2 Şubat 2021

A Whisper of Silk, A Scent of Lavender


Doctor Janet Redmond was a respected eye doctor with a growing practice when she received the shock of her life. At 38 years old, she thought she was living the American dream-good income, beautiful home, stable family life and living in an upper class community. Her only daughter was off at college, leaving her and her husband empty nesters. It wasn’t long after her daughter left that her husband announced that he was leaving her for his young secretary.

To say that Janet was crushed was an understatement. She had no idea that her husband was unhappy. Sure she had gained a few pounds over the years but she still had a good shape with large firm breasts and a shapely rear. Maybe she worked too many hours but being a doctor with a large patient load required some sacrifices. She also knew that she tended to dress in a very conservative manner; her daughter had told her that a million times. Yet as a respected doctor, she felt obligated to dress professionally if not staidly. And sex, well that had almost gone by the wayside over the years, the victim of too many obligations that made personal time almost impossible.

When Janet looked into the mirror, she saw a very pretty and sexy woman with blue green eyes, short stylish blond hair and a nice figure. At five six she wasn’t short and certainly not heavy at 130 pounds. However, sometimes she felt like that the 130 pounds was all in her breasts. She knew that she was attractive; she could see the way men looked at her when she wore tight sweaters and short skirts (her daughters idea). It was impossible to cover up those long hard nipples when she caught a breath of cold air or was overly excited. Yes, those long nipples that always seemed to be hard lately.

It wasn’t that Janet didn’t like the attention from men; it was just that her conservative nature seldom let her really enjoy it. She knew that most men were looking at her as a sex object. Sometimes that thrilled her, making her panties wet and sometimes that angered her, making her feel like a piece of flesh. Yet she knew that many women felt that way, the eternal paradox.

Janet could still remember when sex was fun, when she really looked forward to that feeling of excruciating excitement coursing through her sexual parts, but that was before career and family got in the way. She knew that she wasn’t the most creative lover in the world and maybe she was a bit shy, but Roger never complained. Contrary to her outward appearance, in the last few years Janet had found that she thought about sex a lot more than she cared to admit. Sometimes when she saw a good looking man she would feel a little flush go through her, making her face hot and her heart race. She chalked it up to the hormone thing. She had read that women in their thirties were at their prime sexually. Yet Roger and she only had sex about once every couple of weeks, if that much, during the last few years.

While Janet had tried to spice up their sex life with some sexy clothes in the bedroom, it hadn’t seemed to work. She tried romantic candlelit dinners, even a surprise getaway vacation to a little secluded bed and breakfast in New England. Now it was all clear to her; Roger had a young lover. How could she have been so dumb she asked herself over and over?

It took Janet over a year to come to grips with the shock of it all. Finally with the encouragement of her daughter and friends she had slowly come out of her depression. In fact, she had started dating and had met a man who had asked her to marry him after only several months. Janet was not ready to jump back into marriage yet, so she had put Wayne off, asking him to be patient with her. She had told him that she needed time, time to recover, to find herself and to be sure of what she wanted. But it was really more than that. She felt this yearning inside that made her think that there was more to life then her career and her mostly boring personal life.

Wayne was a good man, a respected pediatrician who had lost his wife to cancer years ago. The best thing about him was that he treated her like a queen. She had given into sex with him after they had dated for several months. While Wayne was good in bed and really knew how to use his equipment, he was also conservative, never willing to try anything different, especially not oral sex. God how Janet missed that part of sex.

Oral sex was the one thing that Roger was good at in bed. He would sometimes spend hours pleasing her with his mouth, taking her to places she hadn’t been since. Janet had returned the favor on occasion but that wasn’t something she really liked to do. It seemed so messy and of course she would never swallow.

However, lately in her fantasies she would do that and more. It seemed that her body was betraying her somehow, forcing her mind to drift off at the most inopportune times to sexual situations that just a short while ago she would have considered perverse. Yet no matter how hard she tried, these wild sexual visions would casino şirketleri invade her dreams and her thoughts, exciting her senses. Sometimes she would have to change her panties in the middle of the day. She even considered seeing a doctor, thinking that there was something wrong with her.

