2 Şubat 2021

A Schoolboy’s Fantasy

Big Tits

As with all my stories, you must be over 18 and unoffended by graphic descriptions of consenting sex between adults. I know this story is unfinished. This is the first time I’ve written a story from someone else’s perspective and by request. I’m not sure if I’ll continue it. Please feel free to leave me feedback or message me and let me know what you think. If I get enough positives, I will work on getting the rest of the story done. Thank you. ~ Angel


It’s amazing sometimes, the thoughts and feelings that one can conjure up just by remembering a certain time. For me, it’s always high school. The smell of fall takes me back to my senior year; the first time I had to take Mrs. Hadley’s geography class. I hated geography, and hoped to just breeze by. Unfortunately, she sat us alphabetically. Usually that’s not a problem. She decided to do it in reverse order and so suddenly, my “Whyet” last name brought me front and center. So much for back row goof-offs.

I found I didn’t mind this so much. It’s amazing how little it takes to set off a teenager’s mind in the perverted fashion. She was younger than most my teachers. I heard she was only in her mid-20’s. She had this long dark hair she wore up in a soft bun and these eyes that were like liquid smoke. Her skin was a dark crème and I felt like when she looked at me, my knees melted. I know, I know. I’m 18… I’m a teenage boy, anything turns me on, right? But when she’d come into class with her skirts on and turn around, letting them move and show her stockings, I could count on some kind of amazing boner to pop up.

I found myself fantasizing about her, about her under things and her likes and dislikes. She was always the victim in my fantasies. I’d find her stranded on the highway and offer her a ride, and she’d repay me with a blowjob. Sometimes it was her caught doing something she shouldn’t, and I’d get to fuck her to keep me quiet. I would cum hard and fast, hiding in the shower or under my covers after everyone went to bed. Sometimes in class, she’d look at me with that knowing grin and I’d swear she knew that all she had to do was lick those lips and I’d get a hard-on.

The class was full of the usual assortment of jokesters and brains. I always fell somewhere in the middle. I wasn’t a jock, so I didn’t have to worry about making the grade, and learning was something I did better outside. School progressed without any major problems for the first 9 weeks. I thought I was doing ok. I stayed awake… predominately by daydreaming about having sex with her! Furthermore, I didn’t talk back, and most of the time I did some of the homework, but only after thinking about fucking her!

One day though, I fell asleep and I guess my dreams got the best of me. I had a hard-on that a cat couldn’t scratch. When I woke up, the bell was ringing and Ms. Hadley was staring at me. I tried to cover it up with my books as I stood up, my face was burning and I knew it was red. How could I have fallen asleep?!? I knew what happened when I thought about her. As I was walking out, she stopped me, calling my name and asking me to come to her office after school. She didn’t look happy. I spent the rest of the day uneasy, wondering what she could do about what had happened.

Finally, the 3:05 bell rang and I walked down the hallway to her office. As she was new, it wasn’t the best one in the hall, set down at the end, no windows and next to the size of a broom closet, but she had livened it up in ways only female teachers can manage. I knocked, nervous, and waited. casino şirketleri

“Come in,” I heard her say. I pushed open the door and entered. She was sitting at her desk, grading papers. She looked up when I entered. “Hello Marcus. Please, sit down,” she motioned toward the chair on the other side of her. I sat, folding my hands in front of me and putting my book bag on my lap.

“Do you know why I asked you to meet me after class here?” she asked.

My mind leapt to lots of answers I’d love to hear, but none I’m sure would make her happy.

“Um, n-n-no,” I stuttered, nervous as hell. My palms were sweating like crazy. I tried to wipe them on my jeans without her noticing.

“Marcus, I’ve noticed you dozing off in class like that several times in the past few weeks. Each time, you stay asleep longer and seem to have… difficulty waking up correctly.” I noticed her cheeks were tinged with pink as she stumbled over saying I woke up with a hard on. “Is there some kind of problem at home, I should know about?”

My ears turned bright red. What should I say? ‘Hi teach, no problems… just that you make my dick hard and I beat off in the bathroom thinking about you?’

She coughed.

