7 Şubat 2021

A Night of Class


I’ve decided to treat my little corner of this site as an open online diary of my sexual exploration. There may be some references in my stories that link back to a previous story. I will try to make sure each one can stand on its own though.

I arrived back at my dorm room after my night with Pete and Amy and stripped down and fell straight into bed. I woke up with roommate, Madison, spooning me and I grabbed her hand and just held it against my stomach. As I held her hand, I reached back behind me to feel her, no waistband to be felt and no fabric on my back. She was as bare as I was. Her skin felt so warm and soft. I wanted to roll over and just make out with her. I thought about it, but decided since she was asleep, she must be as tired as I was and I let myself drift off. I woke up a few hours later to a text from one of my besties, Charlotte, wanting to know if I’d go with her to this little bar we visit from time to time that was classier than our normal college hangout bar. I said yeah and we agreed that since this was not our usual place, we did not have to leave early to reserve a booth. Charlotte and I decided to head out around 8:00 or 9:00 PM. This would give a normal dinner crowd time to leave and leave the bar open for guys who were alone and drinking. Now this bar was usually full of older gentleman, probably 30’s to 60’s maybe. There is something about an older man that is nice every now and then for a girl my age. I’m sure the guys do not mind a younger woman every now and then too.

I told a friend I was texting before we left that every now and then, you need to get away from the frat boy bullshit, barking at each other and high fiving when the server brings your nachos to the table. I get it, you love nachos, but do you have to celebrate them? Oh well. We just did not feel like our normal bar for the night. It was only Charlotte and I as Robin apparently did feel like frat boy shenanigans that night and went to a party. No big deal though, we may be the Three Musketeers most of the time, but we all do our own things too.

The bar itself has a subdued modern look, lots of black and white shiny surfaces with dim lighting and Röyksopp, jazz, and other easy listening music playing in the background. Not so much the house, trance, dub and chill step music, basically EDM that I am used to. We like to imagine all of these guys play the stock market or are investment bankers or maybe nothing at all. Sometimes we like to think they are just rich and do not need to work, but the guys I’ve met are just regular guys, a couple business owners, a horse trainer, and an electrical engineer.

Charlotte and I grabbed a table in a dimly lit corner so we could see people coming and going. A few well dressed women were there that I would not have been opposed to spending time with, but in my experience they were either straight or they were working girls. Charlotte had been watching a guy sitting alone at a table across the bar and when he got up, she looked disappointed until she saw him walk toward the hall beside the bar that had a sign above that just said “Ladies and Gentlemen”. We knew this to lead to the bathrooms. She waited for a couple minutes then excused herself, hoping to time it right and run into him in the hallway. As usual, she had great timing and they talked for a moment or two before excusing herself to go to ladies room. When she came back out, she grabbed her drink and said “I told him I was here with a girlfriend and he said we should both join him at his table.” I told her “Thank you, but I’ve been watching the older gentleman sitting at the bar. I think I’ll go talk to him.” She wished me luck and went to sit with her new friend.

I stood up grabbed my drink and walked up to the guy alone at the bar. I carefully and gently placed my hand lightly on his shoulder and asked “Would you mind if I sat here with you, I do not want to look like I am alone?”
He smiled and said “Be my guest.” I sat down and he ordered me another drink and we made small talk.
He asked “Why I was alone on a Saturday night?”
I told him “I usually hang out at a bar just off campus.”
His eyes widened and interrupted and asked “Are you a student?”
I said “Yes, but there are times when I like to dress up and go out to meet a nice guy.”
He smiled, looked at his drink and said “Do I meet your standards as a nice guy?”
I just kind of laughed and said “Maybe, maybe not, maybe we just wait and find out?”
He smiled “I’m 52 years old, I’m probably old enough to be your father.”
“My father is only 46, so what?” I said with a giggle.
He blushed a little and asked “Just how old are you young lady?”
I smiled and said “It’s not polite to ask a lady her age, don’t you know? But if just to put you at ease, I’m 22. Is that too young for you”
He sighed and laughed “No, but am I too old for you?”
I shook my head “No, I’ve been with older guys. I’m not here looking for a relationship anyway, only a casual experience.”

