2 Şubat 2021

A REAL Happy Easter


I wasn’t too thrilled about having to wear a rabbit outfit. The Easter play was going to be a quick one, yet I knew that I would sweat out at least ten pounds while “entombed” in the furry covering. The nice part about the whole affair was that I was not going to be just any rabbit. The Easter play was the inspired idea of a great fan of Lewis Carroll. I was going to be the Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. It was even better news when I found out that you were going to be Alice. It was going to be servitude to perform in such an outfit, but the benefits would far outweigh the discomfort.

My costume, though very light on the topside, was so bulky at the bottom that I found that I needed to borrow a friend’s van to move all of its dimensions. There wasn’t a mask at all, which pleased me until I found out that I would still be covered in thick face paint. I feel like the Elephant Man, shuffling as well as I could down the sidewalk and wedging myself tightly behind the steering wheel. I wanted few people to see me in such a garish outfit.

I almost told you that I wouldn’t be able to give you a ride to the performance, yet you seemed highly sympathetic to my plight. I was glad that I didn’t decline you a ride as you stepped out from your front door every bit “Alice”. Your long blond hair was combed out straight and held back by a traditional Victorian clasp. Though the blue and white dress revealed very little of your shapely figure, I found myself staring blindly at your firm legs encased in sheer, white stockings that disappeared enviably under the hem of your dress. You smiled sweetly as you stepped up through the passenger door and hopped up onto the Captain’s chair next to me. The must and layers of sweat that resided in the costume were evicted from my sinuses as all I could smell now was the heavily aroma of tea-olive. The suit and the make-up hid well what would have been some embarrassing physical responses to how provocatively you were dressed. I found myself taking deeper breaths just so I could think even wilder thoughts.

The play was a success. It was for “the kids”, so how can such a classical children’s’ story be a flop. The costumes were enough to keep them happy, and many wanted a chance to scratch the Rabbit behind the ears, or drink tea with the Mad Hatter after the performance was done. “Alice” seemed to attract the attention of a number of father’s at the performance; go figure.

The director was merciful to us all for he kept the mingling to the bare minimum. He had plans for that afternoon, as did many of us trapped under the layers of costumes and make-up. There was some time to chitchat with a few others of the cast as we proceeded to the parking lot. The Mad Hatter wasn’t all that “Mad” as he offered us some cold beers he had stashed away in his cavernous coats pockets. I found myself wanting to work more with such method actors.

There would have been more small talk, yet I found that the costume was beginning to get itchy in the Spring heat of the South. Sensing my increasing discomfort, you quickly ushered us away from the Mad Hatter and back to the van. In no time, the A/C was blowing on high and I was draped over the dashboard trying to place any opening in the costume casino şirketleri over an available vent. I glanced over and found that you were doing the same yet with more success. You of course were wearing a dress.

The van filled with the sweetness of your perfume. You sat there in the passenger seat; your legs spread slightly, the hem of your dress up over the dashboard vents. Not only was the smell of your perfume overwhelming but also the sight of your body so arranged was arousing. Your legs looked so perfect in the stockings as you raised them up and rested your feet onto the top of dash. It was only when I saw you smiling at me that I realized that I had been staring at you. Your only response was, “Let me help you get out of that suit.” You extended a hand to me and led me to the back of the van.

You lead me through the Captain’s chairs into the back of the van. Standing there, in the cooling rush of air, you turn around and soon we are kissing. Your lips rub against mine as our tongues caress each other wetly. My velveteen arms wrap around your waist and my mittened hands cup what I can of your bottom. Your hands dive and rise through the furry folds of the costume. I hear you moan through our kiss as you relish the feel of the fur in your hands. It seems to excite you more.

I feel a lot through the costume, but I don’t feel your hand descend between my legs. Though the costume is very baggy at my crotch, you do feel something hard under the folds. We separate from our kiss, and I look upon you smiling. Your face has white patches from where the make-up has rubbed off. You coo sheepishly as your hand continues to rub the furry member you have discovered.

You have me lie down on my back with the intent of disrobing me. I would hope that you would move quickly, yet your actions are deliberately clumsy. It seems that you have adopted the persona of someone naive to what rabbits hide in their clothes. The effect is even more alluring and with charm.

Your hands open a seam in the costume at my crotch. They disappear into the costume. I feel your hands fumble with the layers of clothing beneath. It is when your soft hands come into contact my flesh that I grasp blindly with my mittens at anything. The pleasure is intense, and you smile coquettishly at having caused it.

As your hands rub it gently, I expect you to take it into your mouth. The cool air from the AC makes it seem to wilt. Before I get the chance to see you resurrect it with the warmth your mouth offers, you swing a stockinged leg over my chest. I look up only to see your back and two legs straddling my chest. With a whip of your hair, I see your head disappear. I feel my penis covered with warmth after that.

I lift up your dress and begin to look for where the two stockings end. The dress gathers neatly above your bottom. I see the tops of the stockings joined at your waist by a white garter belt. Underneath the lingerie, I see a damp pair of white cotton panties. That is what I have been seeking.

The sensations on my penis are incredible. You seem to enjoy alternating the sensations between the cold air of the van and the warmth of your mouth on my skin. The feeling of it in your mouth is arousing you, casino firmaları as well. Your free hand runs up and down the length of my furry thighs. There is very little assistance that I need trying to remove your panties. When you sense that I want to get at what is in them, you pause briefly to whip them off. Soon, our mouths are pressed firmly to each others wet, flushed skin.

