7 Şubat 2021

A Strangers Cum Part Four


A Strangers Cum 4

When we arrived home I headed for the shower intending to get rid of a load as Sues story had me erect all afternoon but before I even had a chance to soap it up Kathy joined me, I soon had her pinned to the wall as I fucked her hard and fast from behind and luckily she was as horny as me and we both came within minutes.

Satisfied I dried off and headed out the back in the nude to do some yard work while Kathy made preparations for dinner.

While I was working Sue came out and sat in the hot tub and I’m pretty sure she was playing with herself underwater, Kathy joined her a few minutes later so Sue continued her story ….

Well after the concert I just couldn’t seem to get enough and John kept encouraging me so anytime I knew I couldn’t be seen by anyone we knew I would seduce someone into sex.

It didn’t matter if they were old or young, gorgeous or ugly, I just wanted their cum.

We tried some swingers clubs but I would be lucky to get one or two loads a night as everyone seemed intent on having full on long lasting sex.

I stopped wearing panties and always had a skirt on so I could have sex quick with nothing in the way.

We went to known Dogging spots a few times a week and they were always good on a weekend but not much happening during the week.

Although I felt pretty guilty we found skating ramps were great as it didn’t take much to get every boy there to fuck me one after the other and they always came quick and usually two or three times but a few of the boys were way too young and didn’t even have hair on their balls, I always felt really guilty as I looked at their young faces while they fucked me, although I always had an orgasm when they did I’m not even sure if they squirted anything inside me.

After a few visits there would be dozens of boys turn up, so we would have to drive past and find somewhere a bit quieter.

I was feeling particularly in the mood one evening and the place we had visited the last few times had around 15 boys turn up so I decided to stop, John was ecstatic as he laid out the blanket and got them to stand in a line and make themselves ready while he videoed … most only lasted a few seconds inside me and I came so much my muscles cramped and we had to stop, when we watched the video later John counted 41 boys fucking me.
The word had gotten out and there would have been 25 different boys there when we left.

John had gotten into the bad habit of only lasting a few seconds in our sex so even though he licked me out quite often our private sex life was getting worse.
He always came in me two or three times after a strangers session whether I wanted him to or not.

We were spending a fortune on fuel and motels driving to other towns where John would go out and pick up some strangers and bring them back to the hotel.
John started asking them to chip in some money but the guys then “wanted their moneys worth” and I had to do some pretty disgusting things to put on a show, some of it was quite fun like sitting on beer bottles, sliding down on the corner posts of the hotel bed etc etc.
One night while I was bent over the hotel bed surrounded by 5 guys, a guy had just finished and pulled out when his dog jumped on my back and started humping me, I was in the middle of an orgasm and couldn’t do anything to stop it happening so the dog found my hole and pounded into me then got his knot stuck, I could feel It squirting and squirting and squirting, I couldn’t help it but each time it squirted my orgasm just got bigger and bigger, I just kept cumming and cumming.
Another guy got in front of me so excited he held my bahis firmaları head and fucked my mouth so deep I passed out from lack of air.

I came too again but was stuck on that damn dog for about 20 minutes.

“how could you” said Kathy interrupting Sues story
“there was nothing I could do about it” said Sue meekly “once that dog got in nothing could stop him until he finished himself off inside me”
“oh my gawd” I croaked [I had forgotten all about the gardening and jumped in the hot tub]
Kathy said “umm, I think I might go put dinner on”

After Kathy left Sue said sadly “I don’t think mum liked that bit at all” then looked at me and noticed the movement in front of me.

My dick was bobbing about all on its own, if it wasn’t for the water you would have seen the precum oozing out.

“I guess most men seem to like it though” Sue said “so maybe I better not tell mum this bit”

Sue continued ……

John had been trying to get me out but the guys just blocked him and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Well I was just overcome and had collapsed on the ground so the men just picked me up and laid me on my back with my pussy close to the edge of the bed and took it in turns to dump there loads into me while I just lay there having mild short orgasms as they unloaded.

