3 Şubat 2021

A La Jolla First (Pt. 01)



I had known Erin for about three years, but I hadn’t really gotten to know her that well until about six months ago. We had met each other through the church we both went to at our college, but strangely enough, it was through the choir that we were both in that we really got to know each other better.

I had remarked on this to her earlier in the day, and she had agreed how strange it seemed, but at the same time, she had said, it was very cool that two people could become such good friends so quickly. “That’s probably for the best,” I had replied, “given the incidents that occurred this afternoon.”

It was September 2004. We were in San Diego for Labor Day weekend, along with the college group from our church. We had gone to Pacific Beach that afternoon because, well, Pacific Beach is arguably the best beach in San Diego – or, for that matter, southern California. While we were at the beach, we had gone out into the ocean for quite a while with our friends Carl and Andrea – because, after all, what else is there to do on the beach besides tan and swim?

The waves that day were rather high, but they were breaking fairly close into the beach, and we were almost even with the end of Crystal Pier, so we were enjoying just riding over the tops of the waves as they came in. Then, as we were standing in the ocean waiting for the next wave, Carl looked out toward the ocean and simply muttered, “Oh, shit.”

I turned toward the ocean. A massive wave was cresting about thirty feet from where we were. “PARTY WAVE!” I yelled at the top of my lungs as I braced myself for the impact.

WHAM. The wave slammed into us with the force of thousands of gallons of salt water. I was knocked head over heels, but recovered quickly. However, as I was standing up, I saw Erin rushing toward me on the wave, and as she ran straight into me with the force of the wave, I was knocked over… and I felt as she reached out for support and accidentally grabbed my cock.

She let go almost as quickly, and stood up, bright red. “Oh my God,” she said, “I am so sorry.”

Though I was quite sure I was probably blushing just as much as her, I did my best to simply shrug it off. “No big deal,” I said. “It happens… well, it doesn’t, but it’s not a big deal.”

Carl and Andrea stumbled back out to us, and noticed us standing there, both still rather red. “What the…” Carl began, but then just let it die.

Neither of us said a word to the other for the next fifteen minutes. Then, another party wave came crashing in, and as it swept me off my feet, it turned me around, just in time for my face to impact Erin’s crotch.

The impact knocked me all the way over, and Erin got bowled head over heels over me. As she stood up, she just started laughing, as did I. This was just turning out to be a ridiculous day.

Fortunately (and I say fortunately because I don’t think either of us could have handled much more embarrassment), there were no more such incidents that afternoon. The rest of the day progressed smoothly (with the exception of Carl getting stung by a manta ray), and our group headed off to La Jolla that evening, tanned and tired.

That evening found me sitting in a corner of the hall of the church we were staying at, working on homework for my theory of psychological disorders class (I know, call me bahis firmaları a nerd, call me whatever, but I needed to get it done). As I sat there, trying to remember why there was a difference between schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder, Erin came up to me. Thank God. An excuse to interrupt my homework.

“Jason,” she said, “I was going to go for a walk on the beach, but I’m kind of hesitant about going by myself. Would you like to go with me?”

Anything to get away from PSY 421. “Sure,” I replied. “Give me a couple minutes to find my sandals, and I’ll be right with you.”

And so now, here we were, walking along La Jolla Shores, on a beautiful moonlit night. As we walked along, mostly in silence, a muted air horn broke through the sounds of the waves lapping against the shore. We both looked out to sea, to where a formation of navigation lights formed a large ship. As we stood there watching, a bright light swooped over the deck of the ship, and rocketed up into the night sky, until we couldn’t see it any more.

“It’s the USS Nimitz,” I said. “She’s supposed to be docking at San Diego for a refit, so I guess they must be flying the air wing off her and landing it at NAS North Island before they dock.” Erin’s parents had both been in the Navy, so I knew she would understand exactly what I was talking about.

She nodded and said simply, “Cool,” and we continued walking down the beach. We had gone only a little further when she snapped, “Goddammit,” and almost stumbled.

“What’s up?” I inquired. “Something bite you?”

“No,” she said. “I forgot to put on a belt before we left, and so my jeans keep trying to fall down.”

“Ah,” I replied knowingly. “I hear you on that one – I accidentally left my belt in Fresno, so my jeans keep trying to fall down too. Thank God for boxers.”

Erin laughed. “Well, that’s good for you, I suppose,” she cracked, still laughing, “but I’m personally going commando.”

That stopped me in my tracks. “No you’re not,” I said. “I don’t believe you.”

“Oh really?” she said, a wicked grin spreading across her face. “Come with me.”

We had reached a point of the beach where there are a number of caves and outcroppings that people can simply disappear behind and into, and Erin pulled me behind one such outcropping. Despite no longer being illuminated by any of the lights on the beaches, we were both still very well lit by the light of the full moon. “What are we doing back here?” I asked, confused.

“You said you didn’t believe that I was going commando,” replied Erin. “Well, I’m going to prove it.

With that, she turned her back to me and dropped her jeans, revealing her perfectly formed ass. It was rather evident that she did a lot of backyard tanning in a thong, because her ass was mostly tan, with just the barest of tan lines in the middle. Then she turned around, revealing her pussy to me, with just a small strip of blonde hair (Wow, I thought, she really is a natural blonde) right above it.

“See?” she said, smirking at me. “I WAS telling the truth, wasn’t I?”

“W-w-well,” I stammered, “I guess you were!”

Of course, when she had mentioned that she was going commando, my cock had started getting hard, and when she dropped her jeans and I saw her ass, and then her pussy, my cock had gotten hard as a rock. And so I was standing there thinking, kaçak iddaa oh shit, she’s going to be able to tell, oh shit, when she said, “Okay, now that you’ve seen mine, I want to see yours.”


