself onto him, his head popping through her tight entrance, making her gasp loudly as it immediately began to stretch her. Watching his face as she began to rock on him to drive him deeper inside, she was surprised when his eyes flew open and he snarled, showing her his fangs again which caused her to shudder deep in her core. He immediately grabbed her narrow hips in his strong hands and as she rocked backwards on him, he thrust powerfully upward and used his hands to shove her down on his rod simultaneously, causing him to bottom out inside her. She shrieked out in both pain and ecstasy as he filled her completely, only ever feeling this full the night before when he took her like she was his property.

Giving her a moment to adjust to his length and girth inside her, he held her still on top of him as she placed her small hands on his broad chest, her eyes closed and lips open, softly panting. Tightening his grip on her hips, he flexed his thick cock inside her, causing her to gasp again and collapse on top of him as he slowly pulled out of her to the tip then thrusts deep back in. Gradually, he picked up his pace, thrusting deeper and deeper each time until he fully sheathed himself inside her, Cammy felt her juices gushing out of her around his cock with each inward thrust. Cammy bit down hard on his muscular chest to stifle her screams of pleasure as he ravaged her tiny cunt, her mind rapidly blanking kaçak iddaa out as the waves of pleasure washed from her pussy to her toes and up to the top of her head. Cammy got nearer and nearer to her orgasm and her clenched teeth began to shred through his tough skin, she could taste his coppery blood in her mouth which intensified her pleasure a thousand times and soon, the wail coming from between her teeth became a howling shriek as her eyes rolled back in her head and she came, spraying her juices over the both of them and the bed.

As Cammy lay panting on top of him, he left his still rigid cock planted deep inside her and slowly ran his fingers firmly up her spine, causing her to shake and moan as it felt like he was pushing her massive orgasm up her spine to her brain. Finally, able to take no more, Cammy rolled off him and curled up in a tight ball beside him and she felt him climb off the bed. Watching him through slitted eyes, she saw him go to the other bed quickly and grab several of the unused pillows and then pile them up behind her as he climbed back in bed with her. Cammy felt his strong hands grab her waist as he manhandled her onto the pillows on her belly, her ass stuck high up in the air. Unable to move away from him because of his strong hands on her, she was at his mercy as he lowered his mouth to her tight pucker and she moaned in pleasure as his tongue circled her anus. He slathered her with his saliva before trying to push his tongue inside her, until finally after several minutes, her tight ring surrendered to him and she could feel him push through her sphincter. She moaned louder, fighting against the urge to pull away from him, wanting him to claim every part of her for his own depraved desires. Once he was able to push into her, he inserted most of his long tongue up her ass, slowly stretching it until he was satisfied then replaced it with one of his thick fingers, causing her whole body to shudder at the depth of his penetration. He continually spit saliva onto her anus to keep her lubed until he was satisfied with how much she was stretching, then kaçak bahis added a second finger to her tightest opening, causing her to need to relax all over again.

He kept up his patient stretching of her anus, eventually adding a third, then a fourth finger into her until she was well ready for his cock but he kept slowly driving his fingers into her, putting his other hand on her pussy and rubbing her lips and her clit simultaneously. Rapidly, her body responded to his actions and she sang out her pleasure with moans and squeals instead of words as she neared another orgasm. Suddenly, his actions overwhelmed her and her body burst from the pleasure he was giving her as waves of pleasure inundated her senses and she gushed her juices from her pussy. Rapidly, he pulled his fingers from her and kneeled behind her, rubbing her slick juices on his cock from where they coated his hand then pushed against her slight gape with the tip of his cock, popping through her ring and stretching it again to loud squeals issuing from her small mouth. He held himself in check, his body trembling with the desire to ram himself home into her bowel until she relaxed again then slowly fed himself into her inch after inch until his groin pressed firmly against her, a deep moan starting in her belly and bursting from her lips. Slowly, he pulled her inside out as he pulled out of her, her delicate pink membrane clinging tightly to him before he pushed back deep inside, gradually picking up speed and power with his thrusts.

Cammy had never felt anything as incredible as being impaled on him, his magnificent cock destroying her world from the inside out as she screamed for more and more, his only desire to give her what she wanted until he was jackhammering into her. Rapidly, they crested together, his cum burning into her colon as she clenched tightly around him from her own extremely powerful orgasm, her cum spraying from her pussy as he filled her with his. After several minutes of him twitching and spasming inside her, Cammy fell off him, exhausted and sated like never before, her eyes closing as she drifted into sleep again, him spooning up behind her, arms wrapped tightly around her, his whispered words in her ear, “You can call me Wolf, my pet.”

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