“Marcus, I don’t know,” she paused and sighed. “Look, I don’t know what’s going on at home, but your grades are being affected by your… ah… day dreaming, so to speak. I think you need to focus on what’s important to you right now. You have to be careful, you are close to getting a ‘D.’”

A ‘D’? Me? I mean, yeah… I fell asleep… but almost failing? I opened my mouth and she held up a finger. I sat back, frustrated and upset. She licked her lips.

“Ah, perhaps you would be interested in extra credit? There are tutoring programs available….” her voice trailed off. She watched my flushed face. I swear I saw her eyes dart to my lap as I fidgeted. Did she flush? Was it my imagination? Did her cheeks look pink and heated? God, she was so hot!

I leaned forward and stood up. I had to try, I had to, even if it got me in trouble.

“Look, Ms. Hadley, I don’t want to do any tutoring with some student who’s going to laugh at me. Don’t you think you could find a way to help me out? I promise I’ll try to stay awake and work harder on my home work.…” I let my voice trail off and stared hard at her. Her eyes darted to my crotch. Since I was standing up, this was basically eye level. She took a deep breath. She looked up at me and caught me staring down her shirt. Had I mentioned her breasts? Oh my god, they were perfect. I don’t know if they were real or not but they were shaped like perfect little melons, tight and full and high.

She stood up. “Sit down now, Mr. Whyet, before I call someone to come and remove you!” She was flushed and breathing heavier. “What exactly is it there that you think I can do for you? You don’t pay attention, you don’t do the required reading, you don’t always do your homework and you barely pass the tests! You’re not giving good enough effort! There doesn’t seem to be much else I could do for you.” I blushed as she paused and sighed. Summer school for sure was my only option.

She walked around to where I was sitting and faced me. Taking my hand in hers, she leaned forward, gapping that blouse right where her cleavage started! Oh my god, I could see her tits! She looked at me. “I want to help you, I hate the thought of a student of mine not passing.”

She was looking right at me, her hands were perilously close to brushing my cock, which was hard and throbbing, and her casino firmaları lips were parted, like she was thinking of kissing me. I could have cum, hard as ever, right then. She slowly started to slide her hand up my palm. What was she doing? Did she realize what she was getting closer to…? I gulped and wiggled a little. Wrong thing to do, I guess. In wiggling, her hand slid off mine and onto my jean-clad leg. I could feel her heat burning through to my thigh. My cock lurched in response and I jerked a little, gasping. She looked up at me and our eyes locked. I think she did know.

I kept my eyes glued to hers as I felt her hot hand slide up my thigh. My palms were flat on the tops of my thighs, I could feel myself breathing in and out and hear every single pump of blood as it pounded through my body. My heart felt like it was going to explode. What was she doing??!?!! She was TOUCHING ME!!

‘Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh! Oh! Oh!’ was all that was going through my mind. I couldn’t think straight and I was frozen.

She didn’t remove her eyes from mine as her hand finally covered my hard dick. I could feel her nails on me as she slowly rubbed up and down my length. I was in Nirvana. She blinked and I saw her lick her lips as she finally broke eye contact to look down. I, too, looked down. Her hand, softly creamy, with its nicely painted nails, was sliding up and down my jeans covering my dick and reaching between my thighs to tease against my balls. My legs were open? I didn’t remember that. Her other had was stroking my side and arm, just slowly running up and down. I looked down at it, and watched it slide up under my t-shirt.

“Do you want me to… stop?” she asked softly, her hand never moving off me. Stop? STOP? Was she nuts? No, I didn’t want her to stop! This was like a living fantasy! I wanted her to keep on touching me, to strip me naked, to use my body, to fuck me crazy like I was her little bitch!

“Um, n-n-no, no I don’t want you to… aahhh… stop, please….” The last word came out as a whisper as she slowly started to reach for my top button. Do you remember button fly jeans? I do. I loved them. I wore them constantly. I could feel her fingers fumbling with the buttons, my dick hard and the tip wet as she did. Should I help her? Did she want my help? Was I making a mistake? Probably, but no way in hell was I going to stop her.