Janet’s girlfriends would laugh at her and say that she was being silly. They told her to enjoy it while it lasted. She would blush and tell them that they were crazy. However, something in the back of her mind told her that they were right, that life was too short to deny her sexual instincts.

Chris Murphy was twenty years old and home from college after his sophomore year at a southern university where he was majoring in biomedical engineering. Chris was tall and slender at 6′ 1″, weighting 186 pounds. He was a handsome and popular boy, if somewhat shy. He had an unassuming personality and tended to get along with just about anyone. While he liked sports and was good at most, his curriculum didn’t really allow him the time. He often thought that he had made the wrong choice with his engineering career. His course load was so heavy with calculus, physics, and biology, among others, that he never seemed to have time to have fun. While he studied, his friends would party. Still, he had his goals and set high standards for himself, maybe too high.

Chris lived with his mom and dad when he wasn’t in school. The Murphy’s were an upper middle-income family, living in a nice neighborhood on the outskirts of town. Tom Murphy, Chris’s dad, sold sophisticated medical equipment to doctors and hospitals. It provided his family with a good standard of living but nothing extravagant.

Tom was a big believer in the work ethic. He could have easily paid for all the extras that kids expected now days but that went against his principles. Specifically, he felt that Chris needed to work and earn some level of income, even while in college.

That was no problem for Chris; he would have worked regardless of their family income. He had taken a job at a pizza joint for the summer but unfortunately wasn’t earning enough money to finish the antique car that he was rebuilding. His dad had conceded that he would match whatever Chris earned. Still Chris wasn’t sure he could pull it off in the few months of summer vacation.

It was at a party at his house one Friday night that Chris first met Dr. Janet Redmond. He was talking with his father when Janet walked up and said hello to his dad.

“Chris, this is Dr. Redmond,” his dad said in introduction. “Dr. Redmond, this is my son, the biomedical engineer,” he said, putting his arm around Chris proudly.

“Uh…hi,” Chris said as he stared into a pair of the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

“Pleased to meet you,” Janet said. “And it’s Janet,” she added as she put her hand out.

Chris took her soft, warm hand in his. He felt a little flutter in his heart as he looked into the eyes of the sexy older woman. Suddenly he could smell her intoxicating perfume like a breeze around him. His head began to spin just like the time when he first met Jenny Gillman in the fifth grade. Maybe he was just experiencing a little posttraumatic stress from his final exams, he thought.

Chris was startled when he felt a tug and realized that he was still holding her hand. “Uh excuse me,” he muttered as he reluctantly let go.

“Tom, can you come over here for a minute,” Chris’s mom called from across the room.

“Excuse me for a second,” Chris’s dad said. “Entertain Dr. Redmond for me Chris, she is one of my best clients and the best darned eye doctor in the State.” Tom hurried over to his wife, leaving Chris and Janet alone in the corner.

“So you’re an engineer?”

“No, not really, I’m only going into my second year.”

“That’s a tough curriculum. So what are you doing for the summer?” Janet asked the young man.

“Well, I’m working in a pizza place, but I don’t make much money. I’m trying to save to rebuild my 66 Corvette,” Chris said, trying desperately not to look at the soft swells of Dr. Redmond’s breasts as they rippled with her movements. It was an impossible task for a healthy young man. When Chris looked back into Dr. Redmond’s face, he saw a knowing smile. He felt his face flush with embarrassment.

“I know money’s a struggle when you’re in college,” Janet said in sympathy. “The starving student huh?” she added with a beautiful smile and a little laugh that made her breasts shake even more.

“Well, maybe not exactly starving but I do need to find something else if I’m going to make enough money to finish rebuilding my car,” Chris said pensively.

“Hey, wait a minute,” Janet said. “Your probably handy with mechanical things right?”

“I hope so, I am studying to be an engineer,” Chris laughed easily.

“My assistant, who helps me around the office, hurt his back last week and is going to be out on extended medical leave. If you’re interested, I could casino firmaları really use some help around the office. I pay ten dollars an hour and you get to work with a wonderful person,” Janet said with a smile. “Are you interested?”

“Wow, would I!” Chris said quickly, jumping at the chance to earn a little more money and maybe spend some time with her.