“Ummm…” I said, not quite sure what to do. I was just standing there, trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do, when Erin just reached out, unbuttoned my jeans, and dragged them – along with my boxers! – straight down to my ankles. I turned bright red as my cock sprang proudly out from my body, stiff as a board.

“Well!” said Erin, the evil grin on her face getting bigger. “Looks like you appreciate what you saw. I don’t think such a compliment should go unrewarded, do you?”

I had no idea what to say or what to do. I had just had my pants pulled down by an absolutely gorgeous girl to reveal a raging hard boner, and now she was offering to do something? I wasn’t sure what her plan was… but I wasn’t about to stop her!

I found out what her plan was about two seconds later, when I felt her soft lips and the moisture of her tongue touch the tip of my cock. Oh my God. It was such an incredible feeling that I almost shot my load right then and there, but when you’ve been masturbating since junior high, you DO have some amount of control over ejaculation, so I managed to hold it within myself.

“Ummm…” I forced out, my voice cracking. “Maybe this isn’t the time to tell you… but I’m a virgin… I’ve never even received a blowjob before.”

Erin immediately pulled her head back. Aw, fuck. That had been feeling so good. She looked straight into my eyes. “No shit,” she said.

“No shit,” I replied.

“Well,” said Erin, that evil grin returning to her face, “I think we’re just going to have to do something about that.”

She stood up and very slowly pulled my t-shirt up and over my head. I mentally thanked God that this past summer, every night after I got off my shift at the YMCA, I had gone to the weight room there for two hours. I was in fantastic shape…

And Erin noticed. “Wow,” she said. “Honestly, Jason, the word ‘hot’ had never really crossed my mind when I thought of you, but I think I’m going to have to re-evaluate that now.”

She backed up, drawing her fingernails across my nipples as she did so. That simple act of stimulation made my cock jump and almost made me cum, but once again, I was able to hold it back. Think of something completely non-sexual, I thought to myself. I racked my brain, trying to think of something…

And Johnson takes the mound. Bonds is at the plate, with the opportunity for home run number 756 – the home run that will break Hank Aaron’s record. Johnson winds up. Here it comes – a trademark Randy Johnson 97 mph fastball, and as it crosses the plate, Bonds swings at it…

The imaginary baseball game going inside my head stopped just short of Barry Bonds hitting the record-breaking homer as Erin broke into my reverie, saying, “So, Jason, what do you think?”

As I snapped back to the present, I realized that Erin was now standing in front of me, completely nude. It was immediately apparent that the backyard tanning she did was ONLY in a thong, as the only white skin she had was a very small patch around her pubic area. Her breasts were big, but they were definitely natural – no silicon implants always pointing toward magnetic north for her. Her body kaçak bahis curved down, swelling out at her hips.

“Wow,” I said. “You- you look unbelievable…”

“Why, thank you,” Erin replied. “I don’t think that a guy has ever actually told me that before – maybe that’s why I’m still a virgin too.”

You could’ve knocked me over with a feather. Erin was still a virgin? No way! I mean, I always knew that she was a person who knew what her personal morals and beliefs were and stuck to them like super-glue, but she was also always a very sexual person, and I had figured…

Well, it didn’t matter what I had figured, because I was wrong.

“Anyway,” she said, “I think we should take care of that.”

She pointed at my cock, which was still pointing skyward, hard as a rock. She walked over to me, and placing her hands on my shoulders, sat me down on the beach, and then laid me all the way back into the sand.

Standing back up, she straddled me, and then crouched down, until her pussy lips were just touching the head of my cock. Very slowly, she slid her pussy down over the length of my cock. I felt a touch of resistance at one point, and noticed her grimace in pain as I broke through her hymen, but after I was through, her face relaxed.

She slowly began a rocking motion on my cock, and then began to more rapidly pump up and down. After all the build-up for this, I felt like I was going to cum almost immediately, and that would’ve sucked for both of us. I reached up and grabbed Erin’s hips, physically forcing to slow down – although she didn’t seem to notice. I took control of the tempo, and at one point, stopped her hips when they were up in the air, and began to pump up and down, sliding my cock in and out of her pussy, rather than her sliding up and down on it.

All of a sudden, I heard voices approaching. Not just any voices, either – it was Andrea and Carl… with PASTOR DAN…

“Uh-oh,” I said.

Erin looked down at me, the evil grin even bigger than it had been. “I guess we better finish, hadn’t we?”

I let her take control of the tempo back, and she began bucking up and down on top of me even faster. Suddenly, her body began to shake. Her eyes grew really wide. “Oh my God…” she whispered.

Then she started moaning, louder and louder. Oh, shit, I thought, they’re going to hear us.

“Oh God, I’m cumming!” she suddenly yelled.

That drove me straight over the edge. With a deep grunt, my body froze with my cock as deep as it would go inside of her. It spasmed, and then released, as it shot semen deep inside of Erin. Six, seven, eight prolonged spurts, and as I finished cumming, so did Erin, and she collapsed on top of me, her face flushed, her hair wrecked. Just as she did so, Andrea, Carl, and Pastor Dan walked right past us – but somehow managed to not see us.

As Erin stood up, our combined juices, along with a little blood, dripped down her leg. Without even asking me, she grabbed my boxers, and wiped it off. Oh well, I guess we’d both be going commando.

We got dressed – now neither of us with underwear – and she buried my boxers underneath the sand. Then we both walked out from behind the outcropping and caught up to our friends and our pastor.

“Hi, guys,” said Pastor Dan as we approached. “Been out here long?”

“Oh, about forty minutes or so,” I said.

“Have you been enjoying yourselves?”

I just looked at Erin and started laughing. She looked at me, and the evil grin formed on her lips once more. She looked back to Pastor Dan and said, “You have no idea…”

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