He agreed and we continued with small talk and got more comfortable with one another. The bartender knew him by name so that was a good sign. It meant he was a regular so he probably had a place close by and wasn’t a hotel patron visiting from out of town. I excused myself to the ladies room and after I finished, as I was washing my hands, Charlotte walked in to ask how things were going. I told her all I knew of the guy and that the bartender called him “Michael”. She said that the guy she was with was actually a geology professor at our school and they were going to head out. I told her to be careful and to send me her normal texts, showing location and any other safety information.

I left the bathroom to rejoin Michael at the bar. He looked surprised when I returned. I asked “Why so shocked? Did you think I was going to sneak out on you?” He laughed and shook his head no. A few minutes later, I received Charlotte’s texts. First was a text that just said the state we were in and a license plate number. A few second later, I received an image of his school parking pass hanging from his mirror. Michael asked if my texts were important and I told him they were just my friend leaving me information in case anything should happen. He agreed that it was a good idea and very smart. He asked if I would send the same information to her and I told him I wasn’t sure yet. He smiled, pulled out his wallet and took out two cards, laid them down and positioned them and told me there was some information if I needed it. It was his driver’s license with a club card of some type covering part of his information, but his picture, name, and address were visible. I told him “Thank you, I really appreciate this and maybe I will need to send this to her.”

We talked for a few more minutes and I complained about my heels and my dress. He said “Maybe we should go someplace you can kick off those shoes? I’m not sure what to do about your dress though, any ideas?” I just laughed and said “Maybe?” We got up and he paid his tab and held his arm out. I hooked my arm in his and we walked out. We got to his car, and I was texting Charlotte and Robin his plate number and he laughed and read it off to me. I apologized and he said “its fine, you’re just trying to stay safe. You always hear of girls getting into trouble when they meet the wrong guy. I just want to assure you I am safe.” He opened the door for me and I ran my hands down my dress as I sat down and he closed the door, walked around and joined me in the car. We drove uptown and stopped at a very nice apartment building, we waited for the garage gate to open so we could pass. We drove to the second level and he parked in a numbered space that I memorized and texted that space number with my Apple maps screenshot. He saw me and laughed and said “Safety first I see.” I apologized again and he said it was ok, he understood.

I received a couple more texts from Robin; she ended up at a frat party. A couple other friends in our little group texted me map screenshots as well. We all support each other, even the guys tend to text us girls their map screenshots from time to time. My friend Todd sends me his map screenshots when I am with him just to be an ass.

We took the elevator up to the 14th floor and walked to his door. The plate next to his door said D1424. I memorized it and texted it to Robin and Charlotte when I asked to use his facilities. Within a few seconds, I got a reply from Robin that simply said “We got ya girly, have fun. Love ya.” Things were covered, if anything happened, everything I could do was done. I rejoined Michael in his living room area sitting on a small sofa with a couple wine glasses and a bottle of wine, with the seal still over the cork. He pulled the seal off, jammed in the cork screw and proceeded to open the bottle. I sat down beside him and he told me to make myself comfortable and to kick off my shoes if they were hurting my feet. I bent over to undo the straps and I sat them beside the sofa with my hand bag. As I sat back up, he handed me a glass and said “To new friends!” and we toasted. I sat back and crossed my legs and he noticed the burgundy nail polish on my toes and commented how he’d always loved that color. I showed him my fingernails and he said “I noticed them too, but there is something so intimate about a woman’s foot.” He smiled and we talked some more. He told me he had a daughter a couples years older than me and I wondered what she would think of him being with someone couple than she was. I asked him about her mother and he pointed to a picture on the table beside the sofa, explain that she died 15 years prior due to a fight with colon cancer. I told him I just lost my aunt on the second of the month to the same thing. We decided it was time to lighten the mood.