Then they got the dog to lick me and it went to town pushing that long tongue up inside my pussy to get every bit of cum it could.
I just lay there and let it happen because it felt good and I didn’t have the energy to resist, one of the guys noted the dogs dick had come out again so they lifted the dog up on me and tried to insert it, I’m ashamed to say that I reached down and guided his dick into place, as soon as it felt it go inside the dog started fucking me so fast I couldn’t believe it.
I came before it started shooting, then again when its knot popped in and out a few times then just about continuously as I felt its dick jerk time after time after time filling me to overflowing.

Once again I was stuck on his knot for ages but once he pulled it out he turned to lick me so I held his face in position while his long tongue cleaned me out.

One of the guys poked his dick in my face so I just opened my mouth and he jerked off onto my tongue, another quickly followed and the dog got away, two of the other guys fucked my pussy before I could move away but the other one couldn’t get it up.

I crawled over to the corner where the dog was and the guy came up behind me and started fucking me while I talked to the dog.
I was rubbing the dogs sheath trying to get his dick to come out when the guy started cumming in me, I then reached forward and sucked the dog trying to get it hard again but John finally got free and pulled me away saying I was disgusting and that enough was enough.

I didn’t care and was pleading with John “just make him do me one more time … please John please”

The other guys were all laughing and calling me names

John got really mad and dragged me out to the car naked and drove home even leaving our clothes behind on the floor.

“so you liked it then” I grinned at Sue and laughed
“almost as much as you” laughed Sue and pushed a foot up between my legs touching my balls and making me jump.
I stretched my foot out under the water and ran it up between her legs then ran my big toe between her pussy lips.
“stop it, I’m turned on enough as it is” grinned Sue so I angled my toe down and pushed at her opening.
Sue just groaned then lifted up a bit and squirmed down over my toe, the feeling of her pussy enveloping my toe was incredible and I started stroking my cock kaçak iddaa until I arched up and shot several times into the air splashing down into the water.

Sue was breathing heavy and moving her pussy round in circles while her hand was busy under the water; then I felt my toe get squeezed rhythmically as she had a small orgasm with only a small moan escaping her lips to be the only give away as to what was happening underwater.

“Well that’s a first” breathed Sue
“me too” I grinned, “felt pretty good actually”

“now where were we?” said Sue ……..

John and I didn’t say a word to each other for a fortnight, we didn’t have sex, I didn’t even have any strangers but I started looking at dog porn to get myself off.

When we finally started talking, John got mad again when I asked if we could get a pet dog, we had another argument and when he told me we couldn’t afford a pet mouse let alone a huge pet dog I found out we were several thousand dollars in debt and getting worse each day as the interest was mounting.

We had tried getting people to pay us for sex but the money wasn’t much so we probably had to sell something to get us out of the loop.

I remembered an ad I saw and spent the day searching the porn sites for it then went to a pay phone and rang up the number.

When John got home I carefully broached the subject telling him I had found a way to get us out of debt.

I told him there was a job going making 12 sex movies and having an audience for each one, there would be a different movie each night for 6 nights then a night off and another 6 nights.
I would be wearing a special mask so no one would know who it was as I had given a false name when I enquired about it.
There would be a different stud each night for the movie and the 10 person audience each had the option of fucking me after the show, and apparently most would take that option.
I would be paid part each night with the remainder after I completed the 12 shows.

John was astounded saying he didn’t think that movies/shows paid that much which is when I dropped the clanger.

I would be wearing a dog mask and nothing else … and the studs were all different dogs!!

At first John said no way saying look at the trouble it caused last time etc etc

I kept reminding him how much it was.

He said he would think about it for a few days.

I told him the reason there was so much money was the original actress had taken a drug overdose and they had everything booked in starting tonight so it was now or never

John mulled it over for a while than said OK, but it was the first and last time.

