5 Şubat 2021

A Tender Night


It’s late and the snow has piled up. I don’t want to see you drive home and invite you to stay overnight. You agree and I show you to the guest room. The phone rings, so I leave you and head downstairs. You remove your jeans and socks and slip into bed.

When I return, I find you snug in bed, but wide awake. I enter the room to say goodnight and ask to give you a goodnight kiss. You smile and say that it would be fine. My lips gently graze against yours. Our lips continue this way until I take your bottom lip between my lips and gently pull. I repeat this with your top lip. Our kissing quickly gets hot and passionate.

I know that you are a virgin, but decide to take the risk and I ask if you want me to join you in bed. You hesitate, but finally relent. I quickly strip down to my black briefs, pull back the covers, and snuggle in next to you. We are on our sides, facing each other. I put one arm under your head, bring my other arm around your waist and to your back and pull us closer. We look deeply into each others eyes. I tell you that you look beautiful and that we will go at your pace and that I will stop whenever you want. I teasingly rub my nose against yours like the Eskimos do.

We resume kissing passionately. I move my hand from your back to the side of your waist up your side and rest it under your breast. I begin caressing you with my fingers as we kiss. My other hand slides to the back of your neck. I run my fingers up, take your hair between my fingers, and gently pull your head back. I begin kissing and licking your neck. I work my way up to your ear. I run my tongue under your ear lobe then behind your ear. I trace the edge of your inner ear with the tip of my tongue.

As I do this, my other hand begins to undo the buttons on your blouse: the top button, the second one, the third, until they are all undone. I slip it over your shoulder to expose one half of your chest. I stop kissing to steal a glance at your breast and the perfectly erect nipple. I cup your breast in my hand and being kissing casino şirketleri down your neck. I circle the outermost part of your breast and slowly begin kissing and licking my way toward the center. Up, around, down, under, up, around, down, under…circling closer toward your nipple. I make one final close circle before pulling my head back. I teasingly blow a thin stream of air though my lips and onto your tit and the area directly around it.

I take your waist and help you roll from your side onto your back. I stop blowing on your tit and ever so softly and gently rub the tip of my tongue against the tip of your nipple. I do this 3 or 4 times, before running my tongue in tight little circles around your nipple. I lick my lips to get them moist and take your tit between my lips and pull and suck it. While it’s between my lips, I flick my tongue over the tit. I continue sucking, pulling, even playfully biting your tit for a few minutes.

I kiss across your chest and open your blouse to expose your entire chest. Before I reach your other tit, I bring my head up and we kiss on the lips before I continue down and begin kissing and sucking your other tit. My free hand begins to work your other nipple. I run your tit between my thumb and finger and then I start pulling it. I rub my thumb over it while my other fingers caress your entire breast. I continue to suck and pull your other nipple with my lips. Your breathing begins to quicken and your soft moans become more frequent.

The hand that was on your breast caresses its way down your belly and abdomen and finally rests between your legs, palm down. You instinctively spread your legs so that I can work my hand up further in between your legs. I rest it squarely on your sex. I begin slowly massaging you, my hand working up and down and ever so slowly until eventually your pelvis and my hand find a rhythm.

As you relax, your legs come up further, your knees raise and then spread, your feet remain flat on the bed. I continue sucking your tit and rubbing you casino firmaları between your legs for a while. Our moans and heavy breathing filling the room with an exquisite sexual soundtrack.

I ask if I can slip my hand into your panties. You say ‘yes’ breathlessly. I bring my hand to the top of your panties, slip my fingers inside and rest my hand on your slit. You are very warm and moist. I begin stroking your slowly, working and massaging your soft folds of flesh. My thumb rubs tight little circles around your clit.

I slip my hand out of your panties and bring it to my face. I lick my fingers and thumb and return them to their continue their duty between your legs. I return my face to your breast, where I take your tit between my lips and continue sucking, pulling, and licking your nipple.

We continue this way for a while…until finally, I ask if it’s okay to slip off my briefs and get down between your legs. You don’t say anything. I reassure you, saying that I will not enter you, but will only rub myself against you. You agree and let out a little moan.

I quickly slip my briefs off, my cock sticks straight up at attention with a drop of pre-cum appearing at the tip. I kneel at your side, work my fingers into your panties, and slip them down your legs and over your raised feet. I take the backs of your knees, spread your legs, and move myself in between them. I reach down and spread the pre-cum over the length of my dick.

I pause to run my eyes over your body, your beautiful face, your neck, your breasts and firm nipples, your waist, your pelvis, the moist, slightly swollen lips between your legs. I nearly explode with excitement, but I hold off.

I move in closer, take the base of my cock between my thumb and two fingers and rub the head of my dick over your lips: all the way up and over your clit, then down over your lips to the bottom of your slit. I rub you like this a few times until you let out a moan.

I pull back, kneel in closer, lower myself, take my cock and lay it güvenilir casino flat against your lips, the head laying up above your clit. I lower myself on you so that my penis is flat against your lips in order to give us friction. I balance on my hands which are on each side of you and I press my pelvis against yours.

We each arrange ourselves so that we are comfortable. You raise your knees higher, lift your feet up off the bed, and tilt your pelvis back. Slowly, I begin to move so that my cock begins massaging your clit and lips. You reciprocate by moving your hips and pelvis so that you are rubbing against my hardened, thick cock.

We move together and find a nice steady rhythm. I love the feel of your inner thighs and legs moving in rhythm around my outer thighs. Between your moisture and the pre-cum from my cock, we are well lubricated and the slight sloshing sound coming from between our legs melds perfectly with our breathing and moaning.

I continue as long as I can and I sense that you are building to an orgasm. I try to hold off, but pick up the pace moving harder and faster, my penis sliding up and down over your lips and clit.

I can’t hold off any longer. I lean back onto my knees, grab my cock in my fist and stroke it. Almost immediately, it spasms and and I squirt a load of cum onto your belly. As I cum, you start rubbing one of your tits and your clit. A few more spasms and squirts and I let out a few moans of pleasure. I work my fist from the bottom of my dick to the head, milking my penis for every drop of semen.

As I finish, I watch as your back arches and your heels dig into the bed. Your fingers pulling your tit, while your other hand works at your clit. You moan loudly, your body stiffens, and your face scrunches as you lose yourself in your own orgasm.

Finally we calm down a bit, our breathing still quick, but slowing. Our eyes meet and we smile, then giggle, then we burst into laughter. I reach over for my tee shirt and wipe your belly clean before wiping my dick and hand.

I lay back down next to you, and ask you to roll over, I snuggle up behind you, my pelvis pressing into your bottom as we take our positions spooning. I reach down and pull the covers up and we drift off into a deep satisfying sleep.

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