He laughed and said he had a question but was embarrassed to ask. I told him he didn’t need to be embarrassed with me and he should just ask. He laid a small white packet in my hand and asked bahis firmaları “Do you think I may need this?” At first, I thought it was a condom, but when I squeezed it, it felt almost empty. I looked down and it said “Viagra”. I giggled and told him “Maybe, things look like it may be very possible.” He explained real quick that he doesn’t normally need it, but he said with a young woman who is used to college guys, he might want the extra edge it could give him. Another giggle from me and I told him he would be fine either way. I thought about the other guys I’d been with who had taken it for a minute and told him to go ahead and take it. I was hoping it worked for him like the younger guys. He quickly popped his “little blue pill” and I knew it might take a little bit for it to kick in.

We sat and talked for a bit about my school and my studies. I found out he had started several businesses and sold them for a large amount of money and he was living very comfortably. I jokingly asked if he wanted another daughter and he turned beet red. I told him this little girl would make daddy very happy and he laughed.

I asked “Mind if I pull my feet up to get comfortable?”
“I don’t mind a bit sweetheart.” He continued, with a grin “You could get naked for all I care, as long as you are comfortable.”
I laughed and said “Well, that is a possibility; I tend to be a bit of an exhibitionist and nudist.”
He smiled and glanced down at my foot as I pulled it up on the couch. I was holding my dress down as I shifted my legs around on the couch so I knew I didn’t show him anything I wasn’t ready to show. Just then, he reached out and rubbed the top of my foot where the strap on my shoes had been. “Your poor feet must be aching from those tight straps.” He said as he rubbed the top of my foot. He looked me in the eye and asked “Do you mind?” I said “No” and he pulled my foot to his lap and began to rub it. It has been so long since I had a foot rub and it felt so fucking good. I even moaned a little bit. He was smiling and said he was happy I was enjoying it. He asked about my other foot and I shifted my weight a little and slid it from under my butt. This time not caring about my dress, I caught him looking. I raised my knees a little to show more leg and I think he gasped when he saw my thong disappear between my butt cheeks. I noticed a small swelling in his pants as he began to rub my feet once more.

He raised one to his mouth and placed a gentle kiss on the top of my stocking sheathed foot and placed it on his leg and started rubbing the other foot. I noticed the swelling in his pants had grown so I decided it was time to make a move. I was turned sideways on the sofa, leaning against the arm so I slid my butt toward him a little more, not caring that my mini-dress was riding up or that my pussy was now eating my thong like a hungry camel. I slid forward and push my foot across his lap and rubbed his impressive cock with my foot. He just kind of stopped rubbing my foot and stayed still, with his eyes half closed. I asked “Have I done something wrong?” “No sweetheart, you have done everything right.” He replied. I laughed and said “I’ve barely gotten started.” And he grinned from ear to ear. He rubbed my foot for another few seconds, raised my leg and kissed my foot. He began to lick the top of my foot to my ankle. He then kissed my ankle a few times and the started kissing his way up my leg.

He continued kissing my leg and when he reached my knee he asked if I was ok, I said I was great, then he asked if I wanted more wine. I told him “No, there is something else I want though” and he stood up in anticipation of getting it for me. I leaned forward and grabbed his belt and began to unbuckle it. I heard him take a deep breath and exhale slowly as I unbuttoned his pants and they fell to the floor, around his ankles. I saw some pink skin showing through the fly on his tented boxers and said “I think someone is eager to come out and play.” I reached up and hooked my fingers in the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down his thighs before they dropped also. Almost hitting me in the face was a girthy cock of close to 8 inches and veiny. It reminded me of a body builders arm. I locked my hand onto it, unable to wrap my fingers around it. I stroked him a couple times while looking him in the eyes. He was beginning to breathe heavier. I stood up, continuing to stroke his impressive cock in my hand. I placed my hand on his shoulder and slid it around to the back of his head and pulled him down to me for a kiss.