Only by my urging do you pull the mittens from hands. I promise you that I will massage your naked body with them later when we get back to my place. In the meantime, I need my fingers free so they can help my lips pull and rub at your clit. The other hand caresses your bottom as I gently massage your rectum with the thumb. You have tortured me with hot and cold, it is my turn to torture you with my fingers and lips. I seem to be doing a good job as you can only push back onto my face harder. You want to grind your mons down onto my face but without suffocating me.

We lay on the floor of the van, kissing and tonguing each other with ticklish results. Our moans signal to each other that we are doing well with what we have before us.

I lick at your sweet lips. You have found a happy medium between suffocating me and allowing me to raise the level of your pleasure with my mouth. My thumb is now pressed fully into the puckered skin of your bottom. I love it as your mouth bathes my skin with saliva. I shudder involuntarily as you gently massage my testicles with a free hand. I feel you rub my erect flesh across your lips, your cheeks, your face.

In our fumbling in the van, I accidentally knock over an Easter basket that my friend had left. My hand settles on soft chocolate eggs that have been sitting in the heat while we were performing. As well, I hear the familiar sound of a windup toy’s motor; an egg with chicken’s feet that cause it to hop across the carpeted floor to me. Inspiration seizes my mind.

While you continue to assault my penis with your mouth, I unwrap one of the chocolate candies and place it on my tongue. It is there for just a minute as I press my mouth back to your clit. The creamy feeling against your sensitive skin causes you to sigh. This is minor compared to what happens after I press the windup toy to your rectum.

Having wound it up tightly, I press the round egg part of it into your rectum as my mouth vigorously massages your clit with the chocolaty goo. The vibrations from the tiny toy motor cause you to seize up from the incredible feeling it causes. I feel one of your hands grasp my leg tightly as the other almost pulls my cock from its root. A high pitched cry emerges from your throat as you shudder. You become wild with the sensations filling your body. I hear you use words that I never thought I would hear on a Sunday. You are coming, and it is a cacophony of moans, cries, profanity and joy. I almost suffocate as you grind down onto my mouth.

As your orgasm subsides, you turn around quickly and thrust your tongue into my mouth. You straddle my body and run your hands through my hair, pressing my face to yours. You search my mouth with yours for any leftover chocolate. It is heavenly. You stop only to look into my eyes and tell me how good you felt. In the dim lighting of the güvenilir casino van, you look angelic; your face hovering over mine. How quickly it develops a devilish grin as you plop a chocolate on your tongue and press it into my mouth. The sweetness of the chocolate with the sweetness of your kiss is decadent. I savor the taste of both. It is broken only by you putting another chocolate on your tongue and smiling that same devilish smile as you turn away from me and return to my soft, wavering penis poking out of the costume.

I gaze down at you as you extend your tongue, coated with soft, gooey chocolate and began to paint the skin of my penis with it. Reddened skin develops a dark brown tone as you proceed to run your tongue up one side of it and then down the other. You stop only to let me clean the remaining chocolate from your mouth with mine, then put another piece of chocolate into your mouth to let it soften. In no time, my penis is erect and covered with slick layer of saliva and soft chocolate. The corners of your mouth are the same way. Looking at you in the costume, you have the appearance of a young lady from an English boarding school caught during snack time. You gaze up at me as you lower your mouth onto my cock, clearly intending to finish your snack.

I am frozen at the sight of you giving me head. The smell of your perfume, the smell of your body, the smell of chocolate; all of these things fill my nose. My eyes are filled with the sight of your mouth suckling on my penis. Each time you go down, there is less and less chocolate for your mouth to clean off. Your eyes constantly look up at mine, almost as if they are trying gauge when I have had enough and am ready to come. Your hair lies like fine straw across the costume, running in each and every direction from your scalp.

Wanting me to come, your send a hand into the costume again to massage my testicles. They cup them lightly yet firmly. Your other hand continues to stroke my cock as you remove your mouth quickly from my penis and lean up to me to kiss me again. You look deeply into my eyes and tell me that you want me to come. You descend again onto me letting those words echo in my mind.

The image of me being fully in your mouth, the sensation of your hands on my skin, it causes what you have been wanting. You feel my testicles tighten in their fleshy sack as my penis seems to grow in your mouth. You take me deeper into your mouth as you know what is coming next.

First, there is a slight, warm tickle in your throat. Then it suddenly feels larger as you feel my first jet explode into your mouth. That far back in your mouth, you have no taste of it but swallow it heartily. You move your mouth back further so that the next one lands on your tongue. It is hot and bitter, but blends nicely with the taste of sweet chocolate still lingering on your palate. You swallow again. This is repeated two more times as I groan loudly at your oral attention. You moan to yourself as the feeling of me coming in your mouth almost triggers another orgasm in you. The look of urgency fills your eyes as you look up at me again. My penis softening in your mouth, you move up onto me again, straddling my body with yours. We attempt to gain our breath back as we kiss each other deeply. I taste me on your lips. You taste you on mine. We both taste chocolate. The van running, the AC blowing, us lying together, we doze off in each other’s arms, knowing that the day isn’t over with yet.

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