6 Şubat 2021

A Penance of Twelve – Part 4


Denise falls off the wagon and damages the car of a young lawyer. Unable to pay for the repairs, she agrees to a series of twelve alternative payments, each of which she learns to enjoy as time goes on.

This is Part Four and Denise is now beginning to enjoy and explore her circumstances.

Story contents include nudity, oral sex, reluctance dominance and masturbation. Comments are welcome.
More to come!


A Penance of Twelve
Part 4

Denise was at her usual waiting spot a few minutes before 11:00 AM looking down from her second story window into the parking lot where she would be able to see his shiny car arrive. As he had demanded, she was nude and shaved…..and wet. The last part was something he had asked for at the end of the blowjob last week and it turned out that it was pretty easy to do.

After finishing her third of twelve blowjobs….the deal she had made after damaging the man’s expensive car, Denise masturbated most of the day until just before her husband returned home. Even then, she cooked and ate supper with a soaking wet pussy that emitted a wonderfully exotic fragrance that seemed to permeate the air. She imagined that Gary, her inattentive husband, would notice it and she had a slight hope that she may get some attention in bed that hadn’t been given for quite a long time. Sadly, it wasn’t to be.

Gary drank until late, muttering about how bad his day was and how tired he had been before turning in before midnight. Denise slid in next to him and nudged his side once, and then again, in hopes that she’d rouse him awake. When that didn’t work, she reached over and slid her fingers into his boxer shorts, quickly finding his flaccid penis which she stroked tenderly with the tips of her fingers and nails. To her surprise, he grunted once and his sleepy cock began to respond to her touch. Still snoring, he rolled over onto his back allowing Denise to massage her husbands dick until it was mostly hard. Not wanting to miss the chance, she rolled up and to her knees before tugging the nightshirt off her sweaty body. Lifting herself over his sleeping figure she positioned her wet, smooth cunt to receive the cock she had married and began to slide onto it.

Gary awoke with a start, finding his nude wife bent over his cock, breasts swaying as she pushed the head of his penis between her slippery pussy lips.

“Bitch!”, he snapped before swiping her off. “I’m tired enough without you ruining what little sleep I get. If you want to fuck, then go fuck yourself!”

Denise bounced back to her side of the bed. She cried quietly as Gary turned over, his back towards her nude and needy body.

“And what did you do to your cunt? Did you shave it? Are you a whore now?”, he asked.

“Fuckin’ bitch”, he muttered again.

For a few minutes, she sat at the edge of her side of the bed and sobbed. She was angry and confused. And horny. Her pussy was sore from the workout she had given it since she finished the blowjob and all she could think about was that man’s thick dick, his muscled thighs and how he had touched and treated her. He fingered her pussy. And her asshole, something that she had given up to no one. For her part, she had sucked his generous cock. Not once, but three times. And now, all she wanted was for her own husband to make love to her. Or just fuck her. She needed to be filled.

After catching her breath, Denise got up noticing that Gary’s snoring had started once again. In the bathroom she stood in front of the mirror, carefully looking at her breasts (too small in her mind), her tummy (too big in her opinion) and her shaved pussy. Her clit, still swollen from the excitement of the day begged for more attention and Denise gave in to her lusty needs, moaning out a climax as she pressed her pussy lips against the edge of the sink rim. Legs sore and shaking, she crept quietly back to bed where she fitfully slept the rest of the night.

Now, a week later she was as wet as she’d been that terrible night. Her pussy was freshly shaved and she somehow managed to leave herself alone since last Saturday night even though she desperately needed to climax. The long wait for her man that she obligated herself to suck off, the pussy shaving and the stripping was all that was needed to leave her glistened and wet between her legs.

She had thought about what she would do if she wasn’t already wet for him. After all, he had demanded that. Part of her excitement was doing what she was told. She never thought of herself as submissive and maybe she wasn’t but forcing bahis firmaları herself to suck him, swallow his seed, strip her clothes, shave her sex and submit to his fingers left her trembling in excitement. She was ashamed yet, at the same time, thrilled.

Denise shivered a bit and glanced out the window. No BMW in the parking lot and she turned up her pretty nose in disappointment. Grabbing the old vibrator that she had fished out of her makeup case, she walked back to the bedroom to put it away. It had fresh batteries and she had put it close by in case she wasn’t wet before his arrival. The plan was to lift one leg to the window sill and slide the vibrator along her clit and into her pussy while she waited for him. The thought of it excited her. Almost as if she were exposing herself in public. She imagined that her nudity in the window and the glorious feeling of a medium sized vibrator sliding into her aching body would be enough to get the juices running. Never mind that she was up on the second floor, in front of a grimy and small window. It was the thought of it all that was interesting. As it turned out, she didn’t need any extra help and, if anything, the vibrator would probably give her an immediate climax and that was something she was hoping to have with the man’s cock in her mouth.