As I was kissing him, his arms wrapped around my waist and he pulled me close, sandwiching his cock between us. I arched my back and continued to stroke him. I felt him reach for the zipper on the back of my dress. He grabbed it and pulled back to look at me, I closed my eyes and shook my head yes, and with that, I felt the zipper slide down and the pressure on my chest lessened. We began kissing again as I stroked him. I finally broke the kiss, reached up and asked if he could lose the shirt. Just as I let my dress fall to the floor. I then wrapped both hands round his shaft and stroke him upward a couple times and I couldn’t resist any longer. I bent over slightly and lick his shaft, up one side, over the head, and down the other. I sat back down on the edge of the sofa and licked the underside. I slipped my lips over the head and while fluttering my tongue on the triangle on the underside of the head. His breathing increased and I felt a slight thrust. I slid my lips down a few inches and then back off. He apologized for the small thrust saying it was involuntary. I told him “Don’t worry. I’ve only begun.” And I slid him back into my hungry mouth as I took him in one inch, then out, then two inches, then out, then the full length into the back of my throat and beyond. My eyes watered a little but I held him there to get accustomed to his length. I slid him out and then just as quickly, right back in the full length. This time, my eyes did not try to water. I began to suck his cock with ferocity and I slid my hands around to his ass and I squeezed and pull his cheeks apart, digging my nails into the chunks of flesh I was holding in my hands.

I slid my lips from his cock and began to kiss his belly and upwards to his chest. Standing flat footed, without my heels on, I could only reach to about his nipples. I ran my tongue across his nipple and felt it harden almost immediately. I flicked my tongue over it a couple times and he gasped, he said he’d never had anyone play with his nipples like that and he liked it. He leaned down to kiss me as I felt his hands on my back and moving to my bra. I felt his fingers pinch the straps and force them together to unhook them. Once unhooked, he slowly pulled the straps around to my breasts trying to keep them covered. I looked down and grabbed my bra from him and threw it on the sofa and dove back in for another kiss. Our kissing was getting more forceful as our breathing increased. I still continued to stroke him and it felt as if his cock had continued to grow in it girth. I wondered if it was true or if I was imagining things. I broke from our kiss and lowered my head and swallowed him once more. It may have grown slightly but I could still manage it.

He sat down on the edge of the sofa. His head was at the right height as he leaned in and sucked a nipple into his mouth. He kissed my breast and sucked the nipple in again, this time drawing in enough to fill his mouth and he gave me a gentle bit. His hands were squeezing and kneading my breasts. He was wrapping his other hand around my other breast when he got to my nipple and pulled back looking at it. He noticed my piercing and said he’d only ever seen one other nipple piercing this close before and those were his daughters and she had both of hers pierced. This piqued my interest, thinking of this man being this close to his daughter’s pierced nipples. I have a great many kinks and this is one of them. I have never had thoughts of my own father but other daddy/daughter situations have always turned me on. He played with my piercing as he continued to lick and kiss my other nipple before leaning over to suck on my little pierced nipple. I was extremely aroused and positively dripping. He then dropped to the floor on one knee and turned to me.

He gently pushed me back on the sofa and asked if I would care if he unhooked my stockings from my garter belt. I just looked at him and said “Please do”. I was lying back slightly and he unhooked the front straps to my stockings. He then raised my leg to unhook the back straps. I felt a breeze meaning I was wet, at the same time, I heard him gasp and I knew my pussy was fully exposed. He looked at my wet little pussy for another moment before gently pulling my stocking from my legs and running his tongue from my toe up to my ankle again, this time on bare skin. He kissed my leg as he lowered my foot to the floor. He repeated the procedure with my other leg and this time my foot was only slid further down the sofa as he was between my legs. This time he did not stop kissing my leg at the ankle. He continued kissing my leg all the way to my pelvis. He grabbed my thong and looked up at me and I could only say “Please?” as I raised my ass from the seat. As soon as they were clear of my ass, I dropped back down and raised both legs so he could slip them off. He dropped them on the floor and did not let me lower my legs. He grabbed my legs behind the knees and pressed them toward my chest, and began kissing the backs of my thighs, working his way closer to my pussy.