Suddenly I realized what an idiot I was. I was sitting spread-eagled in my teacher’s office, her hands on my dick and at the clasp, mine lying akimbo at my sides. Why wasn’t I touching back? If she had the nerve to touch me, I certainly could touch back. I reached up and touched her hair. She always had it up and I wanted to see it down. I started taking out the pins and it slowly slid down her cheek and over her chest. I ran my hands down with it, tugging lightly. She didn’t stop undoing my pants.

Lifting my ass to help her, she slid my jeans down a bit and tugged on my tighty whiteys. My cock was throbbing and my hands were shaking and I felt nervous and sick to my stomach while being so excited I could hardly breathe, all at the same time. I felt her hot breath on my underwear-covered dick and I moaned. She looked up at me as I ran my hands through her hair. She smiled and started to push them down. I lifted my ass, again, and then they were on my thighs and her breath was hitting the hair on my crotch.

I looked down and watched with amazement as her hand with its soft fingers grabbed my dick, which was rock hard, and started to stroke it. My hands dug into güvenilir casino her hair and I know my hips moved closer. I didn’t want to push her, but I felt like if I didn’t feel her mouth on my dick soon, I’d die from wanting. Her lips were wet when she sucked in the head and started bobbing up and down, running her tongue all over. I laid back and just moaned. I couldn’t think straight. Her mouth on my dick sucking it was all that I could focus on. At that moment, I don’t even know if I was able to breathe. I pushed her hair back so I could see her cheeks puff out when she sucked it in. Her cool hand hit my balls and I groaned.

She stopped and looked up at me. “Should I stop?” She asked. I shook my head. I thought to myself, ‘Oh God! Don’t Stop! Don’t Stop! Don’t STOP!’ But, I managed to remain silent.
“Then why don’t we both get more comfortable?” She stood up and started to unbutton her top. Suddenly shy and nervous, I stood and quickly pushed my jeans down, kicking off my sneakers and socks when they caught at my feet. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and then stood there, dick hard, hands fidgeting, while I waited for her to finish. She had undone the snap on her skirt and dropped it. She wore those old-fashioned garter hose, the kind that had the snap on the top and a belt around the woman’s waist. Even sexier than that was the fact that SHE HAD ON NO PANTYS! All day, she had stood in front of the class with NO PANTIES on. I couldn’t imagine it!

She grinned up at me and put her foot between my legs, on the edge of the chair, and started to undo her hose. She pulled them down and off and then switched to the other leg. She never stopped looking at me. Her breasts were pushed up and together in this white lace bra that looked like spun sugar. . I slowly reached up and touched. I couldn’t believe it. Every bell and whistle in my mind was spinning and blowing and I think my dick got about 10 inches longer. I was SO excited! I leaned in and inhaled. I didn’t mean to but at that moment, I knew I’d never forget the smell of this little room and this sexy ass lady standing in front of me. She smelled like every wet dream I’d ever had.

She pulled back and smiled and put her hands over my hands on her tits. Pushing them against her chest, she rubbed them around a bit to give me the idea before reaching down and starting to stroke my dick. I leaned back against the desk and she dropped to her knees. I just held myself up while she started to suck and lick on my cock. My hands found their way into her hair and I tightened them against it, tugging on her hair and just groaning. It felt so good! I’d never had anyone suck my dick before! She took her teeth and nibbled and her tongue and licked and I wanted to just squirm into the ground. Her nails dug into my balls and I could feel the blood rushing through my whole body. I know I was jerking and shaking.

“Oh God.. Oh God.. Ohhh ohhh.” I couldn’t stop myself from groaning out loud. My hands got tighter and I know I had to be pulling her hair hard. I felt her nails dig in to my ass and pull my cheeks apart. My legs spread wider and I was thrusting up into her mouth. I couldn’t not think about what was going on but God knows I didn’t want her to stop. She suddenly slid a finger into my ass as she sucked my dick as far back as she could go. I felt the head hit the back of her throat and that finger hit my prostate and I suddenly exploded. I saw stars. I know that sounds cliché, but I did. It’s like I had cum flowing from my toes and ears down to my dick. I know I had a hold of her head and didn’t let her pull back but I could feel her swallowing and gulping and slurping. I shook and shook and shook.

Somehow, I slid over to the chair and melted into the seat. She had sat back and wiped her lips off, smiling at me.


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