At 11:00 AM on the dot, the sleek car pulled in from the street and slid into a parking space near the rear of the lot. He got out and looked up briefly before heading to the back entrance and the stairs leading up to her apartment. Denise stood at the window, wondering if he could see her naked body staring down at him. She heard his heavy footsteps on the stairs and turned towards the door as he approached.

She opened up at the very first knock and quickly stepped back to let him in. Not that she expected anyone else to peek at her nudity but she still felt humiliated and exposed. And for good reason. The man stepped in, leaving the door open behind him. He didn’t look at her face, instead staring down at her pert breasts with their hardening nipples. His glance continued down, settling on the bald, fleshy lips between her slightly parted thighs. He raised one eyebrow as he continued to stare at her sex. Finally, he looked up at her face.

“You look wet”, he said. “And, you smell wet”.

Denise blushed and stared at the floor.

“OK”, he said. “Let’s get to work.”

The man walked past her and headed to the chair; his normal resting place while she gave him head.

Denise walked over to the open door and began to swing it shut.

“Leave it open” he stated, pausing as he reached the armchair.

“But…..”, Denise stammered.

“What?”, he replied. “Are you expecting someone to come up and catch us? Is hubby coming home early? Leave it open!”

Denise struggled with what to do. She didn’t expect anyone to come up the stairs but still, the door was never left open. Worse, she would be on her knees in moments and her back was to that door. She knew that the position she’d be in while she serviced him would leave her ass and pussy quite exposed, particularly now that it was shaved completely bare. No one had seen her like this. Well, no one except this man who was removing his clothes as she pondered the situation.

Denise slowly walked back towards the man and the chair, leaving the door wide open behind her. He had already removed his jacket and shirt, folding them as he always had and neatly stacking them beside the chair. With his back towards her, he unbuckled his belt, kicked off his shoes and then sliding his pants and shorts off. With a final tug, he snapped his socks off before standing up.

Denise looked at his muscled back and strong ass. Just like the last time, she wanted to run over and grab him around his thick waist, finding the man’s penis with her hands and stroking it to near fullness before she did what she had to do. Instead, she waited.

Turning, he looked at her and smiled. His erection was as she liked it. Not quite hard but far from soft. The rest of his length and width would grow inside of her mouth. She couldn’t wait.

He sat down and spread his legs.

“Ready when you are my dear”, he said softly before reaching down and grabbing his dick at its base, pointing it in roughly the position it needed to be in when she slid it into her throat.

Denise stepped forward and then knelt. Reaching for the nightstand, she grabbed a scrunchie….the perfect solution to keep long hair in control while going down on a needy cock….and quickly tied her hair back. She opened her mouth and fitted her lips over his spongy, kaçak iddaa helmet head before closing them around the upper shaft of his thickened organ.

“Wait”, he said. “Closer.”

Denise paused just as she began her first suck of his penis. She felt his hands on her shoulders, then her breasts and then her waist. He was pulling her body closer between his legs and she wiggled forward, her lips still on the tip of his dick. Reflexively, she licked the sweet pre-cum that had gathered there as he fondled her breasts pulling her even closer. She wasn’t uncomfortable but it felt like he had gathered her up in a short, tight space. In fact, she had to tilt her head down more than usual to get the right angle on his cock.

“OK, that’s better”, he murmured before pushing lightly on the back of her head, urging her face onto his groin.

Denise tilted her head a little and sucked the man’s thickening meat into her mouth. The heady scent of his manhood lifted from his balls and mixed with the deliciously fragrant body wash that he used. Her hands found his balls and she stroked them lovingly, occasionally allowing her fingers to slip into the seam of his ass cheeks teasing close around his crinkled butt hole. She ran her hands up his torso, gently twisting his nipples before finding the thick muscles of his parted thighs to knead and stroke.

A gust of air blew outside the apartment and pushed the door back against the wall. The gently knocking sound coupled with the cool breeze that found its way into the room and ultimately between Denice’s legs startled the busy woman and she lifted her head from the mans now thick and long shaft. The quick suck of her lips as she lifted her head solicited a deep groan from her subject and he looked down.

Denise looked behind her, still holding the throbbing cock that she was working on. The cool air had brushed against her heady cunt and she quickly realized how wet she really was. Streams of pussy juice had worked their way down each of her parted thighs and she felt very wet and a little cold at the base of her pussy where numerous drips had gathered before falling on the floor beneath her. Fearfully, she stared at the door, worried at first that someone had come in, or maybe had just left and caught her sucking this mans cock. Had someone taken pictures? Had Gary come home early? A neighbor, a delivery….it could be anything. Her heart told her it was just the wind but her head was confused and worried that it was something more. On the other hand, her pussy told her to get back to work and that thought was seconded by a quiet grunt along with the mans large hand cupping her head and forcing it back onto his now rock hard cock.

Denise slurped her way back down his penis and back up again numerous times, slowing only once to catch her breath. His deep groans told her all she needed to know about the job she was doing and the thought of her exposed backside was so erotic that she could only imagine the orgasms she would have later in the day as she fantasized about what could happen.