He lowered his mouth closer, I could feel his breath, he moved a little closer, and I could tell he was ready to taste me. He pushed my legs toward me more to roll me further on my back and I could feel a breeze on my little butthole from my juices slipping down. He lowered his mouth and ran his tongue across my asshole and up my slit all the way to my clit. He flicked his tongue over my hood kaçak iddaa a couple times and started to run his tongue down the side and up my thigh a little. He began kissing the back of my thigh once more and made his way back to center. He lowered his head and ran his tongue over my asshole, up my slit, and up to my clit once more. This time, he moved his hand down to the top of my slit and pulled the skin upward to bare my little, pink pearl. He ran his tongue in circles around it and gently sucked it between his lips and my moaning let him know he was doing everything right. He then sucked a little harder and it felt like he had pulled me further into his mouth. I felt the flat part of his tongue rolling across my clit as he kept suction on it. I wrapped my arms around my legs behind my knees and he lowered his other hand and shoved it in my wet little pussy and stroked it back and forth inside me as he ran his tongue back and forth, and in circles around my clit. I felt my first orgasm start to roll up from my toes and up my thighs into my pelvis. One more, good lick was all it took and I went off. I was moaning, almost a quiet scream and shaking like I had been electrocuted. I continued shaking and he continued licking me. I wanted a break, if for only a few seconds, I needed it. I pushed on his shoulders gently to get him to back off; he only wrapped his hands tightly around the tops thighs and pulled my soaked little pussy closer to his face as his continued licking harder. I was still in complete and total ecstasy. My hips were bucking wildly and my legs continued shaking. After what felt like minutes, but was probably only seconds, my legs went stiff and I bucked one last time, forcing him back as my legs slammed down on the sofa still twitching as he smiled. I had tears in my eyes as I told him “That was fucking incredible.” He gave me two incredible orgasms seconds apart, or he just brought me into one and continued to build it until I exploded. Either way I was amazed and now, cock hungry.

I wiped a bead of sweat from my forehead as he stood up. I held my hand up and he grasped it gently and pulled me up from the sofa. I looked down to see a spot wet with my milky juices. I apologized and he told me not to worry. I raised my head up for a kiss and he touched my chin with his thumb and index finger as if to steer my head to the slide and he began kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear. I began walking backward to the only hall in the apartment hoping he would take the hint and lead me to the bedroom. He was a good boy and took me right there. I wanted to kiss this incredible man, this man who had just given me one of the most amazing orgasms of my life. I jumped up on him and wrapped my arms around his neck and my leg around his waist. If it wasn’t for the lack of a condom, I could have easily slid down onto his impressive dick right then and there. He quickly responded by catching my ass as we kissed. He continued walking toward the bed and I let go as he was putting me on the bed. I was on my knees in front of him. I walked my knees backward while lowering my face down to his belly, I planted a few light kisses, then further down to his very hard cock. I began kissing his pelvic area. Surprisingly, he was shaved and I commented on that fact. He said “Isn’t that what all the kids are doing these days?” I giggled and said “It’s nice; it’s one less thing to worry about.”

I slowly ran my tongue around the head of his cock and then down the slide, while lying on my belly and propped up on my elbows. I turned my head to the side and pushed his shaft upward as I licked the underside and down to his balls, running my tongue over one, and then the other before gently drawing one inside my warm, wet mouth. I pulled my face back and made and exaggerated popping sound as I released his testicle from my lips. My lipstick was now smeared all over his package. I ran my tongue back up his shaft and put some saliva into the hand I was holding him with. I laid there licking his balls and stroking his slippery cock before wanting it in my mouth once more. I lifted my head slightly and lowered his cock into my eager mouth. Still propped on my elbows, I pulled him closer to the bed. He was leaning against the bed with his knees and I felt him start to stroke my back. I felt him leaning into me more and going further into my throat. I felt a little thrusting motion slowly build into a bigger one as he began to fuck my face, with purpose. He continued running his hands down my back, I felt him grip my cheeks and spread them apart, squeezing them and opening me once more. I felt him stick a hand between my legs and I spread them further to let him feel my wet pussy again. He slipped his finger inside and shoved it in, all the way to his knuckle, before withdrawing and sliding up to my ass, gently between my cheeks, he rubbed my little pink butthole before forcing his finger all the way in slowly.