“Why don’t you stop by my office around 9 am on Monday and we can talk,” Janet said handing him her business card.

“Thanks Dr. Redmond, I’ll be there,” Chris said as he looked into Janet’s pretty eyes again and almost felt his heart melt.

“It’s Janet,” she said with another smile and walked away. Cute kid she thought. Then a little shiver ran through her as she felt his eyes on her backside. Was she swaying her hips too much? Behave she told herself but her hard nipples belied her own excitement.

Chris stood paralyzed as he watched Janet almost float away, a whiff of her perfume still in the air. His eyes were drawn to her lower half like a moth to a flame. Nice he thought as he watched the subtle sway of her hips, and a doctor too. Down boy he said to his twitching groin; it wouldn’t be good to walk around the party with an erection.

For the rest of the evening, Chris didn’t let Janet get too far out of his site. He wasn’t exactly following her but he kept his eye on her as she mingled with the party crowd. She seemed to flow from room to room with a sophisticated ease, talking and laughing. Several times Chris was caught looking at her when she turned unexpectedly. While he blushed, she just seemed to take it in stride, smiling sweetly at him. At one point she came over to him and asked how he was enjoying the party. Chris stuttered all over himself like a smitten teenager. She laughed at his obvious discomfort, the swells of her exposed breasts nearly popping out of her dress.

Later as Chris went up to his room to get a picture of his car, he passed his mom and dads room and saw that someone was in there. He thought he had just seen both his mom and dad downstairs. He stopped and looked in through the slightly opened door and was surprised to see Dr. Redmond walk out of the master bathroom. The bathroom downstairs must have been occupied he thought.

He started to walk away when he abruptly stopped as he saw Dr. Redmond slip one shoe off and lift her leg up and place a foot on the bed. Chris’s eyes grew wide as he watched her slide her dress up to the top of her thigh high nylon. He felt his groin tingle as he saw her smooth white skin above the dark silky nylon leg band. Then he watched her stretch the leg band and pull the shinny material up her thigh. When she was satisfied she put that leg down and lifted the other foot.

This time Chris got a view directly up her dress to her blue silk panties. Chris’s penis sprang to full erection as he watched her adjust the other nylon. Suddenly she lifted her head and looked directly at him. He jumped back as if he had been shot and rushed toward the stairs. His face was red with the embarrassment of being caught watching like some peeping Tom.

Yes, Janet had seen him. She thought it was cute and flattering that a good-looking young man was peeking in on her. Settle down Janet told herself, this is the young son of an important business associate. Suddenly she was very much aware of her panties caressing her between her legs, as her gusset grew wet with her juice.

However, Janet was enjoying teasing the young man too much to stop. She couldn’t remember when she had had so much fun. She would have chastised herself for leading him on had she not had a little too much to drink. Still it was refreshing and ego boosting for her to have a young man panting around her like a puppy. Even with her intake of alcohol, she was in control of the situation she thought.

The next time Janet saw Chris, he was standing outside getting a bit of fresh air. She walked up to him and said, “Kind of stuffy in there huh?”

Chris jumped and almost spilled his coke, splashing some on his shirt.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” Janet said with a laugh, using a napkin to wipe some of the soda from Chris’s shirt.

“It’s so nice out here tonight,” Chris said after he recovered from the embarrassment of being a klutz.

“Yes it is and the music is such a nice touch,” Janet said referring to the soft music coming from speakers around the patio.

“I set that up a couple of years ago as a surprise for my mom’s birthday,” Chris said proudly. “She likes to sit out here and watch the sun go down.”

“Well, let’s not waste the music, how about a dance?” Janet asked, suddenly wanting to be held in the young mans arms. She needed to be wanted tonight, even if it was a boy young enough to be her son.

“Uh…well, I’m not very good,” Chris said hoping that that wouldn’t change her mind.

“That’s okay, I haven’t danced in years either. We’ll step on each other’s toes,” Janet said and güvenilir casino took both of their drinks and sat them on a table then held her arms open to Chris.