Busy with sucking cock, Denise was surprised when the man reached underneath her and found her breasts again. Slightly slippery from a light sheen of perspiration that had formed during her considerable efforts, his huge hand slid quickly across her swaying globes before finding her firm nipples. He twisted each of them rudely, forcing them to stand up tight and hard. He tested them again, being certain that they remained pointy and responsive.

Denise moaned uncontrollably. She believed he had no idea of the effect his efforts had on her and she wondered if she could climax just from the attention he had given her nips. But his hand didn’t stay near her needy tits. Instead, it slid down her tummy and headed between her legs. She felt his stomach tighten as he leaned forward just a little to reach her aching pussy. The action of sitting up forced his angry erection deeper into her mouth and her throat stretched wide to accept the thickened shaft.

Suddenly, the man’s other hand ran down her backside and stopped at the small, crinkled opening of her bum. He circled the entrance once with his finger before moving towards her wet cunt. There, he met the fingers of his other hand and together they generously explored her soaked sex.

Denise squirmed at the attention. With the position she had been placed in along with the man half sitting to play with her private parts, she could barely pull off of his penis as she continued to suck him. If anything, she felt that his thickened, mushroom like head was lodged in her throat and she could barely slide her tongue kaçak bahis around his fat muscle. With small movements of her head, she deep throated this man, swirling when she could and working her lips out and down to touch his smooth, tanned pubes. Her own groin was aching and she was hoping that his finger would stop avoiding her swollen clit. If he would only touch her there, she could climax with his cock down her throat.

Suddenly, she felt her mouth being forced apart further and she realized that his shaft was widening in anticipation of his climax. She started to take a deep breath in preparation for his ejaculation but stopped short as the man quickly took over her backside. The finger that had harshly tweaked her aching nipples found the slippery entrance to her sex and easily slid in, rubbing the base of her swollen and exposed clit as it found its way into her hole. The hand that was above her body pointed a wet, slick finger back towards her bum hole and with no warning plowed into it to the depth of the first knuckle.

Denise gasped at the intrusion. Instinctively she tried to back up but succeeded only in forcing the mans finger into her rectum even further. With his body tilted over her head, she couldn’t pull off his cock nor did she really want to. The finger he had placed in her pussy was joined by another and together they began to wiggle up and down and around and causing Denise to moan in ecstatic distress.

The wind blew an errant gust into the apartment once again, drifting cool air against hot pussy lips and musky sweat. The man grunted once and shot his first load into Denice’s waiting throat. The white hot semen filled her quickly and she tried to pull back to avoid choking. Her defensive action completed the insertion of his long and thick middle finger into her own ass and her orgasm began.

Hips thrusting, Denise could find no relief to her wonderful and painful climax. If she moved forward she took his thick phallus deeper into her throat where it spurted endless ropes of creamy seed. If she moved backwards she was rewarded with more of his finger intruding shamefully into her tight, virgin bum. If she moved her hips down, two wonderful fingers rammed deeper into her spasming cunt and even if she did nothing, the twisting fingers in her pussy and the throbbing cock that had slid deep into her mouth and throat filled her so fully that it was as if her climax would cause her shuddering body to explode.

The man finished ejaculating long before the nude woman stopped moaning and shivering with bliss. He was also delighted when he pulled out from her. The simultaneous extraction of his throbbing and still thick cock from her mouth and the three fingers that filled each of her holes between her legs caused a quite unexpected climax to finish off her hard work. She was so spent that she lay quietly panting between his legs, face turned to the side and nestled against his slowly shrinking cock.

A single drop of semen dripped from the corner of her mouth and landed on the inside of his massive thigh.

“Here” he said, pointing to the sticky jism.

Denise lapped it up quickly, delighting in the salty dessert. Finally she stood and waited for him to dress. He nipples were still hard and pointed at the man as he silently put his clothing back on. She felt the slow crawl of pussy juice running down her thigh and she was sore where his long finger had wormed it’s way into her protesting backside.

“Next week we’re going out”, he said.

Denise looked at him with confusion.

“Be nude. And wet. Just like today.” He read the panic in her eyes but simply smiled. “See you in a week”!

A minute later he was gone. He had left the door open behind him. Denise walked into the bedroom and returned with the old vibrator that she had put away earlier. She headed to the big chair and sat in the warm spot that the man had occupied moments earlier. She switched the toy on and and adjusted it so that the constant vibrating action was frequently enhanced by a thick “thud” like the feeling that comes when a woman is fucked hard and deep.

She held the device in her hand for a minute and then popped in into her mouth, letting herself enjoy the strange feeling as it jiggled her tongue and teeth. Suitably wet, she removed it….slid it over her still hard and straining nipples and the ran it down to her cunt.

A cool gust of wind blew through the door as Denise lifted one leg up to the arm of the chair and parted it fully. Her bald pussy and sore bum came into view as she slid the toy between her swollen lips, then to her rosebud and back to her hot hole. Staring straight out the door, she slowly inserted the toy firmly into her womb, letting it’s magic kick her into the start of her next climax.

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