I was in heaven again as he fingered my ass and fucked his cock in and out of my face with a pure, lustful intent. He hooked his finger and began pulling my hips up with my asshole as his grip. I pulled my knees toward my chest so I could get on them. I began to feel his cock twitch in my mouth as his balls started drawing up. Just then, I felt one hot spurt hit the back of my throat as he moaned and forced his cock all the way in with my nose touching the shaved skin at the base of his shaft. A second spurt went down my throat as he pulled out of my mouth and spun me around with his finger in my ass. I swiveled on my knees as he shot two more globs of cum between my cheeks and on my wet little entrance. He then grabbed me by the hips and without warning, shoved his massive cock into my slippery little asshole. It felt amazing as he grabbed my hips and forced me back onto him with full force, then pulling almost completely out before slamming right back into me. He continued punishing my little asshole for another minute before I felt him tense up again. I felt him pumped his cum deep into my ass as I fingered myself to another great orgasm.

I was laying there with my shoulders pressed to the bed and my ass in the air with a huge cock buried deep inside when looked over and saw a picture his wife on the nightstand. I just imagined her watching us and knowing he was being taken care of in her stead. I imagined her sitting in the chair across the room watching as I forced my ass back onto her husband’s cock, while playing with her own wet pussy. She was a beautiful woman and one I certainly would have went for. I absentmindedly made a comment stating that how beautiful she was and he chuckled and said “She certainly was, and so kinky too.” I asked “Do you think she’d mind me being here fucking you?” He laughed again and said “Hell no, she’d probably be cheering me on and making out with you at the same time.” This gave me another thrill as I pumped back onto him harder now, letting out a little squeal of delight, with my hand between my legs, banging my bean.

I felt like I was about to have another orgasm. I pulled my hand from my pussy and pushed both hands down on the bed as I rose up and arched my back downwards. I asked him what her favorite position was and he said “Reverse cowgirl, she’d lean forward and play with my balls and ass.” He had released my hips and I slid off of him and he quickly shoved two fingers into my still gaping asshole. I couple pumps and he withdrew them and I padded on the bed and told him to lie down.

I stepped over to the nightstand where I had seen a box of condoms and took one out. I held the package in my teeth as I got back on the bed and crawled toward him. I tore the corner of the package open with my teeth and slipped the condom down over his cock. As I rolled it down, he smiled and let his cock twitch in my hand. I was amazed that this older man had cum several times, close together, and was still rock hard. I guess Viagra is a wonder drug. He was certainly giving the guys I had been with a run for their money. I’m not crazy about the lube on most condoms and I was plenty wet enough. I straddled his chest and backed my wet, little pussy into his mouth as I laid my head sideways on his belly and stroked his now sheathed cock. I would stroke it to get the lube on my hands and then grab my ass to spread my cheeks, when in reality; I was wiping the lube from my hand. He would grab my mounds of flesh and spread them apart while licking my asshole and shoving his tongue inside. I could feel him shoving his tongue into my pussy as deep as he could and it felt like inches, but it may have only been an inch or less. There is something about the articulation of the tongue that makes it feel so much bigger and longer than it is when it is in your pussy. After stroking the lube off his condom several times, I wrapped my hand around the base and stretched to shove my mouth down over his cock. I stroked him and sucked on shaft a few more times. Satisfied most of the lube was off; I crawled away from his mouth and took my position as his little reverse cowgirl!

As I got into position, I lowered my slippery little cunt onto his hard member and moaned all the way down. It felt so incredibly good that I bottomed out and sat there rocking my hips back and forth. Every few rocks, I would slide up his shaft and then back down to rock my hips some more. He ran his hands up and down my back and massaged my shoulders for a few seconds before running his hands down my back once more. He grabbed my butt and spread my cheeks apart and I heard him make a sound of discovery. Just a little “Uh Hmmm” Like a Eureka! moment and I felt his fingers on my asshole again. He put his hand on my shoulder and leaned me forward for a second so he could access my wetness and shove his fingers in beside his own cock. I slid up and down a couple times before he pulled his fingers out and rubbed them around my little pink hole. He finally slid them in and I began to rock back and forth on his cock and his fingers. I kaçak bahis had been pinching, pulling, and squeezing on my own tits and slowly ran my hands down my belly, to my clit, with one hand, to his balls with the other. I was pinching the skin of his sack between my fingers and tugging it gently, bouncing his balls around inside I massaged them and just held them. These were the producers of something I liked very much. Cum.