Chris stepped close to Janet and was immediately surrounded by the sweet smell of her perfume and then her arms. He was very careful that he didn’t press too hard into her as he began to move around on the patio. But then he felt HER move closer, pressing her body to him. He could feel her soft breasts against his chest as her arms held him tight. When she laid her head on his shoulder he knew that he was lost. He was mortified when he started to become excited. But when he tried to move his hips back he felt Janet’s thigh press between his legs.

Again Janet was very much aware of what she was doing to the young man. She couldn’t miss the fact that he was becoming erect. While she knew that she shouldn’t be doing this, her alcohol dimmed brain made it seem alright, a little harmless teasing she told herself. She placed her hands behind his neck and swayed her body close to his.

Chris didn’t know what to do. If he pulled back, she would surely know that he was excited. Yet he also knew that she could have little doubt about what she was doing to him. He could feel her hipbone rubbing against his now totally engorged penis. Chris knew that Janet was inebriated and could be forgiven for her actions, however he had no excuses for his actions. Yet he was still a young man with raging hormones.

Janet couldn’t suppress a little moan of pleasure when Chris’s hands wandered down her back to the tops of her hips. It felt so good to have a strong body pressed to hers. She felt pressure from Chris’s hands as he pulled her hips into his more than obvious hardness. Her body melted into him, their feet no longer moving, dancing with hips and upper body only.

Chris could feel chills run up and down his spine as Janet’s hand came up and slid through the hair on the back of his head. The fingers caressed him; her finger nails gently scratching his skin. Her softness and sweet smell was exciting him beyond his wildest dreams. His hands slid all the way down to the soft cheeks of her ass. He took one in each hand and massaged them, pulling her into his body.

“There you are,” a voice boomed from the open patio door.

Chris pulled away from Janet as if he were scalded by hot water. Quickly he stepped over to the table to hide his excited state from his father. He was glad his back had been turned or his dad would have seen his hands on Dr. Redmond’s ass.

“Dr. Redmond, I have someone I want you to meet,” Tom said. “Can I steal her from you for a minute Chris?”

“Uh, yea, sure, I was just going to uh…get another drink,” Chris said as he grabbed his coke from the table. He kept his hands in front of him in an attempt to hide the tent in his pants. Fortunately his dad didn’t seem to notice as he reached for Janet’s hand to lead her back into the house.

Janet turned back to Chris as she walked away, her eyes flashing excitement, and said, “Thanks for the dance, we’ll have to finish it sometime.” And then she disappeared through the crowd of people.

Chris headed into the house and toward the stairs; he had every intention of taking care of his problem. Unfortunately he was stopped by several of his mother’s friends wanting to know what he was doing with himself and how he liked school etc, etc. It was over a half-hour before he could break away and continue his quest for relief. Obviously it wasn’t mean to be, for no sooner had he taken off his clothes and jumped into bed then he heard a knock at the door. His dad opened the door almost before he could get the sheet over his erection.

“Chris, I need a big favor,” Tom said as he stepped into the room.

“Uh…sure dad, what’s up?” Chris replied, holding the sheet away from his hard penis.

“Well, Dr. Redmond has had a little too much to drink and I don’t think she should drive home. Will you take her home for me, please? I would do it but I have a few guests left and it would be rude for me to leave them right now.”

“Sure dad,” Chris said, almost too eagerly. “Just let me get dressed.”

“Thanks son, I owe you big.”

“Big enough to pay for my parts to the Vet?” Chris teased his dad.

“Well, maybe not that big but maybe I’ll pay for your education,” Tom said, one upping his son.

“Alright, alright, you win,” Chris said with a smile as if it was an imposition for him to take the sexy woman home. Wild horses couldn’t have kept Chris from taking Dr. Redmond home. In fact, he would have paid his dad for the opportunity.

Chris was in a rush to get downstairs so he found a pair of jogging shorts and a tee shirt. He was in such a hurry that he didn’t even bother with underwear. When he arrived downstairs he found his father at the door in a conversation with Dr. Redmond.

“I’mmmmmm finnnnnneeee to drivvvveee,” she slurred.

“No you’re not. I don’t intend to lose my best customer to a traffic accident or let her get arrested for DWI,” Tom said as he held the keys to her car away from her. “Chris can take you home.”

“Ohhhhh,” Janet said turning to look at Chris, her eyes burning into him.

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