I also lied and told him they didn’t want partners around to muck up the show so they would have a taxi pick me up and take me home.

Anyway, the 12 episodes of “K9 Cunt” went really well and they begged me to comeback anytime as everyone could see I wasn’t putting on an act.
They didn’t have any more movies planned but the shows were always available.

So now we were out of debt mainly but needed a bit more to get on top and John wouldn’t let me go do more shows.

Kathy called for dinner so we headed in and over dinner Sue continued the story …

John then advertised for a quickie sex night.
I would be bent over a bench and the guys could fuck me from behind as fast as they wanted to without worrying about having to please the woman, it would cost them just $10.00 for up to 10 minutes.

Things went well for a couple of months and the clients came and went, we used a different motel each time and a different town each week.

I was getting plenty of orgasms John would kaçak bahis usually slip in the line up so he got to orgasm with me but then it all came crashing down one night when one of the guys patted me on the bum as he finished and said “thanks Sue”, another guy said “yeh it was great as usual Sue”

I turned around to see Johns ashen face and two of his best mates standing there grinning.

The grins were quickly gone as I went ballistic and demanded John take me home NOW!

We fought all the way home as I had been telling him all along I didn’t want to be recognised and he had invited his friends to use me several times already which is why John insisted I was bent over so I didn’t see them.
I found out there had been about 20 to 25 guys we knew who had fucked me without me knowing which is why I walked out and left him the other night.

Kathy spoke up “So John has turned you into a prostitute and forced you to have sex with animals … I say good riddance!”

“You know we can always move and buy a place with 2 bedrooms and you can stay with us” I said

“I do like the anonymous sex but I need someone to come back to, someone who is always there for me, someone who is a friend, someone I can just cuddle up to and share my pleasures, someone who doesn’t judge me” said Sue

“you know” mused Kathy, “that new hospital I was telling you about needs a male nurse from 6am to 2pm and a female nurse from 10pm to 6am so we could move over there, its 2000kms away so no one would know us!”

We talked for a while then headed off to bed and this time I was in the middle, Sue was telling us some more of her stories with Kathy particularly interested in the skate park ones.

I noted some movement between her legs and guessed that she was secretly playing with herself as she listened to the details, I had a raging hardon as well so I turned to Kathy and said “would you like to share the boys with Sue?”, would you like to feel them get on top of you and slide between your leg like this?” I asked as I rolled on top of her spreading her legs.
“would you like to feel them slide their young cocks into you and pump you until you came?” I said as I slowly built up speed.
Kathy only lasted a few seconds moaning out “oh gawd yes” as she came hard.
“then would you like to see him pull out of you, his young cock still hard and move over on top of Sue?” I asked “would you like to see him slide that young cock far up inside your daughter?” I asked as I rolled off her and started to slowly climb on top of Sue.
“Oh yes” said Kathy “I would love to watch that as the next boy climbs on top of me to fuck my cum filled pussy”
I moved on top of Sue and slid between her legs watching for any objection from Kathy but the lust in her eyes told me I was good to go so I slid my cock into Sues soaking wet pussy and in moments Sue came and I followed a minute or so later.
Kathy was breathing hard, her hand between her legs so I slid off Sue and ducked down to Kathy’s pussy and pushed my tongue inside her pussy as her fingers strummed her clit.
“Would you like to feel that young boy taste you with his tongue as you grab his head and guide him to where you want him to lick “ said Sue
I felt Kathy grab my head and move me up to her clit
“Would you like that young boy suck on your clit like a tiny penis” said Sue as I did just that.

Kathy had a shattering climax and laid there lifeless as I sat up and smiled at Sue.

“you would let me do that?” said Kathy with a wavering voice “would you really let me go down to a park with Sue and let those boys all use me?”

I laid down between my two girls and they both cuddled up to me

“Sure …if we can share a bed and our lives then you can share some fun with your daughter “ I grinned looking from one to the other.

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