As I continued rocking my hips and sliding up and down on him, I rubbed my clit and pussy with one hand to cover my fingers in my juices. I lifted his balls with one hand and I ran my other hand down toward his asshole. Because of my position, I changed around a little bit and pulled his legs up so he bent his knees. With his legs bent, I reached down and ran my wet little fingers around his asshole to feel it pucker and quiver. I slid one finger in and slowly worked it around the edges of his muscular little hole before I slid a second finger in. He was moaning but I could not tell if it was me fucking him making him moan or if it was my fingers. I slid off his cock and his moaning slowed somewhat. I withdrew my finger and hopped around between his legs and reinserted both finger with no problem. I reached up and pulled his condom off with my other hand as I found his Prostate and began massaging it with my two fingers. His moaning picked up again and I had to really push to reach his gland with my tiny little fingers. Once I was in a good position, I rose up and started to shove my mouth down over his cock once more and I began to feel the spoils of the prostate massage come seeping out of the tip of his shaft. I eagerly licked up every drop that came out as I plunged my face back over him in hopes of the bigger prize.

I continued milking him with faster motion and more pressure and I sucked him further into my throat while swallowing, and stroking him with my free hand. I had raised my left leg over his leg to straddle it and slide my pussy and clit back on forth on his leg while sucking him for all I could get. I was beginning to feel another orgasm building when his balls draw up from the hand I had at his ass. Between my building orgasm and his eminent explosion of cum with my anticipation of tasting it, I got faster and faster until I was moaning, almost screaming while I fucked my wet little pussy on his leg faster, until I began shaking with another orgasm. Almost on cue, he said “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, Ohhhhh God!” and just then, I felt his first splash hit the back of my throat and I pulled off a little to catch most of it in my mouth. I sucked everything I could from his cock before raising up to proudly show him what was on my tongue. I then closed my mouth, tilted my head back to enjoy the feeling of it sliding down my tongue into my throat. My humping of his leg had slowed almost to a stop. I withdrew my fingers and asked for the bathroom, he pointed to the door to the side and told me there were fresh towels or washcloths in the closet.

As I entered the bathroom, I was amazed at the massive bathtub with waterjets. I regretted not seeing this sooner; I would have had him in the tub, although fucking in the water can get rough at times. Some guys think because its wet, it’s good, try jacking off with a wet hand and see how long before you spit on it. Just getting in position in front of a strong jet is like automatic masturbation. I have spent what felt like 30 minutes in orgasmic bliss from water jets before. Too bad, I did not come in here sooner. I looked and found the closet to grab a washcloth. I dropped it in the sink to run the hot water to wet the cloth and give myself a quick wipe down. I grabbed a second cloth to take to him.

I arrived back at the bed with him smiling at me before rolling his head back to look up and close his eyes. I reached over to wipe his leg that I had fucked myself on moments earlier and wiped him clean. I wrapped the cloth around his now softening cock and gave it a quick once over and then ran the cloth over his ass. Loving the feeling of a cock getting hard in my mouth, I couldn’t resist. I crawled closer to him and slipped my wet little lips over his tip as I sucked him into my mouth. I twirled my tongue over his softening cock for only a second or two before I felt it start to return to life. I buried my face into his pelvis and let it grow in my mouth until I could feel it starting to slide into my throat. I swallowed a couple times to hear him moan. I looked up at him as I started sliding my lips up and down his member and massaging his balls. I kept this up for about a minute or so, without breaking eye contact, before I felt him start to twitch once more before he came in my throat again. Nothing as much as before but a small load was better than none at all for a devilish little cumslut like me.

I pulled my lips from him and kissed the head of his dick before wiping him down. I was sitting on my knees beside him and he laid his arm out to the side and I took this as an invitation and laid down to place my head on his arm. We laid there talking about his wife and his daughter and I asked what she would think of our night together and he seemed flustered for a minute and he said she might enjoy knowing her father just got fucked by a girl younger than she was. He then began talking about how she was just as beautiful as her mother was and he made mention of her breasts in a way no father normally would. This led me to believe he had impure thoughts of her and this began to turn me on all over again. I asked what she looked like and he reached over to the nightstand and picked up a picture that had been lying face down to hand to me. I looked at the girl in the photo and she was absolutely gorgeous. She had long straight, black hair, pretty blue eyes and small pouty little mouth. I was getting turned on by her picture as well as the way her father was describing her. At this point I was wondering if maybe she, at any point took her mother’s place in his bed after her mother died. I had seen it mentioned in stories, but does it really happen? I wondered if I kept seeing him, if I could learn more about his relationship with his daughter and if they would be interested in a third joining? I think it was all wishful thinking. I was always little sister when it came to that type of sexual fantasy, but never a “Daddy’s Little Princess” I do enjoying reading about Daddy/Daughter relationships though.

We laid there for a few more moments before I said “I really should be going. I need to get a taxi and it might take a bit at this time of night with all the bars closing soon. He offered to get me an Uber and pay for it so I agreed. Surge pricing is a bitch in a college town on the weekend around closing time. He walked me to the living room to gather our clothes. I put my panties back on and slipped my dress back on, while stuffing my stockings into my handbag along with my bra. I pulled a scrunchy from my bag and twirled my hair around to put it up in a ponytail. I sat down in the chair and put my shoes on and buckle the straps. He had slid his boxers back on as I walked over and reached out to stroked his cock once more through his shorts. I stood on my tippy toes and he leaned down for a kiss and we made out for 20 or 30 seconds before I pulled away and walked for the door. He had his phone and his wallet I his hand and I assumed it may have been put in a new card to pay for the Uber. We spoke for a second and he asked if we could see each other again, and I told him “Maybe, I know your favorite bar.” He just grinned and said “That you do.” I turned to open the door and as I was just beginning to walk out, he grabbed my hand and put something in it. I looked to see two $100 bills and felt instant shame, then anger. I began to get a tear in my eye from one emotion or the other and I looked him in the eye as that tear streamed down my cheek and I just dropped it on the floor and walked out. He asked what was wrong as I was reaching the elevator and I just quietly yelled back “I’m not some fucking streetwalker.” As I stepped in the elevator, I saw him still standing in the open doorway in only his boxers as the elevator doors closed. I was tempted to tell the Uber driver to not worry about me and go on to the next customer and keep his money, but it was late and I still needed a ride so I took the Uber back to campus.

I walked in and saw Madison sitting on her bed watching Netflix. She looked up and wanted details. I told her I had to go to the bathroom and to follow me. I reached under my dress to drop my panties and sit down to pee. While sitting, I was telling Madison, all the details while removing my shoes and tossing them out the bathroom door, and asking her to unzip me. As soon as I was unzipped, I raised the dress over my head and stood up to tell her I was going to hop in the shower. I told her I’d continue when I was done, unless she wanted to follow me in there and join me. She said she only had a few more minutes on the show she was watching and would wait for me to finish my shower.

With my shower done, I stepped out of the bathroom in a thick terry cloth robe and my hair up in a towel. I left the robe untied because I sleep nude and was only going to end up taking it off in a few minutes anyway. I finished telling Maddi about my night and how it ended with the guy trying to pay me like a common hooker, and how it upset me. She hugged me and told me “Oh honey, I’m so sorry he did that to you.” My only response was “Do not apologize for him, he does not deserve your apology. You did nothing wrong, he did” She continued holding me. I pulled free and stood up to remove my robe and get into bed. She asked if I wanted company and I said “Yes, that would be really nice.” She stood up, dropped her running shorts that she normally wore around the room and pulled her cropped tee off to show her entire bare body before crawling into bed with me. As much as I wanted to play with her, I was too tired and I just put my arms around her and pulled her against me, returning the big spoon favor from the night before. Only a few minutes later, we were both sound asleep.

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